9 Jan 17, 00:26
Uls: Hey! It's great to see your site still online. How are you?
29 Jul 16, 11:45
danege: Ciao Merry, ti ricordi di me? E' passato un sacco di tempo da quando ci scrivevamo su Libero! Adesso mi trovi su Facebook, se vuoi. Baci. Dany
18 May 16, 20:04
Mimi: ...I just love thinking of old nice times! I hope all is well with you, and wishing you all the best in the future! :) Much love
18 May 16, 20:04
Mimi: My dearest Estella! I haven't heard from you for forever, I admit I abandoned my fansite a bit,but yours is still so magical,I love coming here, it also feels so nostalgic and I really love it!:)
3 Apr 16, 18:19
Sophie: Please look at my new layout :)
10 Oct 15, 20:35
Sophie: Thanks for your comment! ^-^
25 Sep 15, 16:25
Sophie: Hi Estella! Please check out my site! :) I updated it! :D
15 Dec 13, 07:22
Nahid: Heyo! Hope you are well, Estella. I have updated FOF, so please take a look at the new goodies up :) Cheers
18 Jun 13, 18:06
Telturwen: Hey Estella! Fellowship of the Web has a facebook page now, and I'd like all the members to take a look at it. :) Just click my name.
12 Jan 13, 16:14
ariah: A belated happy new year! I'm finally updating my sites again and checking out that my affiliates are still around.
12 Jan 13, 08:19
Nahid: Hello friend! Please check out an important announcement at Fair of Face; I would love to hear your feedback if you have any! :) Cheers
11 Dec 12, 19:13
Val: That's perfectly fine! (: Glad to see things up and running. There are so many LotR sites that have been left to die down, lately. Love those posters! :D
6 Dec 12, 23:15
Val: Hi! Wanted to just drop by and see how you were doing. (:
7 Nov 12, 17:42
Lady Rohan: Hey Estella! How are u? I'm giving my site a facelift and I'm just checking to see if all my affiliates sites are still online.
20 Sep 12, 22:32
uls: Hey, are you still around on your site? Looking forward to the Hobbit?
30 Apr 12, 23:50
Morwen: Hi, requested afiliation a while ago, just wondering if you accepted it or not :)
13 Apr 12, 20:59
Amy: I Love it, great website as mine, have time to visit mine? we can exchange
15 Jan 12, 13:31
Sophie: check*
15 Jan 12, 13:31
Sophie: Hi, how hve you been? ;) Please chec my new layout! http://the-legend-comes-to-life.webs.com/
21 Dec 11, 23:30
Val: Hey! I just wanted to let you know that the first trailer for The Hobbit is out!! http://youtu.be/eM--4UklaL4 :D
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