Nes: Please check out my brand new video for my song "Introducing Nes" produced by the legend Nick Wiz. Link will appear next
Ivan: Ha! I've seen it too. It's Photoshopped. Here's the original:
Unstoppable: Yo Ivan I just saw this Scarlett photo on facebook... tell me if it's true or photoshopped LOL
loose money: ivan, surely you goona chime in on the NY times nicki minaj article.
Funk Doc: Hey, its MOOSE! How ya doing buddy?
truejOnes: you blog is whats really good - keep keep keep it coming
Ivan: Sup, Moose! Try it again (reset password/account).
moose_my_name_is_protecte: gawd dam whats my passwords, sup FUNK DOC!
moose_my_name_is_protecte: so this is where the fucking cbox is...
b.east: Check out my latest beattape "" I promise you'll enjoy it
infamy: i love hiphopisread
p0op: miss you~
mikavillain: check out some of my music, one love
cyph22: What is the standardized refrain?!!? Hip Hop is in all I say and do My thought process informalized me informalized me When I come of age what will I do?!? While the smoke alarm sounds and sleep holds
Nazrin: blogwalking sana sini.. jom ke blog saya..
dee: yo check out the music free download @
Nik: jom baca entri tebaru saya..
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