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26 Nov 08, 07:05
Jeg: Rebels ransom 100 villagers in Ye Township; SPDC responds with interrogations, torture and travel restrictions - A Mon rebel group has detained and ransomed over 100 people from five villages in southern Ye Township, Mon State. Severe travel restrictions have subsequently been put in place by the Burmese army, which also interrogated at least thirteen Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 07:04
Jeg: Nine villagers beaten during interrogations in northern Tenasserim; two conscripted as porters and remain missing - were recently arrested, interrogated and beaten as suspected rebel supporters in Tenasserim Township, Tenasserim Division. Two of the men were then forced to work as porters carrying supplies for the army. Full report:
26 Nov 08, 07:03
Jeg: Residents of eastern Burma actively engaged in peaceful resistance, says Karen Human Rights Group - includes establishing hiding sites ahead of expected displacement, hiding food stores and covert agricultural projects, trading with residents of regime controlled areas in secret “jungle markets,” sharing resources and cooperating to provide community services. Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:59
Jeg: Former monks to provide discount electricity in Paung Township - A group of former monks is set to begin providing villagers with discount electricity from a hydroelectric project in northern Mon State, says a source in the group. Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:58
Jeg: Detained activists transferred to regional prisons - At least 20 political prisoners were transferred to regional prisons yesterday, according to family members, while relatives of two 88 generation students are still trying to find out where they are being held. Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:54
Jeg: Bilin monks boycott government officials - decided during a recent meeting to launch a boycott against government officials and supporters by refusing alms from them and not performing religious rites in their homes. Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:49
Jeg: “Pull Them Out With Tweezers” - Twenty-two volunteer aid workers have been arrested in connection with their relief work in the Irrawaddy delta, where the cyclone struck on May 2-3 Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:46
Jeg: Spy identified at opposition meeting - A person attending a meeting for Burma affairs held at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the morning of the 23rd of November, was later exposed as an employee of the Burmese Embassy in the Malaysian capital. Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:40
Jeg: The task of unification - 'One Voice One Goal,' Full report:
26 Nov 08, 06:37
Jeg: Domestic migrant workers still vulnerable: HRW - Human Rights Watch, in comments released yesterday, said the problem of abuse of domestic labor is predominantly directed at female employees of individual households and especially problematic in Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:35
Jeg: Charity starts at home but the generals prefer to provide help to the neighbours... Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:31
Jeg: Burma's tourism industry shows signs of life - However, despite recent gains, international visitors entering Burma through Rangoon airport had reached only 13,136 for November through to the 24th of the month. -
26 Nov 08, 06:29
Jeg: 45 Years for a Joke - "If I did not laugh I should die," Abraham Lincoln once remarked. Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:19
Jeg: Doctors Without Borders Issues Alert on AIDS in Burma - The group said that if Burma does not get the funds it needs for antiretroviral drugs, some 24,000 people could die next year from the disease. Doctors Without Borders said that in 2007 alone, AIDS-related illnesses killed 25,000 people. Full Report:
26 Nov 08, 06:13
Jeg: A New Approach: Incorporating civilian resistance strategies within aid to Burma - With the publication of the report Village Agency, the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) helps introduce important new voices into the debate over engagement with Burma – the voices of rural villagers themselves. Full report:
26 Nov 08, 06:03
Jeg: Media version :
26 Nov 08, 05:52
Jeg: 10 Texts Approved; Migrants, Unilateral Coercive Measures, - The representative of Myanmar, speaking prior to the vote on the draft on his country, called the resolution a “yearly ritual” meant to ratchet up political pressure under the pretext of promoting and protecting human rights. “If left unchallenged, [it] will set a dangerous precedent for all developing countries”, he said. Not only did it contain elements that infringed on his country’s sovereignty, it was also clearly aimed at derailing the Government’s road map to democracy, by using the bloc voting power of the European Union. Full Report:
24 Nov 08, 13:31
24 Nov 08, 13:04
Jeg: The Freedom Challenge In Burma, a test of Barack Obama's attitude toward promoting democracy - BARBARITY IN Burma last week served as a reminder that, with or without President-elect Barack Obama, the global struggle for liberty will rage on long after George W. Bush takes his "freedom agenda" home to Texas. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 05:32
Jeg: US Congress warned of Chinese cyber, space threats - "China has an active cyber espionage program," the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said in its annual report to the US Congress. "China is targeting US government and commercial computers." In its 393-page report, the panel also criticized Beijing for exercising "heavy-handed government control" over its economy and "continuing arms sales and military support to rogue regimes" such as Sudan, Myanmar and Iran. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 05:21
Jeg: The U.S. Should Move Beyond Sanctions - When it comes to Burma, sanctions have little impact on the military regime due to engagements by neighboring countries, notably China, India and members of ASEAN. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 05:14
Jeg: Unlawful Convictions of Burmese Political Prisoners are Crimes Against Humanity - Certain judges in Burma, acting under the orders of Chief Justice U Aung Toe and Senior General Than Shwe, are themselves criminally liable as co-conspirators to crimes against humanity for their acts in “trying” and “convicting” 60 political activists last week. “These acts are the latest from the junta which uses the judiciary as one of its key weapons to commit grave crimes,” says Global Justice Center President Janet Benshoof. Judges including those listed below are criminally culpable and must be referred to the International Criminal Court. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 05:08
Jeg: Army recruits murder suspect as soldier - Villagers from Nat Sat village in Bago have expressed disappointment over the military's recruitment of a man suspected of the murder of a 14-year-old girl from the village. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 05:05
Jeg: Ko Ko Gyi transferred to Mai Sat prison - transferred to Keng Tung prison in eastern Shan state along with fellow student leader Min Ko Naing after they were sentenced in Mau-ubin. - But Keng Tung locals said that Ko Ko Gyi was sent to Mai Sat prison near the Thai-Burma border two days after his arrival in Keng Tung. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 04:48
Jeg: Seniors on the Streets - “My sons and daughters, please help me,” she whispers. “Please be kind and help me buy food.” Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 04:37
Jeg: Zarganar, Ashin Gambira Get Long Prison Terms - The media friendly Zarganar was convicted on several criminal charges, including infringements of the Electronic Act, 505 b. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 04:29
Jeg: HIV/AIDS Risk High Among Political Prisoners - Political prisoners in Burma run a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS because of unhygienic medical treatment, according to reports from inside several of the country’s prisons. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 04:28
Jeg: Burma’s National Day Fading from Memory - Tomorrow is the 88th anniversary of the student-led protests that ignited Burma’s struggle for independence from British rule, but few young people seem to care. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 04:22
Jeg: U Gambira to serve total of 68 years in prison - he was sentenced today by Kamayut Township court on nine counts and by another four counts by Ahlone Township court. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 04:14
Jeg: Comedian Zarganar handed 45-year prison term - The court held the trial inside Insein prison and sentenced him on three counts under the Electronic Law to 45 years in prison today for 'disaffection towards state and government' by using the internet. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 04:13
Jeg: Junta directs UMFCCI to probe pulse-bean scam - to probe the future trade scandal of big wholesale traders, which is currently being investigated by the 'Bureau of Special Investigation'. Full Report: That is a crime, mus't steal from the junta.. ;)
22 Nov 08, 04:08
Jeg: Army frames charges against ILO complainants - Burma's Army has framed charges, under the Electronic Act, against farmers from Natmauk Township who lodged a complaint with the International Labour Organization (ILO) against the seizure of their farmland. Full Report:
22 Nov 08, 04:02
Jeg: At the mercy of Mother Nature and Burma's generals - On the surface, things can seem brighter than usual for villagers from Matupi in Southern Chin state of Western Burma, home to some 500,000 people. Fathers, mothers and children are busy in the paddy fields reaping their new crop of rice, which has just ripened this past month. However taking a closer inspection of the situation, it soon becomes apparent that there is a serious problem, a lack of food security Full report:
21 Nov 08, 14:50
Jeg: KIO TV broadcasts junta-KIO meet - In an unusual move the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) has started broadcasting recent video recordings of the meeting between KIO leaders and Burmese ruling junta on the group-owned Laiza Television in the KIO's headquarters and business center Laiza, since last week, said residents of Laiza. The KIO is the largest ethnic Kachin ceasefire group in northern Burma. Full Report:
21 Nov 08, 14:43
Jeg: Three insurgents and one villager killed by Burmese Army during clash in Ye Township - According to a source close to LIB No. 299, based in Ko Mine village, soldiers said they recovered the bodies of three dead rebel soldiers and one villager after a fighting at noon on November 17th. Three guns and 8 million kyat are also reported to have been recovered. Man-aung is less than two kilometers to the east of Koe Mine village. Full Report:
21 Nov 08, 14:35
Jeg: Junta continues crackdown on activists - U Gambira has been sentenced to 27 years’ imprisonment, the latest in a number of activists to be given long-term sentences this month. Full report:
21 Nov 08, 14:24
Jeg: Economic crisis as a force for change - Some economic watchers remark, "When Uncle Sam sneezes, the whole world catches cold." Now, as Uncle Sam has caught a bad cold in the face of a severe economic downturn, investment and trading partners are scrambling to stop a domino effect taking its toll on their own economic interests. Full Report:
21 Nov 08, 14:21
Jeg: FEC slumps in Burma - During last month's trading, one unit of FEC could fetch Kyat 1,230 in Burma's black market. Today it fell to Kyat 1,190. Full Report:
21 Nov 08, 14:08
Jeg: Youth request junta for permission to meet Suu Kyi - Dozens of youth have appealed to the military government to allow them to meet and pay their respect to opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who remains under house arrest Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:48
Jeg: UN, Asean Must Speak Up - the generals’ latest display of contempt for fundamental human rights seems to pale into insignificance. But the recent spate of lengthy prison sentences imposed on detained activists by kangaroo courts at Rangoon’s notorious Insein Prison deserves a much stronger response than we have seen so far. Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:44
Jeg: Burma Falls Off UN Agenda - What has surprised many a Burma watcher is the silence of members of the Security Council at a time when the Burmese military junta has been indulging in one of the worst ever crackdowns on pro-democracy activists in the country. Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:43
Jeg: UWSA Buys 10 Tons of Amphetamine Component - The United Wa State Army (UWSA) in Burma’s Shan State has recently bought from Thai suppliers 10 tons of pseudoephedrine, a main component of amphetamines, according to a report by the Shan Herald Agency for News. Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:40
Jeg: Burmese Workers Head Home as Recession Begins to Bite - As the deepening recession takes hold in the world’s fastest-growing region, many companies are cutting jobs and reducing work hours in a bid to survive the crisis. For many Burmese employed in countries such as China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, this means fewer job prospects and, in many cases, a one-way ticket back to Burma. Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:33
Jeg: Stop use of child soldiers: Rights group - "The child soldiers used in armed conflicts in Burma are unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. These children are deprived of a pleasant, happy and active life. They are always sad and their existence and future are forgotten. So I would like to urge all rights and democracy activists to join in striving for the welfare and rights movement for these children," Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:28
Jeg: Gold miners head for the hills - One decade ago the hills near the town of Yamethin in Mandalay Division were free from human settlements. There were no huts, no satellite televisions, often no human beings; only brush-covered terrain and the local flora and fauna. Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:25
Jeg: China to start constructing new pipelines through Burma - China is set to commence construction in the first half of 2009 on a giant pipeline project that will connect Sittwe, on the Bay of Bengal in Burma, Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:20
Jeg: Icons under fire - Both the Dalai Lama and Aung San Suu Kyi face criticism from their own sides Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:13
Jeg: Myanmar activist follows dad, grandfather to jail - A court in military-ruled Myanmar sentenced a student activist to 6 1/2 years in jail on Wednesday, a week after his father received a 65-year prison term for his own political activities and a decade after his grandfather died in custody. Full Report:
20 Nov 08, 17:05
Jeg: NCGUB seeks ASEAN mobilization as human rights crackdown intensifies - "Regional powers cannot sit idly by," says the NCGUB's UN representative, Dr. Thaung Htun, "and reap the rewards of immorality." Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 19:05
Jeg: China to build Myanmar oil, gas pipelines -report - next year, enabling it to slash the journey time for crude oil imports from the Middle East, state media said Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 19:02
Jeg: Kachin youth leader in Malaysia leaves for third country - Tangbau Kamli was one of over 200 ethnic Kachin refugees currently in Malaysia from northern Burma. The rest of the Kachin refugees are also waiting to leave for third countries, according to Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur-based Kachin Refugee Committee (KRC). Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 18:58
Jeg: Tavoy residents lacking IDs registered for upcoming election - The Department of Immigration and National Registration (INR) is issuing temporary identification (ID) cards to residents of about 46 villages in Tavoy District, Tenessarim Division. The cards permit residents without other forms of ID to vote in. Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 18:56
Jeg: Police Chief Khin Yee promoted to Deputy Home Minister -
19 Nov 08, 18:56
Jeg: Garment workers in Hlaing Thar Yar Industrial Zone of Rangoon.Garment workers in Hlaing Thar Yar Industrial Zone of Rangoon. Garment workers Garment workers in Hlaing Thar Yar Industrial Zone of Rangoon. Garment workers hit hard by global economic turmoil - factories in the Hlaing Tharyar industrial zones in Rangoon have reduced their workforce in the face of declining foreign demand, while laborers are struggling to earn a sufficient Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 18:54
Jeg: Singapore Economy Forces Burmese Home - The economic slowdown in the world causes layoffs and shrinking job markets, forcing many Burmese migrants in Singapore to return home. Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 18:54
Jeg: Three Activists Jailed as Crackdown Continues - Dee Nyein Lin, a leading member of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions, was sentenced to six years and six months imprisonment on charges relating to his involvement in anti-government demonstrations, family members reported. Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 18:52
Jeg: Global Financial Crisis Hits Burmese Markets - prices of goods such as rice, beans and palm oil plummet in Rangoon. Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 18:51
Jeg: Reading Than Shwe’s Disturbed Mind - It would be very interesting to know the diagnosis of the Singapore doctors who examined Than Shwe a few years ago. Although unconfirmed reports suggested that the paramount leader suffered from cancer and hypertension, I'd bet that what the doctors did not dare to disclose to Than Shwe is that he is clinically insane. Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 14:45
Jeg: Funeral charity forced to close down offices - Kyaw Thu, an academy award-winning actor and vice president of the FFSS, said the organisation had been ordered to move out of its main office and free clinic which are currently located in Rangoon's Thingangyun township. Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 14:43
Jeg: Burma’s women come out of the shadows - Initially, most women’s groups in exile were founded to deal with social issues. Then later, they realised that women’s participation in politics and at all decision-making levels is the basis for promoting gender equality and justice in society. While women’s organisations continued to work on social affairs such as raising awareness of women’s rights, women’s participation in politics became their priority. Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 14:29
Jeg: New Generation activists jailed - Seven leaders of the New Generation Students activist group, including Sithu Maung, Ye Myat Hein and Zin Linn Aung, were given prison sentences yesterday in connection with last year's Saffron Revolution. Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 14:20
Jeg: Son of Pu Cin Sian Thang handed 33-year prison term - The three activists were accused of taking part in protest demanding national reconciliation and arrested at a teashop in Rangoon on 28 October 2007. After being detained for over one year in Insein prison, his son Kan Lan Khote a.k.a. Kyaw Soe and Tin Htu Aung were sentenced to 33 years in prison each and another activist Kan Lan Khwar a.k.a. Khwar Pee was given eight years in jail. Full report:
19 Nov 08, 10:24
Jeg: Maritime Talks End without Progress - "The talk ended inconclusively with Myanmar's refusal to accept the 92 degree, 17 minutes, and 30 seconds longitude as the maritime boundary." Full Report:
19 Nov 08, 10:10
Jeg: Myanmar 'disperses' dissidents - Without the informal delivery of supplies such as anti-malaria and vitamin pills, detainees face a far greater risk of dying behind bars, said former political prisoners who have fled to Thailand. Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 14:06
Jeg: White House Urges UN to Condemn Burma - "The international community and the United Nations Security Council must not remain silent as the regime demonstrates yet again its contempt for universal freedoms and its disdain for the international community's calls to release all political prisoners. Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 10:18
Jeg: Fear of bombing leads to reopening of checkpoints on Myitkyina-Hpakant road - Tipped off that the Hpakant jade mining city could be bombed the Burmese military junta has reopened six military checkpoints on the Myitkyina-Hpakant Road in Kachin State of northern Burma to conduct vigorous checks. All travellers and goods are being checked since early October. The checkpoints were not operational for a long time, said local travellers. Full report:
18 Nov 08, 10:17
Jeg: MP-elect Dr Hla Aung dies aged 66 - Dr Hla Aung, elected representative for Wundwin constituency-2 and an active National League for Democracy member, passed away this morning at the age of 66. Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 10:16
Jeg: Pyapon authorities investigate rice scam - Authorities in Irrawaddy division's Pyapon township have been investigating the misappropriation of nearly 1000 bags of rice donated by Saudi Arabia for Cyclone Nargis victims Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 10:12
Jeg: Nine More Activists Sentenced in Insein Prison - sentenced by special courts in Insein Prison on Monday on charges including involvement in public demonstrations, illegal assembly and resisting officials, according to sources familiar with the prison. Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 10:10
Jeg: Bangladesh, Election Preparations Top Meeting Agenda in Naypyidaw - Tensions between Burma and Bangladesh and preparations for the general election planned for 2010 topped the agenda of the latest meeting of Burma’s ruling State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), according to Burmese military analysts. Full report:
18 Nov 08, 09:55
Jeg: Chiang Mai – Ko Htin Kyaw, a protester who led demonstrations against rising essential commodity prices last year was sentenced to 12 and-a-half years in jail on Monday by a court in session in Insein prison. Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 09:53
Jeg: Township authority arrested for selling relief aid - A local official in Burma's Irrawaddy Division, accused of secretly selling rice donated by Saudi Arabia and intended for survivors of Cyclone Nargis, is now in custody. Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 09:51
Jeg: Making a prison out of Burma - Gagging the voice of protests and imprisoning dissidents for an incredible 65 years, pairs Burma's governing junta with some of the most repressive regimes in the history of the modern world. The verdicts are making a mockery of the justice system and turning the judiciary on its head. Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 09:49
Jeg: Remittances take a hit, as Singapore's economy slumps - owing to the global financial crisis that burst upon the international stage this September, the Singapore-Burmese remittance link has suffered. With Singapore officially announcing in October that it is in a state of recession, Burmese working, or hoping to find work in the city, have found the going increasingly difficult. Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 09:48
Jeg: Roundup: Myanmar emphasizes on development of hydropower - Myanmar has made emphasis on development of hydroelectric power, saying that 15 more hydropower projects are being planned in addition to the six completed and 22 ongoing projects since the country laid down a series of state- Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 09:46
Jeg: Burma: Continued Arbitrary Sentencing - The United States strongly condemns the regime's persistent repression of its people for exercising basic freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Full Report:
18 Nov 08, 09:43
Jeg: Wanted for Opposing the Junta - Burma’s ruling junta, the SPDC, uses disinformation and modern technology to issue a wanted order against Antonio Graceffo. Full Report:
17 Nov 08, 14:45
Jeg: Activists’ Prison Sentences Setback for UN - Diplomats said the junta also has failed to respond to requests to institutionalize talks with the UN in which mid-level UN diplomats would visit Burma to hold discussions with Burmese counterparts at regular intervals. Full Report:
17 Nov 08, 11:36
Jeg: Dissident Leaders Transferred to Remote Prisons - At least 21 convicted political prisoners, including Buddhist monks, 88 Student Generation group leader Min Ko Naing and prominent human rights activist Su Su Nway, were transferred from Rangoon's Insein Prison to remote prisons around Burma on Saturday night and early Sunday morning—with more prisoners expected to follow in the coming days, according to family and friends. Full Report:
17 Nov 08, 11:13
Jeg: ENVIRONMENT-BURMA: Conflict Threatens Karen Biodiversity - A great part of this biodiversity is found in Karen State in southeast Myanmar bordering Thailand, now suffering heavily due to the ongoing conflict between the government’s State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) and the Karen National Union (KNU). Full Report:
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