23 Apr 21, 11:35
Bilbo67: Always possible you're a Scanner...
11 Apr 21, 09:36
Angel: Second jab for me this past Wednesday, thought I was a Jedi, turns out it was a bad headache.
10 Apr 21, 13:03
Bilbo67: Jab the second this morning. Means I'm immortal now, right?
4 Apr 21, 09:22
22 Mar 21, 05:41
Angel: Me too, get next one in a couple of weeks.
21 Mar 21, 12:29
Bilbo67: Fifty-percent of the way to being able to let strangers sneeze on me again. Feels like someone who is paid a handsome wage to throw punches slugged me right in the shoulder.
14 Feb 21, 07:54
16 Jan 21, 17:48
mayaX: hey Bilbo come hang out at the Lexx 20th anniversary page on FB
13 Jan 21, 05:23
Angel: Why yes it is.
11 Jan 21, 16:44
Bilbo67: Is that who I think it is in the newest member queue?!?
28 Dec 20, 20:05
Bilbo67: Now, to wad this year up and roll it off the nearest available cliff...
24 Dec 20, 09:30
Angel: Merry Christmas Lexxversians!!
23 Dec 20, 20:45
Bilbo67: Reckon I'm creeping up on the age where I can get away with saying,"I ain't ag'in' it!"
2 Dec 20, 00:14
MayaX: Hey Bilbo. What would you say to me compiling all your reviews in a PDF format?
29 Nov 20, 08:52
Angel: Hrmmm....not sure if he'd have the temperment for the job.
28 Nov 20, 20:49
Bilbo67: In fact, now that I've written that, it's all I want.
28 Nov 20, 20:49
Bilbo67: In fact, now that' I
28 Nov 20, 20:49
Bilbo67: Though I'd happily accept Michael Dorn in full Worf makeup and character.
17 Nov 20, 05:20
Angel: I heard that, he's a good buy, hope he gets the job!
17 Nov 20, 03:26
Bilbo67: More than perfectly okay with this: https://www.today.com/popculture/fans-want-levar-burton-replace-alex-trebek-jeopardy-t199162
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