6 Apr 20, 03:28
Salya: Tiffany, I know you are active somewhat on Tainted onez, but I miss you~
28 Mar 20, 15:55
Monay: Can't wait for the new look!
24 Mar 20, 21:19
Salya: Hey Tiff. I hope things are going well. as for me. I'm just sleepy lol
18 Mar 20, 00:02
Martin: (cont'd) catch it a long time ago, haha! What decision(s) is/are you referencing?
18 Mar 20, 00:01
Martin: Hey, Tiffany. I actually figured it out and it was a SIMPLE problem. I can't believe that I didn't
17 Mar 20, 16:00
Brandi: I hope come back soon
17 Mar 20, 16:00
Brandi: Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you are well. I am Just working from home and recovering from a
15 Mar 20, 08:28
Dorkistic: also Tiki-Taka 99% is also a good song from weki meki
15 Mar 20, 08:28
Dorkistic: saw your comment on our weki meki profile, their latest comeback Dazzle Dazzle is really good