22 Mar 21, 08:27
Jan: I'm so sorry about that....would you mind trying the Contact Link below to contact me again? I think I've fixed the problem!! Thank you!
17 Mar 21, 14:50
Rhonda: Jan, I tried to email you but email failed
17 Mar 21, 14:45
Rhonda: Do you have any 3x3 tourney pages? :biggrin:
28 Jan 21, 15:16
28 Jan 21, 15:15
28 Jun 20, 22:05
Rhonda: I love your pages!!! Do you happen to have a Weakest Link page?
28 Jun 20, 22:04
Rhonda: Love your pages! Do you happen to have a Weakest Link page?
25 Nov 19, 00:45
rose: i love your designs for the pages they are awesome thankyou greatly
11 Sep 19, 00:36
LAMALAMADINGD0NG: Jan I love your pages :heart:
11 Sep 19, 00:35
LAMALAMADINGD0NG: Thought you would like to check out the Header Background color for lighthouse4.htm has an extra number 2 in it.
13 Aug 19, 06:32
jade9871: good morning, I am interested in dolls for me and my other staff members..........do you still make them?
12 May 19, 16:19
Jenn: Happy Mother's day to all the moms out ther
21 Apr 19, 09:36
Jenn: Happy Easter have a great day!
10 Apr 19, 12:15
Jenn: We have added you as a sister site
2 Apr 19, 18:53
Jenn: can we add you as a sister site?
17 Feb 19, 13:10
Bluedahlia: I have loved your pages over the years and i do use them for my tourney's ...Thank you very much for sharing your artistic designs with us
16 Jan 19, 12:59
Jan: Just wondering if anyone uses my pages....please let me know.....Thanks!
18 Sep 18, 14:46
Carole: Hi, would you please add me to your sister site list? www.dwp2.com Thanks a bunch!!
20 Feb 18, 07:09
AbleAngie: Jan, I love all your pages, especially the one Misty has.. How can I order a complete set for my league, Friendly Gamerz, in pogo.. :heart:
15 Sep 17, 09:23
Carolseeb2: i will be ordering several pages, just love your pre-made and personalized
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