28 Sep 19, 17:28
Melian: Hey, just wanted to let you know that we miss you and your beautiful work. :)
2 Jul 19, 15:57
Shay: Gorgeous pixel art!!! I loved my visit and I love all the patterns under resources!
19 Jan 18, 17:33
Ela: Thank you! The spirit is my fav of the bunch too! :)
14 Jan 18, 18:19
Izzie: Happy New Year! I adore your latest works, but your nude benevolent spirit is my fav.
8 Oct 17, 23:26
Ela: Dank je! :D De lente was 1 van mijn inspiratiebronnen. Ik wou dat het al terug lente was!
3 Oct 17, 15:37
Silerna: Wat een schitterende layout! Doet me echt denken aan de lente! Ook al issie nogal verweg :(
28 Sep 17, 20:25
Ela: Thanks Izzie! I owe the colour combo to a dress I own! My entry is getting closer to being finished
12 Sep 17, 21:56
Izzie: Beautiful new av! <3 the rust/blue color combo. Take your time on the entry. <3
21 Aug 17, 18:33
Ela: Thanks so much! The bliaut is one of my favourites as well, the folds were so much fun to do!
16 Aug 17, 22:45
Izzie: job pixelling the Victorian doll's velvety gown. Beautiful!
16 Aug 17, 22:45
Izzie: So many new dolls! *drools* I REALLY love the bliaut and those amazing braids, and you did a superb
16 Jul 17, 20:38
Ela: I just realized I've never had a layout featuring a blond person and went from there.
16 Jul 17, 20:38
Ela: Thank you so much, Izzie! :D And no, it's not supposed to be anyone in particular.
6 Jul 17, 20:04
Izzie: Is the doll anyone in particular? I can't wait until it's all online!
6 Jul 17, 20:04
Izzie: I want to get lost in the gorgeous scenery and never return. And the doll! OMG those folds!
6 Jul 17, 20:03
Izzie: The many details are incredible, and the lighting is so calming.
6 Jul 17, 20:03
Izzie: I just saw your new layout sneak peak. Breathtaking!
8 Feb 14, 00:29
Elaitea: Thank you so much, everyone! I really appreciate your kind comments :D
28 Oct 13, 12:29
Lilly: Gosh, your site is exsquisite! Everything you do is awe inspiring. <3
25 Sep 13, 05:46
Veriria: Oh my! I love your website and dollz!
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