13 Dec 19, 23:36
Yuki @ animepapers.net
Anime Papers got a new layout! Hope you're doing well! ♡
7 Dec 19, 18:41
Yuki @ animepapers.net
Hi affie :) Anime Papers is hosting a contest. Come by and check it out please :)
1 Dec 19, 23:06
Hey! Love the new layout, and your welcome. I had a small break from my site to work on Nano, but I'm back with an advent calendar :)
28 Nov 19, 21:00
Brandi @ animepapers.net
Just dropping by to say hi and wish you a Happy Turkey Day ♡
28 Nov 19, 02:43
I love the layout! Hope all is well. :) Thanks for stopping by. :)
20 Nov 19, 00:46
Brandi @ animepapers.net
Hey i hope all is well! Just dropping by to say hi <3
10 Nov 19, 21:57
I love the grunge look on the layout!
10 Nov 19, 10:54
Ast3rism has finally reopened; come take a peek. :)
12 Oct 19, 23:32
To everyone who leaves a message in this shoutbox. You can add your website link at the small doll button on the left. If you don't do this we (Nine or Chazzie) won't be able to respond to you.
4 Oct 19, 20:42
Hey there! How you been?
14 Aug 19, 18:50
Hey Chazzie! Sorry I dropped off for a bit but I am back now and that is awesome we shared a last watched show and especially since it was CM was that show is great :) Talk to you soon!
26 Jul 19, 12:08
Forgot to link my blog!
26 Jul 19, 12:08
Heyy Chazz! I miss your talented self!~
25 Jul 19, 04:40
Love the new layout!
21 Jul 19, 04:04
Doing a affiliation check, thank you for keeping my link up.
17 Jul 19, 02:53
I don’t have a proper website set up yet as I’m waiting until I’ve built up my portfolio, but you can find me on Tumblr for now at nicolalucy.tumblr.com!
17 Jul 19, 02:53
Hello! I don't know if you remember me but I used to own a website called FallenHalo.org! I'm so glad to see that there’s still a community of site builders here! I hope you’re doing okay! :biggrin:
6 Jul 19, 22:38
Monique @ lovedust.org
Hey Chaz! Love the new layout.. how have you been?
28 May 19, 10:22
I love the new layout, it looks amazing!
4 May 19, 12:45
I have an important Artist Beware up, please read. http://loveiszero.net/?p=469
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