17 Dec 18, 04:00
@lynn that is not normal lynn. It's a HQ header ^^
16 Dec 18, 23:59
just found this site and it's pretty damn cool - though my browser can't load your header in full quality and is super pixelated, is that normal?
11 Dec 18, 07:48
Brandi @animepapers.net
sorry for the delay. ive been under the weather. but you have been added back to my affie list. sorry about any confusion. you're the first square on my list
7 Dec 18, 04:27
hey just letting you know i will be adding you this weekend! :)
6 Dec 18, 02:33
The new events look awesome are yall going to them? I have a new blog up :)
6 Dec 18, 01:58
sorry for any confusion
6 Dec 18, 01:58
i will add you today for sure hun <3 promise ~
6 Dec 18, 01:58
thanks for reminding me! i could have sworn i added u. i think the dorkistic icon site confused me lol
30 Nov 18, 00:39
Sorry for the super-late reply, and thank you, the gift is awesome. :D :heart:
26 Nov 18, 01:51
Hello, 9Daily has some new updates which you can read here https://9-daily.blogspot.com/2018/11/004-updates.html . I hope you have a nice day!
25 Nov 18, 04:51
Amanda fbl love
Nice wallpapers :)
24 Nov 18, 03:24
Jess @ Aetheria
Hey! I like the new updates! Hope you had a good thanksgiving! :)
24 Nov 18, 02:40
Just dropping by to say hi and have a good weekend =^.^= can you make Kim Hyun Joong icons and headers as content? I wanna see on your site 😞
24 Nov 18, 00:04
Brandi @ animepapers.net
thanks i love it!
23 Nov 18, 18:58
amanda fbl love
thanks x
20 Nov 18, 02:56
Happy Thanksgiving https://images2.imgbox.com/a3/dc/HSnir25G_o.png Hope you will have a nice thanksgiving day.
20 Nov 18, 02:33
Hi Chazzie! I'd love to be affiliates again! Also, I'm so sorry for the super late reply. I was sort of busy these days. ;;
19 Nov 18, 10:02
Just stopping by to say hi! :) Like the new additions. ❤️
16 Nov 18, 04:26
I added you in my footer =D
16 Nov 18, 02:02
@pim We have send you a email with a reply
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