29 Mar 20, 04:51
Thank you! I love your new layout as well!
8 Mar 20, 20:55
Whew finally, the new layouts up lol hope all is well!
7 Mar 20, 19:37
Brandi @ starhaze.net
Stopping by to say hi! I hope all is well <3
1 Feb 20, 12:45
I love the new header, and layout, both are very beautiful.
29 Jan 20, 19:24
Brandi @ starhaze.net
Hi! Please update my link from animepapers.net to starhaze.net if u need a button from me you can find it here https://starhaze.net/linkage! Thanks <3
31 Dec 19, 14:26
Hey there! Happy Holidays! I love the new layout.. I'm just getting around to changing mine lol hope all is well!
30 Dec 19, 02:06
The new layout looks amazing, and thanks so much. I hope that yalls Holidays were good as well, and I hope that a good New years :)
26 Dec 19, 19:44
Lovely layout! Busy with the holidays here. I hope you are both well! Happy Holidays~
26 Dec 19, 19:41
Yuki @ animepapers.net
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
25 Dec 19, 01:14
http://luckystorm.xyz - Hi Chaz! It's been a while. Happy Holidays! Loving your new Holiday theme layout. Your very talented. Love it!! Happy Holidays to Nine & Chaz. Best wishes always!
22 Dec 19, 06:41
Ohh, the layout looks super nice! And happy holidays to the two of you as well!
21 Dec 19, 14:27
Looks good! Nice new Christmas content :)
20 Dec 19, 21:27
aw thank you! I like yours as well. Your wallpapers are pretty! <3
13 Dec 19, 22:36
Yuki @ animepapers.net
Anime Papers got a new layout! Hope you're doing well! ♡
7 Dec 19, 17:41
Yuki @ animepapers.net
Hi affie :) Anime Papers is hosting a contest. Come by and check it out please :)
1 Dec 19, 22:06
Hey! Love the new layout, and your welcome. I had a small break from my site to work on Nano, but I'm back with an advent calendar :)
28 Nov 19, 20:00
Brandi @ animepapers.net
Just dropping by to say hi and wish you a Happy Turkey Day ♡
28 Nov 19, 01:43
I love the layout! Hope all is well. :) Thanks for stopping by. :)
19 Nov 19, 23:46
Brandi @ animepapers.net
Hey i hope all is well! Just dropping by to say hi <3
10 Nov 19, 20:57
I love the grunge look on the layout!
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