6 Jan 13, 18:53
Ian: militant R/Hr shippers 'persuaded'JK to change her original plans and two superior pairings were both screwed over. :(
6 Jan 13, 18:53
Ian: introduction and seems a very important new character, is hinted to like Ron... and then is reduced to cameos in the last 2 books when the pairings suddenly alter (for the worse). It seems the
6 Jan 13, 18:52
Ian: Is it just me or is quite clear that Luns was introduced FOR Ron? The 5th book makes it quite clear that Harry/Hermione are going to end up together and lo and behold, here;s Luna, who gets this huge
8 Jul 12, 07:01
Starmz: ooh! this is great - and i agree with HHrfan
27 Jul 11, 17:50
Christina_Potter_09: glad i found this site, looks so cute
7 Dec 10, 15:29
Livvy: This hasn't had a message for a while... Ron/Luna <3
24 Jul 09, 19:45
HHr4Ever: I have been trying to find the best song to use for a R/L song fiction but I don't know what song to use. Any suggestion?
8 Jul 09, 02:29
HHrfan: I ship Neville/Luna and Ron/Luna XD.
23 Apr 09, 20:08
Harrionesfan: I love Ron & Luna together. I don't like Ron & Hermione together.
19 Mar 09, 01:23
Cylix: I Ship ron/luna too! i dont like the idea of r/hr get together
15 Oct 08, 17:05
Bruna: Heeey, I need some R/LL photos! *-* :glad:
12 Aug 08, 14:51
Casey: Hey, everyone! Go ahead and say anything you like here -- just no cursing or bashing of Ron/Luna!