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25 Apr 21, 14:53
Ray: Can’t disagree with you there Sid
25 Apr 21, 14:56
Ray: What hasnt been mentioned was Traore a little fortunate to escape a red but probably Corks pathetic play acting helped.
25 Apr 21, 16:32
Sid: Was Traore on the pitch today?
25 Apr 21, 20:45
Ray: At least Albion can’t overtake us now
26 Apr 21, 10:23
paul cooks left peg: Performances like yesterdays have got managers the sack in the past .Its lucky Nuno has lots of credit in the bank. I could not understand why he let the same 11 go back out for the 2nd half, Even then we did not improve at all. I cannot remember 1 good performance this season. We have played the odd half ok but nothing of the standard of recent seasons. I know people say the players are rubbish but the fact is they are nearly all international so have good ability. I fear with our lack of attacking intent whoever we bring in to help out the midfield or attack will all suffer the same fate as our attacking flair is stifled by always keeping more players in defensive positions worrying about being counter attacked. Time after time all season when we attack down the wings there is always 2 players max in the area against 4 or 5 opposition defenders. Moutinho,Neves,Dendoncker,vitinha ,gibbs white all stay on the edge of the penalty area not prepared to make runs into the box. The one guy who tried to do it in otasawie missed a chance and was bombed out the team making him less likely to try late runs into the box next time he gets a chance. You cannot win anything if your 1st plan is to try not to lose a game . I feel this is one of the reasons we have rubbish 1st halves all the time. Keep it tight then try to win it in the 2nd half is not gonna win enough games to get us to where we wanna be. We need to clear out lots of players and have new players signed in the 1st week of the transfer window not in the last couple of days of the window. If nuno stays he needs a full pre season with all the new players not have players joining after the season has started. Big pre season needed as if things don't change we are gonna be in a relegation fight next season. With Norwich ,Watford and probably Bournemouth back in the premier next season is gonna be a far stronger league next season.
26 Apr 21, 10:45
Ray: Excellent summing up Paul and agree 100% with your comments and nothing to add other than we hope Chelsea manage at least a draw against Fulham to preserve our Premiership position. Can honestly say that yesterday’s display was the worst I’ve ever seen from a Premiership team! Just hope we can sort out all these issues in the summer and hope Fosun will invest heavily to preserve our status. Let’s face it our performances have been generally poor since last Julys resumption and we are fortunate to be safe(we’ll almost certain) I believe in Nuno and grateful to him for restoring our pride and given us something we never thought we would ever see in our lifetime.For the ‘John Ireland’s’ amongst us please remember our history and be very careful what you wish for.
26 Apr 21, 14:05
Sid: Excellent words lads both Paul and Ray, I agree 90% with what you are saying the only area I disagree with is Nuno. I am beginning to doubt whether he is the one to take us that one step further. We, as onlookers, could see what has been going wrong for some time, so surely he has too, but I do not see a distinct change in either personnel or indeed line ups. For me sadly I feel we need a change at the helm to take us in a direction that will enable us to gain the kudos that I feel we so deserve!
26 Apr 21, 15:56
Ray: I certainly see your point Sid. Big decisions to come just pray we make the correct ones. We all fear a return to the Championship wilderness
26 Apr 21, 16:59
RogerA: Yes I agree with you all. On another site that I now just read came the following missive. Now the guy who put it out there is frankly quite a sensible bloke, so on that basis I read it but couldn't decide whether to post it here for comment. Here goes "I know I said I'd be taking a break from this site but I've just had a conversation with someone who claims to have inside information. I don't believe this myself but I do know that they know an ex director at the club, albeit when Steve Morgan was the owner. They have heard that Nuno will be leaving the club at the end of the season. He is not being sacked, but is likely to take the Portugal job as Fernando Santos is intending to vacate the post. As well as Nuno leaving, Boly is considering a move to Italy. Neves to Juventus, Moutinho to Porto as player coach. Traore to the highest bidder and Semedo going to a Champions League team, possibly from Italy. Gattuso has been approached to become manager but failing that Mourinho will take over and be handed a war chest of £100m plus money from player sales but is reluctant at this stage. Ait Nouri, Vitinha and Jose Will not be signed permanently. As I said, this has come from someone else so don't shoot the messenger."
26 Apr 21, 17:00
RogerA: It has legs but not totally believable.
26 Apr 21, 17:13
RogerA: I have had the feeling for a while Nuno looks a very unhappy person for whatever reason, his persona, his body language and so on. the Portugal job ? Not so sure but his street cred is high right now.Players leaving ? Yes I can see some of them going, they are playing like it too. Gattuso was put out in the Itallian press some weeks back with a Mendes intermediary link.. Mourinho is the bit I hate the sounds and for me that sinks it
26 Apr 21, 17:16
RogerA: Gattuso wears his heart on his sleeve especially on the touchline so he'll do for me plus he knows how to win things. Anyway I thought it would keep our minds ticking over:-)
26 Apr 21, 17:44
Sid: Most things in that statement Roger I feel have legs and I would agree with nearly all of it. I've felt for a while now that Nuno's heart is no longer in it and if we go on Saturdays performance most of our players look like they have also lost heart too! I feel we need changes both at the top and in the players if we intend to move on to the next level. If Nuno is indeed to leave I would be looking at somebody like Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard, fairly successfully managers and very successful ex premier league players!
26 Apr 21, 17:50
Ray: Thanks Roger. I suppose it’s watch this space! All sounds feasible but I would be very disappointed to lose Nuno but life does go on and we’re all old enough not to be surprised at anything
26 Apr 21, 19:53
RogerA: Yes Ray same here. At first I thought everything barring Mourinho I could envisage but even he might be plausible as Mendes is involved
26 Apr 21, 19:55
RogerA: Its watch this space. I don't think you will get your wish Sid about a young English manager but you never know.
26 Apr 21, 21:45
Sid: Just give him a chance Nuno, he can't be any worse than that shower on Sunday. https://www.molineux.news/news/owen-otasowie-shines-for-wolves-u23s-in-3-0-win-over-norwich/
27 Apr 21, 07:21
RogerA: Like you I am fed up of saying it - NUNO GIVE HIM A CHANCE!
27 Apr 21, 10:04
Ray: A good article from the well respected and knowledgeable John Percy. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/04/27/key-reasons-wolves-season-long-slump/
29 Apr 21, 13:35
RogerA: Here we go again, The Sun stating Mendes suggested Nuno for the Spurs job .... true/false ?
29 Apr 21, 14:39
Sid: Well Roger it's the same story in several different papers,there's usually no smoke without fire, but who knows with our crap media!
30 Apr 21, 11:36
Tony: Wolves under 23 v Reading on Wolves TV today from 1 pm. https://tv.wolves.co.uk/player?feedId=81e4f698-9dbf-4e6f-b6a1-18963bf6539b&sectionId=d657ce11-8438-4294-8766-def081dba964&entryId=0_jfaxmyfi
30 Apr 21, 13:58
Ray: Well that was good Tony thanks lol!
30 Apr 21, 13:58
Ray: Wonder how the U18s are doing?
30 Apr 21, 14:00
Tony: I turned iff Ray when they were 4 nil down looks like they're taking a leaf out of the first teams book.
30 Apr 21, 14:06
Ray: ive recorded the half hour highlights off Sky over the past 2/3 years and have been watching to see where we’ve gone wrong and I think I’ve found the answer. Ryan Bennett on the right and Boly in the left. IT WORKED!
30 Apr 21, 15:47
RogerA: Never understood why he was dropped. Another Nuno misjudgement?
30 Apr 21, 16:35
Ray: Afraid so Roger
3 May 21, 16:00
Sid: Really not looking forward to tonights game as I can't see us getting anything out of it - hope I'm wrong! I would like to see Nuno try something different but I'm not sure that's on the aganda at all. At least we are safe and have another season ahead in the premier, let's just hope it's more fruitful than this one.
3 May 21, 16:02
Sid: Patrício, Saïss, Coady, Otasowie, Semedo, Dendoncker, Neves, Aït-Nouri, Vitinha, Traoré, Fábio Silva.
3 May 21, 16:03
Ray: Otasowie starts
3 May 21, 16:03
Sid: He's only playing Otasowie let's hope he shows what he can do!
3 May 21, 16:04
Ray: Give it till h\t and switch over to snooker if it all starts going pear shaped again
3 May 21, 16:06
Sid: That's how I feel Ray, but having Otasowie playing has put a new slant on it for me, really hope he does well cos I've been championing his cause all season!
3 May 21, 16:12
Doug smith: Sorry to says gents and hope I'm wrong but there's going to be goals !!!!! Problem is they may be in our net . What formation are they playing tonight .
3 May 21, 16:13
Doug smith: Does anyone know why Kilman is not in team ?
3 May 21, 16:18
Sid: Doug I think Kilman is having a raw deal at present and by the way where's Boly.
3 May 21, 16:30
Sid: BBC have us as a 3, 4, 1, 2. should be interesting!
3 May 21, 16:30
Doug smith: Are they playing Otasowie at the back ?
3 May 21, 16:31
Ray: Don’t trust Dendoncker Coady and Saiss as back 3. Can’t understand Max Kilman not starting.
3 May 21, 16:47
Sid: According to Nuno Boly is not in a good place!
3 May 21, 16:48
RogerA: Hey Sid the kids playing fingers crossed, Prefer Kilman to Saiss right now
3 May 21, 16:50
RogerA: Got Kingdom of Heaven ready to watch in case we get deja vu
3 May 21, 16:51
Sid: Yes Roger the kid is playing let's hope he does good!
3 May 21, 17:02
Sid: I believe Nuno is spot on playing Fabio Silva over Jose as it will give him much needed experience for next season!
3 May 21, 17:06
Sid: 2 very poor balls from Otasowie lets hope he picks it up!
3 May 21, 17:18
Ray: Ait Nouri and Vitinha impressing
3 May 21, 17:19
Ray: Really don’t think Silva is good enough. Come on lad prove me wrong!
3 May 21, 17:21
Doug smith: Sorry to upset everyone but Otasowie keeps giving the ball away
3 May 21, 17:21
Ray: at least we’re finding out Doug
3 May 21, 17:47
Sid: Get in!!!
3 May 21, 17:52
Sid: Totally underwhelmed by Otasowie maybe he'll come good second half, if not it's the hook I'm afraid!
3 May 21, 17:54
RogerA: Decent ish first half. Boly still got Covid?
3 May 21, 17:57
Ray: Nuno said Boly is not in a good place. Would have thought that applies to all the team who are in West Bromwich!
3 May 21, 17:58
Sid: :biggrin:
3 May 21, 18:03
Ray: Now we’ve got that arsehole reffing the second half!
3 May 21, 18:18
Sid: mildly impressed with Vitinha, think he's having a decent game!
3 May 21, 18:26
Sid: I think a sub or two should now be on the cards. Podence on maybe!
3 May 21, 18:29
Sid: It had to be for Otasowie!
3 May 21, 18:31
Ray: Otasowie improved after a shaky start. Must get another chance
3 May 21, 18:36
Sid: Totally agree Ray!
3 May 21, 18:39
Sid: This is becoming stupid they aught to change the name of the game from football to 'ring a ring o' roses' the last line of the nursery rhyme tells you why!!!
3 May 21, 18:58
RogerA: Saiss again!
3 May 21, 18:59
RogerA: Kilman staked his claim!
3 May 21, 19:02
Sid: That's 2 points dropped in my oppinion, we should have won that hands down. I thought Killman looked class when he came on, also Gibb-White had a fair outing, Vitinha very decent, Otasowie work in progress! I think we have reached a point where all the ones for the future are either ready to play or need to be moved on, Nuno needs to make some very important decisions in the close season!
3 May 21, 19:43
Ray: Excellent performance from Ait Nouri who was my motm
3 May 21, 22:15
Ray: See questions asked why Mike Dean ordered our quick free kick retaken when we had the advantage. I detest this arrogant twat who seems to have some kind of agenda against Wolves. Incompetent or something else?
4 May 21, 06:21
RogerA: Its no wonder he gets threatened. I tried to lip read what he said when we potested but made no sense at all, which I think was the object of his execise
4 May 21, 09:26
paul cooks left peg: A performance that merited a win. Most of our best moments involved the younger players Vitinha, Otasawie, silva and Ait nouri .It showed we could have used some of them earlier in the season when we still have things to play for. The defending again was hit and miss.We continue to give the opposition time and space to send over crosses. The goal we conceded was because Dendoncker and Semedo gave the baggies guy 20 yards of space to line up a cross and to compound it we let their centre forward have a free header 10 yards out. Its happening to often .If we intend playing 4 at the back first and foremost the 4 must be able to defend,if they are good going forward a bonus but defending is the most important thing. We need 2 decent centre halves. Hopefully Sanderson could be one and kilman is a good option. An attacking box to box midfielder who has pace and a back up striker who can play with or play instead of raul when fit. I think silva will come good next season especially if he spends the pre season working on his strength so he can hold of defenders better. If people recall ronaldo at man utd scored only 8 goals in his first 50 games but then got used to the physicality of the premier and went on to score goals for fun. There were certainly grounds for optimism last night with the young players being given a chance and rising to the ocassion.
4 May 21, 10:03
Ray: Think Kilmans brief cameo last night showed he deserves a start against Brighton
4 May 21, 10:15
RogerA: After last night I would give a nod to the young guns who played - Nouri, Neves, Otasowie, Vitinha, Silva, Kilman & MGW. All of them show a positive attitude and contributed to the team performance. I would like to see a midfield centre made up of Neves (DM), Otasowie and Vitinha. They have the ingenuity and ability tp make things happen. They can defend and attack. Good coaching will make the end product invaluable. Sorry but Traore and Podence are brain dead and need to go. Semedo has talent but he is no right back. He was 20 yards out of position, yet again, for the cross that created the goal. If he stays he stays, if they can get a return on him all well and good. Coady, Saiss and Dendoncker add to the main squad for experience. If Patricio stays OK but the Baggies goallie looks a good prospect. But my main point is the first batch should be the nucleus of the team for remaining matches
4 May 21, 13:17
Sid: Now we are safe from relegation is the time to give all the young talent their head and see what they are made of. I would like to see more of both Hoever and Otasowie just to see if they are capable of being first team regulars next year. Undoubtedly we will need some fresh signings and I feel one or two should be moved on, sadly Traore may indeed now be surplus to requirements. Also Podence needs to pull his finger out if he wants to forge a future with us.
4 May 21, 16:36
RogerA: Quite right too Sid plus I forgot about Hoever. Add to the Young Guns list. Bring in some class defender, midfielder and striker. Sorted
4 May 21, 16:40
Sid: Agree Roger!
4 May 21, 18:54
RogerA: One more thing see if we can keep Moutinho as a player coach?
4 May 21, 19:13
Ray: There was talk about this a few months ago Roger with him a possible successor to Nuno.
4 May 21, 19:14
Ray: Also talk unfortunately that he goes to `Porto in a coaching role
4 May 21, 19:21
Ray: Let’s all hope that Willy Boly makes a full recovery from this dreadful virus. Wasn’t fully aware of his condition until `I saw Nuno’s statement last night.
5 May 21, 11:36
Sid: Why isn't this lad a regular? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS-XVRHhpXQ the other lad looks pretty decent too!
5 May 21, 12:19
Sid: Another interesting view this time of Adama Traore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cStt7UnKvuQ
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