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18 Jul 20, 09:42
RogerA: I'm with you and Wakes, Ray it's so bad the VAR decision making and not just us. I saw the Spurs arm ball against West Ham for the own goal, you didn't need slow mo you can see change if direction!
18 Jul 20, 09:43
RogerA: Oh it's fixed alright just like Harvey Oswald was the patsy for shooting JFK it ranks with that
18 Jul 20, 12:22
Sid: Tony hit the nail on the head when he said the problem lies with the people who make the VAR decisions and the fact that they've never played football or know the game from the inside!
18 Jul 20, 12:44
wakes: I am please for my friends who support Leeds now I want Forest or Derby to win the playoff Villa to stay up and get rid of Bournmouth and Norwich who are not really Prem teams
18 Jul 20, 14:16
Ray: Sorry Sid but I don’t think it’s a matter of whether they’ve played the game or not it’s whether they are capable of making honest decisions. For example FA Cup last season. Lindeloff red carded for foul on Jota around the half way line. VAR overturned it to yellow but why are they involved unless there is a personal agenda?
18 Jul 20, 15:43
RogerA: Sid I fully understand what you guys are saying and in s normal world I would totally agree as the ineptness shows through every week
18 Jul 20, 15:44
RogerA: But regrettably had s point. This is the world of power and money and they both talk.
18 Jul 20, 18:05
Sid: Not convinced lads I still feel lack of game playing and knowledge is the issue!
18 Jul 20, 18:36
Ray: So why has Kevin Friend viewed an incident on a pitch side monitor before giving a red card today when Dean didn’t bother. Was a monitor unavailable or did he choose not to? The game STINKS!
18 Jul 20, 20:38
RogerA: You have to laugh don't you.
19 Jul 20, 08:52
RogerA: Sid is spot on about referees, it's a pity more ex pros can't be drafted in
19 Jul 20, 09:24
Sid: I talk as an old pro retiring in the 80's when football was very very different. I now look at it through a supporters eyes but still recall the intracacies of football. I recall many many moons ago when an apprentice hearing the gaffer praising one of our players for having a cracking game, and I thought what's he on about he hardly touched the ball. But of course as an apprentice and used to watching football matches on the terraces I, as 99% of football supporters tended to do, and arguably still do, was to watch where the ball is, not more importantly where the players off the ball are! This player had created space for his colleagues to play the ball and win the game. Football is very much more intricate then people realise, take away the modern cheating and it's akin to chess! So my point is you need to look deeper than what appears to be on the surface and you need to realise this when judging events on the pitch and of course having a greater knowledge of the game enables you to do this!
19 Jul 20, 11:35
Tony: Well said Sid. I have ti say that I now also mostly look where the ball is and not whats going on off it. Totally agree with the modern day cheating but we also used to try and pull a fast one over on the ref if we could, but mostly they would tell us to buggar off ang get up off our arses. It's a good job they didn't have microphones on then particularly when Jack Taylor was about!
19 Jul 20, 12:43
Ray: I get what your saying that it’s movement off the ball and not necessarily where the ball is but unfortunately tv cameras don’t show the full picture and BBCs coverage the other night was particularly poor. That’s why I’m looking forward to the time I can get back to watching real football again.
19 Jul 20, 12:49
Ray: Been watching a lot of Big Match Revisited and all the play acting and feigning injury just didn’t happen then. There was plenty of hard tackling but they just got up and got on with it. Oh how times have changed.
19 Jul 20, 13:30
Sid: A lot of the times Ray the players never went down. It was seen as a weakness. Bill Moore and Jimmy Sirrell both used to say hit them hard the first time you tackle them make them know you're there!
19 Jul 20, 13:43
RogerA: Fascinating insight. Even though I am in the Stan Cullis upper and have a magnificent view of everything, you are quite right Sid I follow the ball most of the time. But why does literally every ref get sucked into the theatrics?
19 Jul 20, 13:44
Sid: One slight problem with ex pros becoming referees Roger is whether they carry a long standing dislike of one of the teams they're reffing - imagine Bully reffing the Baggies. lol
19 Jul 20, 13:47
RogerA: Plus Friend used the bloody monitor yesterday! Why didn't he tell the oaf who referred us to do likewise and he would see Doherty was protecting himself from a head high flying boot, an exref saw it, ex players on even motd saw it
19 Jul 20, 13:47
RogerA: Makes you want to spit
19 Jul 20, 14:53
Ray: Nigel Pearson sacked by Watford and just think he was considered by Wolves not long ago. We got Paul Lambert instead. Strange days indeed
19 Jul 20, 16:23
Sid: How is it that Bennett is again playing for Leicester, shouldn't we have kept him?
19 Jul 20, 19:47
Sid: Mind you on todays performance for Leicester perhaps we did the right thing and moved him on!
19 Jul 20, 19:56
Ray: Just mentioned Man U awarded their 19TH penalty this season ! Of course it’s a level playing field.
19 Jul 20, 20:01
Sid: Take a look at this Ray https://www.myfootballfacts.com/premier-league/all-time-premier-league/premier-league-penalty-statistics/
19 Jul 20, 20:08
Ray: Don’t think Bennett has been moved on Sid. Still one of ours
19 Jul 20, 20:11
Ray: Thanks Sid interesting
20 Jul 20, 07:54
RogerA: Bennet on loan with option to purchase I believe
20 Jul 20, 11:50
Ray: Bennett needed 5 starts for permanent deal. He’s made 3 but there is an option for £5m. Think unlikely.
20 Jul 20, 19:33
Ray: Interesting Dendoncker in for Saiss so Boly must be back on the left. Personally think he plays better there.
20 Jul 20, 20:33
Sid: Mcmanaman actually called Wolves a wonderful club, I wonder if he meant it!
20 Jul 20, 20:44
Ray: Thought I heard that . Thought I misheard lol
20 Jul 20, 20:57
Sid: get in Podence! the game really needed that!
20 Jul 20, 20:57
Ray: Thought it was offside for a moment. Well done Podence
20 Jul 20, 21:15
Sid: Thats the problem nowadays with VAR you never know what's going to happen. Did you notice Nuno looking around after the goal just in case?
20 Jul 20, 21:40
Sid: Time for a change Neto on Traore off!
20 Jul 20, 21:42
Sid: maybe not Traore then lol
20 Jul 20, 21:43
Ray: Certainly give Neto & Jota a run out now
20 Jul 20, 22:16
Sid: Another 3 points and our highest ever total in the premier league. But there's a lot of work to do to finish sixth. We need to win at Chelsea, or for Tottenham to lose at Crystal Palace as they have a better goal difference.
20 Jul 20, 22:17
Sid: And of course for Arsenal to drop points!
20 Jul 20, 22:32
Ray: Yes Sid I was hoping Palace wouldn’t get any more injuries or a red card as they have a big game Sunday. Mind you we are capable of beating Chelski but cross fingers. If it wasn’t for Mike Dean an Kevin, friend of Leicester a draw would do us on `Sunday.
21 Jul 20, 09:09
Ray: Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Jimenez on the arrival of their daughter Arya earlier today
21 Jul 20, 09:23
Tony: They said on BT sports last night that the lowest we could finish was 7th and Sheff utd 8th but if Tottenham win their last game and Arsenal win both of their last 2 games then they could overtake us on goal difference.
21 Jul 20, 11:33
RogerA: Transfer season opens on Monday. Be interesting to see if prices go up or may even go down some seem to believe.
21 Jul 20, 22:08
Ray: Above Arsenal. Bloody fantastic!
21 Jul 20, 22:11
Ray: If someone had told me three years ago we would be above Arsenal I’d never had believed it. COYW!!
21 Jul 20, 22:15
Sid: Well we can't now finish lower than 7th. Who'd have thought Villa would have done us a favour?
21 Jul 20, 22:23
Tony: And if we don't finish in 6th place then if Chelsea win the cup I think we'll again be in the Europa cup. We could of course win the Europa cup and then we're in the Champions league. Happy times eh!
22 Jul 20, 20:27
Sid: The Boggies are making hard work of it against QPR. The quality of play is ****! If they do get promoted they will need to strengthen or they'll go straight back down again.
22 Jul 20, 21:29
Sid: Well the Boggies are up so thats 6 points for us then!!!
25 Jul 20, 12:01
Ray: Worrying developments from China. No longer showing Premier football on tv.
25 Jul 20, 22:47
Sid: What would have been this year without VAR https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8560319/What-Premier-League-table-looks-like-without-VAR-Wolves-Arsenal-Spurs.html
26 Jul 20, 11:44
Ray: Yes Sid we’ve certainly had a rough deal from VAR this season but I think it goes deeper than that. A lot of incompetence yes but I believe their is an underlying agenda in favour of the big six.
26 Jul 20, 14:28
Sid: I totally agree Ray. I wonder if we become a permanent top 6 side whether it will then work in our favour. I somehow seem to doubt it!
26 Jul 20, 16:43
Ray: With Attwell the ref Jota should be subbed at h/t
26 Jul 20, 16:47
Ray: Attwell ****ing conned!
26 Jul 20, 17:56
Ray: That first goal really knocked the stuffing out of us. One genuine chance in second half
26 Jul 20, 18:00
Ray: Bet Villa are grateful they forgot to turn on the Hawkeye goal line technology against Sheffield Utd!!!
26 Jul 20, 18:14
Ray: and of course a good bottle of very good champagne on its way fromTottenham to Mike Dean. Hope he saves some for his mate Kevin, friend of Leicester. Oh and ManU got a penalty? What a surprise.
26 Jul 20, 23:18
Tony: Really down after today's game let's hope the return against Olympiacos cheers us up a bit! Cyw
27 Jul 20, 10:51
Ray: Personally I won’t be unhappy if Arsenal win the cup and we don’t qualify for Europa League. Be fantastic to win it this season and make it into Champions League. Otherwise it won’t be so bad not to have the distraction of Europe next season and really concentrate on a top four finish. Champions league or nothing.
28 Jul 20, 10:49
Ray: On the basis that Bournemouth are likely to pursue compensation against Hawk-eye for the failure of their goal line technology can Wolves take similar action against Mike Dean for denying them a top six finish?
28 Jul 20, 11:16
RogerA: I hope Bournemouth go for their throat.
28 Jul 20, 11:16
RogerA: Would they have stayed up if the goal had counted ?
28 Jul 20, 11:49
Ray: Yes Roger on goal difference of 2
28 Jul 20, 18:32
Ray: Very sad to learn of the passing of another of our legends Gerry Harris rip.
30 Jul 20, 19:27
RogerA: Has anyone heard what the official line on next season's, season tickets will be ?
30 Jul 20, 19:28
RogerA: Can't see being able to attend unless a vaccine miraculously appears.
30 Jul 20, 19:28
RogerA: If I could get some special offer to watch all home games on TV can cope with that
30 Jul 20, 21:46
Sid: News reports all over the net saying Jimenez on his way out of Wolves suitors are said to be Man Utd and Juventus, also Wolves will be signing Paulinho from Braga as a replacement.
31 Jul 20, 08:22
Sid: I know it's only paper talk but I wonder!!! https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1316678/Man-Utd-transfer-news-Wolves-Raul-Jimenez-Juventus-gossip-rumours
1 Aug 20, 08:23
Ray: Just doesn’t make sense that we are preparing for Europa Cup and the media in a transfer frenzy over Jimenez
1 Aug 20, 08:30
Ray: Paulinho with Jimenez could really power Wolves to a top four finish next season.
1 Aug 20, 11:55
Tony: One to hope for Ray.
1 Aug 20, 18:19
Sid: Thinking about it Ray I tend to agree with you that it wouldn't be a bad thing if Arsenal won the FA cup and we didn't qualify for the Europa league. I think if we only have to worry about the league and domestic cups we may have a better chance of the Champions league the following year.
2 Aug 20, 08:26
Ray: Fate still in our hands despite Mike Dean. Business end of the Europa if we can win on Thursday. COYW!
2 Aug 20, 09:11
Tony: Tottenham have now got to do what we did last year and qualify for the Europa prior to the group stages. So we're not in next years Europa but we could win it this year and be in the Champions league next year!
2 Aug 20, 10:05
Tony: Looks like West Ham are sniffing around Morgan Gibbs White. I'd loan him to them first to see how he pans out and if he succeeds have him back into the fold, if not sell him!
6 Aug 20, 14:47
wakes: Better chance of top 4 if we are not in Europe
6 Aug 20, 16:26
Sid: Totally agree Wakes. But I'm wondering whether Jimenez will stay if we don't qualify for Europe next year!
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