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18 Feb 20, 17:08
Ray: How does Maquire get away with it?
20 Feb 20, 14:36
Sid: We need a good couple of goals tonight to take back to Espanyol wonder who Nuno will play?
20 Feb 20, 17:13
Ray: I’d be inclined to start Neto and Podence
20 Feb 20, 17:16
Ray: Or at least hope they get on for at least 30 minutes
20 Feb 20, 17:40
Ray: Moutinho and Traore in for Neto and Donks
20 Feb 20, 17:45
Ray: Bench Ruddy Kidman Donks Neto Jordao Podence Campana
20 Feb 20, 20:05
Sid: I agree with you Ray Neto and Podence should be playing
20 Feb 20, 20:28
Sid: 3 nill up time for a change!
20 Feb 20, 20:59
Sid: Game put to bed, another superb hat trick for Jota!
20 Feb 20, 21:13
Ray: If only Diogo can bring this form to the Premiership.If only.....
20 Feb 20, 21:15
Tony: Excellent performance tonight especially from Jota. But my Wolves player for the future has got to be Neto, I think he has a hell of a lot to offer, bearing in mind he's only 19 and the confidence he is showing.
20 Feb 20, 21:16
Ray: can’t think of a better 19 year old in the Premiership Tony
21 Feb 20, 07:03
Tony: Nor me Ray!
21 Feb 20, 08:48
Tony: https://www.facebook.com/doreentiptonlazycow/videos/1035660063225754/ bit of a laugh.
22 Feb 20, 17:50
Sid: Very funny Tony!!! I think Bully played a blinder!
24 Feb 20, 09:20
Ray: Didn’t realise but Jotta’s first Prem goals at Molineux since April.
24 Feb 20, 09:21
Ray: Tried watching that Tony but couldn’t get any sound
25 Feb 20, 09:21
Sid: You have to unmute it on the bottom of the video Ray.
25 Feb 20, 09:34
Ray: Thanks Sid. Very funny 😄
27 Feb 20, 16:29
Tony: Podence, Vinagre, Gibbs-White and Klman to start. No Jota or Neves in the squad.
1 Mar 20, 13:59
Sid: This is a good game to win! We're 2 1 down but I still think we can swing it!
1 Mar 20, 14:18
Sid: Come on me babbies!!!
1 Mar 20, 14:57
Sid: Absolutely fantastic.
1 Mar 20, 15:19
Ray: Oh Sid that was brilliant so proud to be a Wolves fan but what about the sensation of the weekend? Leicester having a goal denied by VAR!😂
1 Mar 20, 15:22
Ray: Think today matches are games against City for outstanding performance.Thought we were supposed to be tired from Thursday?
1 Mar 20, 15:32
Sid: Totally agree Ray thought the worst when we went 1 down but after we drew level I thought we would go on to win.
1 Mar 20, 15:35
Tony: Agree with both of you, yes it felt good to be a Wolves fan today, lets hope we can keep our players in the summer recruit well and go on to better things. But as I've said many times before we need to increase the ground capacity and our world fanbase to be able to compete at the very top. Shades of Walsall and Notts County lol!
1 Mar 20, 15:36
Sid: :biggrin:
1 Mar 20, 15:38
Tony: Would like Villa to do something today, it's about time the Midlands started to rule the roost again rather than the North and South!
1 Mar 20, 15:38
Sid: Reluctantly agree with you mate.
1 Mar 20, 15:48
Sid: Yes Ray, great to be a Wolves supporter!
5 Mar 20, 11:40
Ray: See ex-Wolves Stephen Hunt has joined the band wagon by suggesting Matt Doherty should join either Arsenal or Spurs to further his career. What is it with all these bloody Talking Heads who know f---- all about Wolves or Fosun who constantly undermine and disrespect what we are achieving by trying to place our manager and players with other clubs. Can't they just accept what we are about and try to understand who we are instead of treating us like some feeder club. WAKE UP!
6 Mar 20, 13:08
Tony: Well said Ray yes it's pissing me off too. The only ting smaller about us at the minute is the size of the ground, and at the risk of breaking the record we need to redevelop now!
6 Mar 20, 22:17
Ray: Yes Tony.Need 50000 capacity sooner than later and hopefully stay at Molineux. Must have capacity for that
7 Mar 20, 22:15
Sid: Really disappointed today thought this was a great chance to move into the top four wasted.
8 Mar 20, 08:48
Ray: Yes Sid they never got going. A poor performance and difficult to give anyone any credit. Was very worried in last 15 minutes that we would lose it. Just hope it was a one off but very much doubt a top four finish
8 Mar 20, 08:49
Ray: Hurry back Jonny
8 Mar 20, 14:55
Sid: Think you're right Ray on top 4 but we don't have a bad run in so I would hope top 6 at least.
8 Mar 20, 16:27
Sid: Could do with City beating United today to give us a better chance of finishing higher up the table.
8 Mar 20, 18:25
Ray: City reminded me a lot of Wolves today but unfortunately that’s no compliment. That is yesterday’s performance not the season!
8 Mar 20, 18:39
Ray: Olympiacos game may be played behind closed doors. Feel so sorry for our travelling fans
8 Mar 20, 18:44
Ray: Apparently being discussed but no firm decision yet.
9 Mar 20, 09:07
Tony: .Yes it looks that way Ray, such a shame. This is Wolves earnings so far from Europa cup https://www.football-coefficient.eu/team/848-wolverhampton-wanderers/
12 Mar 20, 20:49
Sid: Excellent opportunity to get a decent win. But it can be as hard if not harder to play against 10 men. But we have the players to be able to do this. I would rest Traore and Jota second half and bring Podence and Neto on.
12 Mar 20, 20:49
Ray: Got to pick our game up against 10 men. Seems like a continuation of the Brighton game although obviously other factors may be affecting them
12 Mar 20, 20:50
Sid: Agree Ray, it is flat like Sundays game.
12 Mar 20, 21:11
Ray: We need our Jonny back!!
12 Mar 20, 21:14
Sid: Something is not right! Looks like their minds are elsewhere.
12 Mar 20, 21:21
Sid: It's starting to get a bit embarrassing.
12 Mar 20, 21:21
Ray: Podence?
12 Mar 20, 21:22
Sid: With a bit of luck Ray.
12 Mar 20, 21:24
Sid: Get in
12 Mar 20, 21:57
Sid: I'd have taken a 1 - 1 result before we kicked off so I'm relatively pleased. But it should have been much more!
17 Mar 20, 18:40
The Gaffer: Just a message for all the lads on this site. I realise that we are mostly getting on a bit and as such we will all need to take care over the coming months as this Coronavirus is something to be very wary of! Keep safe, and UTW
18 Mar 20, 10:48
Sid: Thanks Gaffer, the same to you and all the other old farts on this site!!
18 Mar 20, 12:25
Tony: I think my last post went walkabout somewhere, so I'll try again. Yes thanks Gaffer and I hope we all get through this unscathed. By the way who you calling an old fart? you old fart! LOL
18 Mar 20, 18:04
Ray: Thanks for comments Gaffer, Tony and Sid. Just lost a very dear friend I sat next to for almost 20 years. We used to go to Worcester cricket as well. We still talked every week for about 30 minutes on all things to do with the Wolves. It was a heart attack not the virus. Such a depressing and worrying time. Please stay safe all. rip Mike Huntbatch.
18 Mar 20, 20:25
RogerA: Thanks for the thoughts Gaffer.
18 Mar 20, 20:26
RogerA: Sorry to hear about your pal Ray, I sincerely hope we can all stay safe.
18 Mar 20, 20:29
RogerA: Have started my Greta Garbo impersonation fo 12 weeks or till whenever, all because of some bloody Chinese bat's and their guano and crazy eating habits of a large section of the aforesaid nation.
18 Mar 20, 20:29
RogerA: Stay safe guys
18 Mar 20, 20:49
The Gaffer: Thanks for all your thoughts too. Sorry for your loss Ray!
18 Mar 20, 22:47
Ray: Mike always said put his team which was: Williams Stuart Shorthouse Slater Wright Flowers Hancocks Broadbent Swinbourn Wilshaw Mullen against Nuno’s finest on a muddy Molineux pitch with an old leather ball. Which team would come out on top ? Oh and no subs.
19 Mar 20, 15:12
Ray: Sorry just trying to lighten up and get back to Wolves chat but is difficult
20 Mar 20, 08:09
Sid: No place for Chopper Clamp in there Ray?
20 Mar 20, 09:38
Ray: Couldn’t really include him Sid cos if they play Nuno’s team he’d put Jota out for the season ! lol
20 Mar 20, 10:09
Ray: There's a great story in a Jimmy Greaves book. Stoke were playing Chelsea in the early sixties and a young Chopper Harris went in hard a couple of times against Stanley Matthews. To be fair Eddie Clamp did give him a warning which he didn't heed so you can guess the outcome. Eddie didn't take prisoners!
21 Mar 20, 09:12
Sid: I don't know if you remember Bertie Lutton but I was going out with his sister in law for a while and he got me and my dad tickets for the Chelsea game at home which we won 3 - 0 in 1969. Waggie scored a screamer. Me and my dad were sitting next to Waggies dad in the seats on Waterloo Rd. Anyway half way through the game Bertie was on his knees in the centre of the pitch for a good couple of minutes. When I saw him on the night he told me he'd had too much breakfast that morning and that was the result! Good old days eh
22 Mar 20, 08:24
Ray: I remember Bertie Lutton. A fair haired lad from Northern Ireland who played up front with good pace. Scored a couple against Arsenal and later on surprisingly sold to West Ham.
22 Mar 20, 18:30
Ray: Not such a perfect memory. He went toBrighton then West Ham and scored just the one goal vs Arsenal
22 Mar 20, 19:14
Wakes: I think l
22 Mar 20, 19:18
Wakes: I think I am going mad my wife does not know what's wrong with me
28 Mar 20, 09:18
The Gaffer: Just a line to see if all of you are still fighting fit and keeping safe!
28 Mar 20, 12:50
Wakes: Cheers Gaffer you too
28 Mar 20, 13:38
Ray: All well so far Gaffer. Stay safe mate.
28 Mar 20, 15:23
Sid: Same here gaffer, just a little stiff in the old joints but apart from that all ship shape. keep well one and all
28 Mar 20, 21:36
RogerA: Am here and OK so far Gaffer, fingers crossed for all of us
1 Apr 20, 15:51
wakey: Ray sorry about your friend. but what a team sounds like aman from my era
2 Apr 20, 08:15
Tony: Still plodding on thanks Gaffer, hope all on here are keeping safe!
2 Apr 20, 09:59
Ray: Thank you Wakes. Mike was a s\t holder up until 3 seasons ago but managed to see a few games in the Nuno era. His heart was always with that great Cullis team of the 50’s and I know you are of the same opinion.Unfortunately I saw my first Wolves game at West Ham in November 1959 so I missed Billy Wright by a season. Take care Wakes and look after yourself mate and as you say Tony let’s all stay safe!
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