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8 Nov 20, 17:04
Sid: too true, Marcal looked decent when he came on, think Ait-Nouri was a bit out of his depth, Traore seemed more interested today but still not up to speed. Don't know what to think about Silva, when he came on Jimenez dropped deeper which I think defeated the object, still say Neto should have stayed on!
8 Nov 20, 17:07
Ray: I noticed that there was a reluctance in the second half to pass the ball tv Ait Nouri despite having space on the left. Bad decisions from Nuno
8 Nov 20, 17:11
Sid: I agree Ray Nuno's decisions today have cost us! Irrespective of the penalty, which had it been for us I wouldn't have argued! But we never seem to get a VAR decision go our way against Leicester!
8 Nov 20, 17:17
Ray: One MAJOR factor we’ve overlooked Sid is that Wakes put the mockers on us by betting on Wolves. Have a word will you.
8 Nov 20, 17:19
Sid: Will do Ray. I thought we were a sure win today cos Lawro predicted Leicester to win 2 - 1, and he's not been right on Wolves predictions this season.
8 Nov 20, 17:20
Ray: I thought at least a draw. That save from Neves was pretty good though.
8 Nov 20, 17:21
Roger A: https://www.givemesport.com/1615278-leicester-city-v-wolves-footage-appears-to-show-disagreement-in-var-room-during-match?autoplay=on
8 Nov 20, 17:22
Sid: I notice again that there are 6 users on it would be nice if some of the anon ones would join us!
8 Nov 20, 17:22
Roger A: Hi VAR just keeps getting better doesn't it. Not.
8 Nov 20, 17:23
Roger A: Wonder how Sky got the video?
8 Nov 20, 17:24
Sid: I'd scrap the ****ing thing only problem is it would then probably go back to a bias towards the so called top 6 clubs!
8 Nov 20, 18:05
Sid: I think we are missing a real hard ball winner in midfield, also as was stated by Micah Richards pre match that Traore should be on from the start! - even though to me his heart doesn't seem in it. Jimenez also looks lethargic to me, a couple of times today he could have passed the ball early instead of trying to do it all himself! I think there's trouble at Moll!!
9 Nov 20, 12:27
Ray: Some talk that Wolves were conned by Mendez over the £35m Silva deal. He is nowhere near ready for first team football and able to support Jimenez. Would suggest Cutrone, Mir or Bonettini are still better options.
9 Nov 20, 12:33
Ray: Also I could see that Ait Nouri was struggling after 15 minutes both in defence and attack where he either lost it or passed it back to Kilman. Why didn’t Nuno act sooner?
9 Nov 20, 12:43
Ray: Also I strongly object to Wolves being used as guinea pigs for controversial hand ball rules which are imposed by idiots who do not understand football. Despite being second best yesterday how many shots did Patricio have to save?
9 Nov 20, 12:46
Ray: ok got that all off my chest now time to move on
9 Nov 20, 18:36
Tony: Well said Ray with you 100%, Cutrone or Mir I think are both far ahead of Silva, wonder if Nuno is losing it a bit?
10 Nov 20, 21:59
Ray: Think Silva has scored a couple at Doncaster where we won 2-1. As I said previously this lad is sensational. Must now be worth £70m 😆
11 Nov 20, 09:53
Sid: Boy against boy Ray you can look a million dollars but when it's boy against man that's when it really shows!
11 Nov 20, 10:19
Ray: Too true Sid he ain’t ready for the Prem and some concern he may never be. Just some tongue in cheek sarcasm
11 Nov 20, 10:24
Ray: According to Tim Spears he was up against ex Walsall “brute” 37 year old Andy Butler.
11 Nov 20, 15:54
Tony: Very true Sid and Ray remember the forst supposedly £100 million player Zeli Ismail now playing for Bradford City!
11 Nov 20, 18:09
Ray: Yes Tony and when you look at the likes of Mason Greenwood at Man U, our own Robbie Keane and quite a few others, especially Wayne Rooney these players were ready for the Premier in their teens. Don’t think Silva is but I really hope I’m wrong and eat my words!
12 Nov 20, 12:45
Ray: Great news about Neto scoring on his Portuguese debut last night but Neves not included in squad. Wonder if he’s injured?
12 Nov 20, 17:15
Sid: I think Neves is in the same sort of rut that Moutinho is, maybe he's read the reports that we are looking at Renato Sanches in the next transfer window!
12 Nov 20, 23:04
wakes: Coady not playing tonight but don't worry its Englands 2nd team
12 Nov 20, 23:29
Ray: Coady forced to leave England camp after coming into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid.
13 Nov 20, 22:07
Sid: Looks like I might have been right about what's going on re Traore's attitude and body language as his new contract was agreed some time ago but it remains unsigned! Apparently Nuno is not impressed, is he about to leave next transfer window?
14 Nov 20, 16:48
Ray: Some concern regarding Leander Dendoncker injury when playing for Belgium. Cross fingers on this one.
15 Nov 20, 21:11
Tony: I think England may well be missing Coady, 2 down after 24 minutes.
16 Nov 20, 11:47
Ray: Didn’t watch the game but have seen this mornings analysis on Sky. Certainly hasn’t done Conor Coady any harm at all
18 Nov 20, 18:36
Sid: Lots more speculation re Traore leaving Wolves! with Barcelona the suggested favourites. If he does go I hope it's to an overseas team rather than the premiership because he is one that will undoubtedly come back to haunt us! https://www.sports-nova.com/2020/11/18/juventus-withdraw-from-traore-race-barcelona-now-firm-favorites/
18 Nov 20, 21:49
Ray: What will be will be. Think we can move on if he goes. More concerned with Neves who doesn’t feature for Portugal now.. But some good news Dendoncker playing for Belgium tonight
19 Nov 20, 11:27
Ray: I’d start Traore on Saturday and hope he delivers. Don’t understand that he agreed new contract and then decided not to sign it. It’s well known that Klopp “tapped” him as he did Jota. It can’t be helping team spirit so maybe better if he goes, as you say preferably to Spain. Got Liverpool in a couple of weeks so will Klopp be “tapping” Conor and Raúl? Disgusting he’s allowed to get away with it!
19 Nov 20, 12:05
Ray: Think I meant Monday - another senior moment I’m afraid!
20 Nov 20, 19:43
Ray: U23s 1 Middlesbrough 4. Suppose most of our promising youngsters are out on loan but doesn’t say much for our supposed emerging talent.
21 Nov 20, 17:38
Ray: Watching Villa Brighton. A Brighton player attempts to cross in the area. Ball hits Cash’s arm and goes out for a corner. Nothing said by commentary team and nothing from the players.Identical to Leicester’s penalty award last week FFS!
22 Nov 20, 18:58
Sid: Irrespective whether Traore's Agent is haggling terms on the new contract or not I'd still start Traore because if we don't it's akin to cutting your nose off to spite your face, he's a game winner and in my opinion he should be the first name on the team sheet!
23 Nov 20, 12:14
Ray: Yes Sid and with an instruction to play up front and not tackle back. Also Marcal at lwb. Boly back on the left with Dendoncker on the right so Neves and Moutinho can play together. Unfortunately at the expense of Kilman and Podence but I’m sure Nuno has his own ideas lol!
23 Nov 20, 12:18
Sid: I think we are on the same page Ray!
23 Nov 20, 12:20
Ray: If you’ve got Nuno’s number I’ll give him a quick call Sid
23 Nov 20, 13:55
Ray: Strong rumour/story that a senior player has tested Covid positive. Lots of speculation but seems to be a closely guarded secret for now.
23 Nov 20, 18:08
Sid: He never answers Ray. We're not sure yet whether Coady is playing either.
23 Nov 20, 18:49
Ray: This player apparently tested positive on return from international duty according to John Percy in Telegraph
23 Nov 20, 19:56
Ray: Covid or on the way out?
23 Nov 20, 20:08
Sid: Rui Patrício, Dendoncker, Boly, Kilman, Semedo, Moutinho, Neves, Aït-Nouri, Traoré; Jiménez, Podence.
23 Nov 20, 20:09
Ray: Given some wrong info just now. Apparently it’s Saiss who has Covid. Playing Ait Nouri - Neto and Marcal on Bench - Coady still isolating
23 Nov 20, 20:11
Sid: Will be interesting to see how we manage without Coady, Also would have preferred Neto to Podence.
23 Nov 20, 20:38
Ray: Neto and Marcal should be starters but probably will be proved wrong again
23 Nov 20, 20:50
Sid: Really pissed off with Sky tonight they're concentrating mostly on Southampton and have been since the programme started at 5 o'clock!
23 Nov 20, 21:03
Ray: Nouri given away unnecessary corner
23 Nov 20, 21:26
Ray: Would like to see Traore down the middle
23 Nov 20, 21:32
Sid: they're bossing it at present but we've had more chances
23 Nov 20, 22:18
Sid: ****ing ****e!
23 Nov 20, 22:19
Ray: Suppose plan B Neto
23 Nov 20, 22:24
Ray: Thank you Theo
23 Nov 20, 22:24
Sid: Jimenez is not at the races at all
23 Nov 20, 22:25
Ray: So I see!
23 Nov 20, 22:27
Ray: Plan B!
23 Nov 20, 22:28
Sid: Neves off didn't see that one coming!
23 Nov 20, 22:33
Ray: plan B!!!
23 Nov 20, 22:35
Sid: Get in
23 Nov 20, 22:46
Ray: Gotta day Rob Hawthorne/Alan Smith best commentators we’ve had totally fair and neutral.
23 Nov 20, 22:47
Sid: Agree yes they've been fair!
23 Nov 20, 22:54
Sid: fair point but should have got more
23 Nov 20, 23:02
Ray: Fair result I suppose but jury still out re Traore. Play him down the middle instead of putting in crosses when we have no one in the box to meet them.
23 Nov 20, 23:03
Sid: Walcott just said that it felt like a win!
23 Nov 20, 23:08
Sid: They're concentrating on Southampton again really ****ing annoying!
23 Nov 20, 23:13
Ray: Yes Sid how well they did without Ings. No mention of Coady!
23 Nov 20, 23:33
Ray: Stats very telling Wolves 20 shots 9 on target. Southampton 7/2
24 Nov 20, 11:21
Ray: Sky Sports still continuing their Southampton love in this morning. If you didn’t know the score you would assume they easily won. They made Che Adams MOTM. Think stats prove it should have been McCarthy. Without him Wolves would have been out of sight by the time Walcott popped up.
24 Nov 20, 11:54
Ray: Just posted on another website that the obnoxious Carragher should stop using his position in Sky Sports to advocate transfers of Wolves players to Liverpool
24 Nov 20, 17:32
Sid: I watched Sky sports this a.m and yes they were still praising Southampton they didn't even show Neto's goal - **** bags! Mind you Agbonlahor did actually praise Wolves for a change!
25 Nov 20, 12:48
Sid: Ait-Nori seems to have had a mixed press from Monday's game but I thought he played quite well particularly going forward!
25 Nov 20, 18:04
Ray: Personally I don’t think he’s as good as Vinagre. Can’t see the point of signing Marcal if they’re not going to use him. Hopefully Jonny will be back soon.
25 Nov 20, 18:20
Ray: Vinagre only on the bench against Man City this evening
26 Nov 20, 09:29
Sid: I really rated Vinagre but not as a wing/full back, he is in my opinion more of an attacking midfielder/winger. He's only on loan so maybe he'll be back. Does anyone know what position he's playing for Olympiacos?
26 Nov 20, 14:14
Ray: Mainly on the bench so far Sid. Seems to be second choice lwb to someone called Jose Chovelas
26 Nov 20, 22:38
Sid: That's a shame with a bit of work he could eventually become something special!
27 Nov 20, 00:19
Ray: Trying to condense what I deleted earlier. Fans should not be allowed into games where Tier 2 teams are facing teams in Tier 3. Then I think it could work.
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