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17 Feb 21, 12:41
Sid: Just been reading online about players who played for both Wolves and Leeds but there was one they didn't mention that's Mike O;Grady anyone remember him? played late 60's early seventies?
17 Feb 21, 12:56
Tony: : Welcome David just what we need more members. Remember Mike O'Grady well Sid, actually played against him I think in the early seventies.
17 Feb 21, 16:00
Sid: Another massive game on Friday I know we're looking in a safe position at present but with 14 games to go things can change particularly with Fulham who are picking up points! Apparently Heskey is jumping on the signing of Wolves players bandwagon telling Klopp to sign both Neto and Traore! As Ray said earlier we aint a ****ing feeder club, we have the future capacity to be challenging regularly for the Champios League! makes my blood boil!
17 Feb 21, 17:44
Sid: Looks like another possible one for the future - https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/02/17/report-wolves-can-sign-new-robert-lewandowski-for-200k-compensation-fee/
17 Feb 21, 21:57
Ray: Welcome to the site David. Sid thought the following article would interest you. https://www.molineux.news/opinion/wolves-star-owen-otasowie-can-feel-hard-done-by-over-recent-lack-of-game-time/
17 Feb 21, 22:28
Sid: Excellent Ray I was going to post that article myself earlier but I thought people might have had enough of me ranting on about Otasowie!
17 Feb 21, 22:33
Sid: But it does support my thoughts!
17 Feb 21, 22:46
Scallywolf: @The Gaffer Thanks for the welcome. Very much enjoyed the walk and a chat. Just seen the name Mike O’Grady mentioned. Wasn’t he supposed to be the replacement for Peter Knowles? He didn’ t last long did he after we bought him from Leeds . Scored a cracking goal if I remember against the Albion though.
18 Feb 21, 10:11
Scallywolf: @Ray Hi Ray.I have read the article regarding Otasowie and whilst is is encouraging that our youngsters are getting experience I do think that players like him need a lot more experience to get regular starts. Nuno has had Otasowie on the bench most of this season and I am sure he is learning by watching his more experienced teammates. I think it would be asking too much to give him a regular starting spot, especially as we have not been playing particularly well. He is big unit who will no doubt put him self about a bit. I won’t mention the headed chance he missed against Brighton in the last minute by the way!
18 Feb 21, 10:45
Sid: Problem is Scallywolf he never brings Otasowie on he just seems to be left on the sidelines werk after week. When he has played he seems to put a shift in, just think he deserves a shot!
18 Feb 21, 10:54
The Gaffer: : Your welcome Scallywolf thanks for joining us. I don't tend to get involved much I just monitor the site to make sure all is ok. It's not too easy running a site and actually joining in, but I might a bit more in the future! ___________________________________________________________________________________
18 Feb 21, 11:03
Sid: If you join in Gaffer is it alright to give you a blocking if we disagree with you lol
18 Feb 21, 11:04
The Gaffer: Of course it is Sid, but when am I ever wrong??? :biggrin:
18 Feb 21, 11:06
Sid: That should have read bollocking! ****ing predictive text lol
18 Feb 21, 11:13
Ray: Quite right Sid, give him a good blocking if he steps out of line lol! Re Otasowie think there have been opportunities to give him some game time here and there but to play him out of position at Brighton made no sense.
18 Feb 21, 13:36
Scallywolf: @Sid I think we need to be a bit higher up the league and completely safe from threat of going down for Otasowie to be a starter. Until now I have had worries but after Sunday’s win I am so much more confident. Let him start towards the end of the season when we will playing without pressure.
18 Feb 21, 14:15
Ray: Then why I wonder is Silva being given game time, even since the arrival of Jose, when he is obviously well short of Premier standard at this stage? Otasowie should have at least been given a run out against Chorley.
18 Feb 21, 15:12
Sid: Scally I'm not advocating he starts every game but I do think he should be brought on occasionally from what I've seen he looks fairly decent and imo he can't do much worse than Moutinho has of late!
18 Feb 21, 21:57
Scallywolf: @Sid Let’s be honest Sid it is only on the last few matches when we have beaten Arsenal and Southampton + drawing with Leicester that we have shown any consistency. Prior to that we were poor and I think Otasowie would have struggled. We have got a few winnable matches coming up and he could get minutes in some of those.
18 Feb 21, 22:24
Sid: Still think he could do a job for us, but that's just my opinion.
19 Feb 21, 11:21
Tony: Agree with you there Sid, if he ain't good enough why is he on the bench? He needs some game time whether that's off the bench, with the under 23's or on loan. After all he is a US full international, only 5 mins or so I accept, but they have faith in him and he is a regular member of their squad. However in Nuno we mostly trust lol.
19 Feb 21, 11:29
Tony: And before before anyone pops up with who thd **** are USA they're 22 in the FIFA world rankings lol :/
19 Feb 21, 12:20
Tony: https://www.espn.com/soccer/english-premier-league/story/4182135/how-var-decisions-affected-every-premier-league-club-in-2020-21
19 Feb 21, 12:55
Doug smith: Hope Nuno goes for tried and tested tonight . Leeds have big injury problems and this offers a great chance for us to put to bed relegation in any comments.So Nuno if you are reading please no MGW or Fabio Silva many thanks UTW .
19 Feb 21, 13:26
Ray: Thanks Tony - interesting stats
19 Feb 21, 14:20
Sid: not as bad stats Tony for us as I thought almost evened itself out!
19 Feb 21, 16:07
Sid: Not sure what to think about Leeds tonight they're pretty good in attack but not so hot in defence. Tonight might just be a good time for Jose to step up to the plate and notch a couple. Agree with Doug I don't think it's a good time to play MGW or Silva but I wouldn't be surprised to see them some time in the proceedings! COYW
19 Feb 21, 16:53
Ray: To use a Dougism I can’t see Wolves losing this one. Hopefully a win but may have to settle for a draw. Jose needs to open his account but the player I’m looking out for is a fit Jonny to link up with Neto.
19 Feb 21, 19:04
Sid: Patrício, Dendoncker, Coady, Saïss, Semedo, Neves, Moutinho, Castro Otto, Traoré, Da Silva, Neto
19 Feb 21, 19:19
Scallywolf: Tonight could be one of those matches where we could win 5-2, draw 4-4 or lose 4-2.Should be an entertaining game!
19 Feb 21, 19:24
Sid: Let's hope so Scally. Very difficult game to call!
19 Feb 21, 19:50
Ray: Hi Sid just seen your wind up. Fortunately saw team line up elsewhere and avoided blowing a fuse lol!
19 Feb 21, 19:53
Ray: oh I see Jose is in fact Da Silva. Confusing I’m gonna stick to Jose or Willian
19 Feb 21, 19:54
Sid: :biggrin:
19 Feb 21, 19:57
Ray: :biggrin: COYW
19 Feb 21, 19:58
Sid: Come on me babbies
19 Feb 21, 20:12
Ray: So far biggest problem is this woman commentator!
19 Feb 21, 20:20
Sid: She's an ex Leeds Utd player.
19 Feb 21, 20:25
Sid: Apparently she played between Paul Madley and Norman Hunter when Jack Charlton wasn't playing!
19 Feb 21, 20:26
Ray: :)
19 Feb 21, 20:29
Ray: Must be a few ex pros who could do a good job at commentating. Don’t understand this trend of using women commentators.
19 Feb 21, 20:37
Sid: That's twice now that if Semedo had looked up he could have played Jose in!
19 Feb 21, 20:38
Ray: Yes Jose looking for a one/two with Semedo
19 Feb 21, 20:48
RogerA: Evening chaps, decent first half a number of chances went begging. Let's hope we score a few second half
19 Feb 21, 20:49
Sid: Although it's no goals I think it's an enjoyable game, both sides having chances and pretty equal in all areas. Let's hope we can do our usual second half comeback and walk away with points!
19 Feb 21, 20:49
Ray: yes and for Traore to up his game again
19 Feb 21, 20:49
Sid: Evening Roger!
19 Feb 21, 21:09
Sid: Has Jose upset his team mates cos that's at least 3 times they haven't give him the ball!
19 Feb 21, 21:09
Ray: Oh dear Jose not happy
19 Feb 21, 21:12
Sid: I Don't blame him Ray!
19 Feb 21, 21:21
Ray: Traore upped his game as requested lol!
19 Feb 21, 21:23
Sid: get ****ing in!!!
19 Feb 21, 21:35
Ray: Wake up call ffs!
19 Feb 21, 21:43
Sid: Silva is coming on how long before he's on his arse?
19 Feb 21, 21:52
Ray: Patricio my motm
19 Feb 21, 21:53
Sid: Absolutely brilliant think we are back on track!
19 Feb 21, 21:54
Doug smith: Not good but another 3 points onwards and upwards .
19 Feb 21, 21:58
RogerA: Phew, a good 3 points, we aren't looking for Jose, he was well placed on a few occasions and players took shots instead of squaring it. I think part of issue of knowing Raul not there so they do it all themselves
19 Feb 21, 21:58
Sid: All credit to Patricio who I thought had a cracking game and my man of the match!
19 Feb 21, 22:01
RogerA: Agree Sid he played a stormer
19 Feb 21, 22:02
RogerA: They obviously gave Traore that slap at half time
19 Feb 21, 22:15
Sid: Listening to McManamanaman you'd think that Leeds were the more dominant and better established side in the premiere league than Wolves, mind you he hates Wolves doesn't he?
19 Feb 21, 22:21
Tony: Really enjoyed tonight's game thought both teams played well and a draw might have been a fair result, but obviously glad we took all 3 points. Agree Sid fot man of the match thought Patricio played really well. Bit tight at the end and squeeky bum time but excellent 3 points!
19 Feb 21, 22:34
Scallywolf: @Ray Yes Ray, he had a good game but it seemed every Leeds chance was straight at him!
19 Feb 21, 22:54
Tony: Positioning Scallywolf, positioning. Lol
19 Feb 21, 23:18
Doug Smith: Possibly the best match Semido has played for us . Patricio did everything he was asked to do plus a bit and shaded our MOM .
20 Feb 21, 00:05
Scallywolf: @Doug Smith Agree with that Doug. We can have a good weekend now.
20 Feb 21, 10:14
Ray: So who are the worst whinging fans in the Prem? In their first season back Leeds must now be challenging Newcastle for number one position. We can make a comparison next. ps it was the linesman who flagged off Bamfords goal. VAR just confirmed it.
20 Feb 21, 10:15
Sid: Really think Traore has an excellent relationship with Nuno. Nuno hugged him at the end of the game and obviously praised him, also Traore when being interviwed at the end mentioned Nuno's influence and input! Think he's here to stay and I wouldn't be surprised if he shortly extends his contract.
20 Feb 21, 10:27
Sid: That VAR decision last night actually balanced up our fors and againsts!
22 Feb 21, 16:01
Ray: Cross fingers looking like Man Utd home on 23rd May will be our first game back to normal.
22 Feb 21, 16:23
Sid: Looks that way Ray, but sadly it will be the last game of the season!
22 Feb 21, 17:58
Ray: Talk in Mail that Mourinho looking to offload Doherty in the summer if his form doesn’t improve. That is if Mourinho is still there. Would anyone like him back? Personally no as we’ve moved on and now Sanderson getting excellent reviews at Sunderland. Not forgetting a much improved Semedo and the massive potential of Hoever.
23 Feb 21, 07:18
Sid: Apparently Tottenham fans are not happy re Mourinho as he is playing Docherty as a full back instead of a wing back. They think he is being wasted there and want to see him more in an attacking role. But agree Ray I think we now have better options!
23 Feb 21, 12:24
Scallywolf: @Ray We’ll be allowed 25% of our spectator capacity against Man U. It would be a great gesture by the Club to offer free tickets to all NHS workers with a free pie and a pint or whatever. It’s the kind of thing Wolves and Fosun would do. There would be no complaints from me.
23 Feb 21, 13:36
Ray: Thanks for that Scally. As you say it would be a great gesture and I can wait another 3 months to get back to the Mol.
24 Feb 21, 22:08
wakes: I see that bloke at Cardiff seems to be doing ok Credit where its due lads
24 Feb 21, 23:07
Ray: Yes Wakes very impressive and must be in with promotion shout
24 Feb 21, 23:08
Ray: Don’t think Ipswich fans rate him much though
26 Feb 21, 15:09
Sid: Nuno reckons Jimenez will be back playing this season. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/premier-league/12229695/nuno-confident-of-jimenez-return
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