10 Jun 13, 00:31
miss tiarra: visit here :) keep checking for my new information :)
11 Feb 09, 09:37
Tina: Any stimulus plans of Ma's circus team will turn crisis into a catastrophe without investing science and new technologies. We'll pay dearly.
8 Feb 09, 05:24
Mamma Mia: Corporations have already put thousands of workers on forced leave and reduced pay. What are you going to deal with this crisis, Mr Ma?
7 Feb 09, 06:46
Melinda: Diane Lee's case. The KMT is doing nothing, but how long will the Taiwanese put up this.
6 Feb 09, 08:58
Jenny: The state-owned enterprises are being rewarded for failure, especially when those rewards are paid by taxpayers.
5 Feb 09, 08:53
Chihuahua: The prosecutor has a responsibility to be fair, to enforce the law and to not turn a blind eye because someone is a celebrity: an ex-KMT member.
5 Feb 09, 07:53
Chihuahua: 李慶安 broke the law and she must be charged in the same manner as anyone else.
5 Feb 09, 06:36
Lopez: Last year's shameful handout of 3 to 4 months bonuses to public servants is at the expense of taxpayers in the midst of this economic crisis.
3 Feb 09, 11:06
Kent: Ma's cited the global financial crisis as an excuse for his impotence. But guess what, many idiotic fans still believing that crap.
3 Feb 09, 07:45
Caroline: Let's wait and see who will introduce legislation to cap the year-end bonuses for employees of government, taking taxpayer money during the economic downturn?
2 Feb 09, 14:31
Teresa: Reporters, especially, not taking one extra step to get to the facts and report the facts, but instead continuing to spread things that are not true.
2 Feb 09, 06:52
Linda: One problem is that expectations for what the shopping voucher can achieve are unrealistic.
1 Feb 09, 11:05
Nicole: People are sending a message that they are fed up with Ma's t
1 Feb 09, 08:53
Kathryn: It's the same liars who said the economic situation would getting better, and now we're in a financial crisis. Now its the taxpayer who has to solve the whole mess.
1 Feb 09, 08:25
Michelle: Giving up sovereignty does not bring security and prosperity.
1 Feb 09, 06:53
Sasha: Despite the recession. It's still Ma's circus team's party time. They are not going to let something like a recession get in the way of corruption tradition.
1 Feb 09, 04:54
Luby: UDN/Chinatimes do much worse things on a daily basis, such as 1, fabrication of news. 2, reporting things not even news-worthy as headline news. [see Who needs 共諜 when China has 馬英九?]
30 Jan 09, 08:28
Luby: China has lied everyday for sixty years that Taiwan is part of China. Taiwan is not part of China just as China is not part of Mongolia. Every Taiwanese has the obligation to protect Taiwan.
27 Jan 09, 06:49
Butcher: Holocaust denial is treated as a crime in Germany but 228 massacre is distorted as an incident. There were so many victims and their families suffering from the atrocity.
26 Jan 09, 06:15
Clown: HUG YOUR WAY OUTTA YOUR JAIL--More Farce From Ma's Judiciary Circus.
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