2017-06-25 05:55 PM
Mik19: Great job Julie7
2017-06-25 04:36 PM
Stde: Julie7, I would have thought you had even more, I bump into you name all the time - Congrats!
2017-06-25 04:00 PM
KikiKoupons: WTG JULIE7!
2017-06-25 11:49 AM
tightfist: Congrats, Julie!!!
2017-06-25 10:48 AM
Julie7: But I've been keeping an eye on the submitted number under submitted coupons.
2017-06-25 10:47 AM
Julie7: The 1000 adds up codes, sales, and printable to get that number but the community profile number j u st gives total and rejected. Just trying to figure out the numbers. I may have hit 1000 awhile ago
2017-06-25 10:44 AM
Julie7: I have 1448 and 42 rejected under community profile but 1000 listed under the submitted coupons tab.
2017-06-25 12:02 AM
bearsybear: BTW, congrats on your milestone!
2017-06-25 12:01 AM
bearsybear: Julie7, there are "Coupons Submitted" and "Coupons Accepted." The number under submitted is usually higher than the number under accepted.
2017-06-24 11:29 PM
Arcadedweller: maybe one is codes and one is coupons? Or coupons and codes, not printables?
2017-06-24 11:29 PM
Arcadedweller: Way to go, Julie! Congrats! :)
2017-06-24 07:48 PM
Julie7: Wonder why there are two different amounts
2017-06-24 07:48 PM
Julie7: NOw I am celebrating my 1000th code but under my profile it says over 1400. I know that is small amount for some of you guys, but I am celebrating the number.
2017-06-24 07:47 PM
Julie7: I thought it was cute, my son just brought me a code he found while getting soft pretzels for my daughter's party and told me to post it to RMN
2017-06-24 07:44 PM
Julie7: I've been saving all my RMN cash to justify the purchae so thanks RMN!
2017-06-24 07:29 PM
bearsybear: Julie7, YAAAAY, I'm so glad you found a board that will work for you!!
2017-06-24 07:25 PM
Julie7: Going down to the beach Sunday for my son to enjoy the board.
2017-06-24 07:24 PM
Julie7: Now all I have to do is figure out how to put it on top of the car and take it and leave it down at the beach.
2017-06-24 07:24 PM
Julie7: home from my daughter's birthday party
2017-06-24 07:24 PM
Julie7: bearsybear, just wanted to let you know I went with the SUP board you found. They had single ones in Costco and my brother had a membership until next Friday so I sent him in to get it on the way
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