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2019-08-18 05:03 PM
Shanna615: Hi Clendon, Could you please clarify when the next Amazon contest will begin? I think there's some confusion. Thanks!
2019-08-18 04:08 PM
URBeautiful: OR Aug 24-26
2019-08-18 06:39 AM
Stde: @VirginiaSlim: Aug 27-29
2019-08-18 01:31 AM
KikiKoupons: Thank you Clendon and RMN! Congrats to the winners
2019-08-18 01:30 AM
KikiKoupons: @VirginiaSlim LOL
2019-08-17 06:42 PM
dealsaver: Thank you sooo much Clendon n RMN...Congrats to all...
2019-08-17 05:52 PM
VirginiaSlim: Hey Clendon, the next time 8/24 to 8/26 falls on a Tuesday-Thursday will be in 2021. Please say we don't have to wait that long for the next contest :confused:
2019-08-17 03:59 PM
tommysf13181918: WARNING DO NOT USE HOTELSTORM, complete ripoff.
2019-08-17 01:23 PM
TrishAloha: Thanks so very much Clendon & All At RMN, for all that you do for each of us evewry day--and Congrats to All! Happy weekend, everyone:)
2019-08-17 06:38 AM
shoppernina: Congrats to all! Thank you RMN!!
2019-08-17 12:08 AM
Mik19: Great job everyone! Thank you very much Clendon and RMN for helping to start the weekend off right!
2019-08-16 09:41 PM
peggie12345: Thank you Clendon and RMN!! And Congrats to all of the winners! Have a great weekend everyone!
2019-08-16 08:41 PM
URBeautiful: That was awesome. Congrats to everyone. Thank you so much
2019-08-16 05:57 PM
FeistyBeaver: Perfect, thanks for the info peggie12345 and TrishAloha
2019-08-16 05:42 PM
Stde: Thank Clendon! Much appreciated.
2019-08-16 05:17 PM
ClendonRoss: Thanks again, everyone!
2019-08-16 05:17 PM
ClendonRoss: Congrats to all the July winners! Also, there's still a few hours to get your submissions in to potentially earn prizes in the August contest, so keep those submissions coming!
2019-08-16 05:16 PM
ClendonRoss: Here ya go:
2019-08-16 05:15 PM
ClendonRoss: To get your weekend started off right, let's announce prize winnings in the July Community Coupon Submission Contest!
2019-08-16 05:12 PM
ClendonRoss: Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks to all of you for all that you do to help folks save at RMN!
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