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2019-12-15 03:08 PM
Ian: Thanks greatly Retailmenot for awesome opportunities to help many financially. Retailmenot is gratefully impressive to make America's economy stronger!
2019-12-14 06:44 PM
shoppernina: Thank you for gift card..perfect timing!!
2019-12-14 10:55 AM
annepmurphy: I can't log into my account any more? for the last two weeks or so? no one at RMN writes back?
2019-12-13 11:42 PM
peggie12345: Clendon and RMN - Thank you for the Amazon Gift Card for November's Contest! Very grateful!!
2019-12-13 10:33 PM
RxHexlein: Thank you for my gift card, Clendon & RMN!!
2019-12-13 07:37 PM
Mik19: Thank you Clendon and all at RMN.
2019-12-13 07:09 PM
Ian: Kind greetings everyone, happy holidays! Check out my holiday jingle music video, " World of Fantasy"
2019-12-13 06:32 PM
dealsaver: Thanks a lot Clendon and RMN! I received my Amazon gift card.
2019-12-13 05:41 PM
ClendonRoss: Hi WYSIWYG! Yes, I received your email. I'm waiting to hear back from our accounting team and will let you know as soon as I hear back. Thanks!
2019-12-13 04:20 PM
kdenee78: I received my Amazon gift card for the November Unique Store Contest! Thanks a lot Clendon and RMN! Very grateful and appreciative!
2019-12-13 03:36 PM
WYSIWYG: Thanks Clendon & RMN for the Amazon card! Clendon, did you or Cynthia get my email from my work address? Thx! :)
2019-12-13 03:09 PM
Ian: Kind greetings everyone, happy holidays. Check out my new song by handsome John Legend,
2019-12-13 02:52 PM
Stde: Thanks Clendon for the Amazon GC! Just in time to meet their cut-of shipping date.
2019-12-12 04:11 PM
Ian: Hey everyone, check out another new music video of mines, here's the link:
2019-12-12 03:55 PM
Ian: Hey everyone, check out my new music video, here's the link:
2019-12-11 10:26 PM
URBeautiful: Hope everyone is grinding for this contest.
2019-12-10 07:32 PM
Shanna615: Great. Thanks for the heads up Clendon!
2019-12-10 12:02 PM
ClendonRoss: Hi Shanna615! November unique store promo results are coming this week! Keep an eye on your email for your Amazon GCs. Thanks!
2019-12-08 11:31 AM
Shanna615: Hey Clendon, any idea when we might be seeing the next Unique contest results? Just wanting to get some last minute Amazon shopping done. Thanks! ;)
2019-12-06 09:58 AM
RxHexlein: Clendon & RMN - thank you so much for all the goodies & surprises last week! Moving w/ 3 littles hasn't been exactly easy (and not having any internet for 2 wks!!) and these were great pick me ups!!
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