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2019-02-16 12:24 AM
TrishAloha: I had a feeling something was up with Payless these days--the lack of coupons, the site wide sales...just found this: Payless closing all 2,100 stores, clearance sales start Sunday Updated Feb 15, 7:4
2019-02-15 01:34 AM
KikiKoupons: Thank you for the update, Clendon!
2019-02-14 10:13 PM
paulforever18325042: Use the coupon code "NEW50" and get 50% OFF almost any single item on the site + plus FREE SHIPPING + a MYSTERY GIFT at the check out of Adam and Eve.
2019-02-14 12:17 PM
ClendonRoss: The data issue doesn't have any effect on your submissions showing up on store pages. We are receiving them when you submit them (there's just a delay in seeing them on the My Submitted Offers page).
2019-02-14 12:15 PM
ClendonRoss: Hi everyone! We're still working on fixing the data issue on your My Submitted Offers page. I don't have an ETA but it's in process.
2019-02-14 02:41 AM
TrishAloha: Aha, you're right Stde--I just now noticed! sooooo much better!
2019-02-13 07:31 AM
Stde: Working better today!
2019-02-13 02:46 AM
Mik19: @ Trish. I agree. :cry:
2019-02-13 12:52 AM
TrishAloha: Exactly, Mik19--that & several other things as a result of this unsusually extreme delay
2019-02-13 12:49 AM
Mik19: It's especially annoying when you post codes for flash sales and they don't get posted before the expiration dates!
2019-02-12 05:46 PM
KikiKoupons: ... ditto Stde
2019-02-12 12:06 PM
kdenee78: It's definitely taking a lot longer than usual for codes to be posted. I've never seen it take this long.
2019-02-12 08:31 AM
Stde: I know codes are getting posted because I see them on the community page, but really it's so much more fun to see them in my queue. Clendon, do you know if this delay will be fixed?
2019-02-12 03:37 AM
953708543qq021934: Hi, I am a newer, hhhh
2019-02-11 08:58 PM
shoppernina: Congratulations all and good luck! Thanks Clendon and RMN
2019-02-11 02:39 PM
peggie12345: TrishAloha - I had an overnight delay on submissions as well. I have been having that happen for some time now. They do eventually show up. :-)
2019-02-11 10:27 AM
Julie7: Somehow I wasn't expecting to be home with kids on a snow day today. What happened to the warmer weather.
2019-02-11 10:27 AM
Julie7: Congrats everyone. Just saw the results. I totally forgot to look on Friday.
2019-02-11 09:14 AM
kdenee78: Oh yeah, I re-sent my email this morning Clendon! Thanks!
2019-02-11 09:12 AM
Stde: TrishAloha: I guess they'll be there after work! No fun when you can see immediately.
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