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2019-06-17 07:13 AM
11Lisa11: @brittany2014 Yes! I would love that!!
2019-06-16 09:19 PM
brittany2014: Hey Clendon, do you have RMN t-shirts that we coupon contributors can wear on the job or about town? :)
2019-06-14 08:44 AM
ChaChinging: I was wondering the same thing @SHanna615
2019-06-14 08:32 AM
Shanna615: Hey Clendon-There's a good 12-18 hour delay currently on submissions. Just wondering how that will work with Dailys seeing as some don't show up on the stores page until later in the day?
2019-06-13 04:04 AM
URBeautiful: no
2019-06-13 01:59 AM
samanthazhou572519: Is anyone here?
2019-06-13 01:45 AM
Mik19: Welcome reckleyb1114344! You're moving up quickly!
2019-06-12 04:23 PM
URBeautiful: LOL how funny Oh well I guess we need to be patient HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
2019-06-12 01:08 PM
11Lisa11: @TatianaM925 ha ha ha....thanks
2019-06-12 12:38 PM
TatianaM925: Those are from April - we are waiting on May.
2019-06-12 12:35 PM
URBeautiful: Yes Lisa check them out.
2019-06-12 07:22 AM
11Lisa11: So are the new winners posted yet?
2019-06-11 03:19 PM
ClendonRoss: Thanks, brittany2014. A note that the dupe messaging only works if the merchant url is entered first. If you're experiencing the problem under those circumstances, please email me with details. Thanks
2019-06-11 02:49 PM
brittany2014: Clendon, I am also having the same problem. After you type in the code, the system will not say anything, but once you submit it, then it tells you it is already in the system.
2019-06-11 02:12 PM
ClendonRoss: Hi Li411. We just recently redesigned the Real Deal blog, which is where the contest winners are posted, and it looks like there is an issue with the most recent contest updates not showing properly.
2019-06-11 02:09 PM
ClendonRoss: Hi Mik19! Can you please send me some examples by email so I can investigate. Thanks!
2019-06-11 02:59 AM
Mik19: @peggie12345 ;)
2019-06-11 02:55 AM
FeistyBeaver: oh, thanks Stde... I'm still figuring things out
2019-06-11 02:39 AM
peggie12345: @Mik19 Yes, happened to me a few times today as well. Thanks for bringing it up. :-)
2019-06-11 01:22 AM
Mik19: Clendon, we are having the same problem again with this contest. When submitting codes, we are NOT getting the message that they are already in the system. Please help! Thank you.
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