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14 May 18, 03:27
14 May 18, 03:27
JIM: [link]
15 May 18, 22:07
rochacrimson: Chris can you repost please or post here 2 links for Agitation Free - Malesch and 2nd remastered with bonus tracks?Thank you!
17 May 18, 17:15
rochacrimsom: Big big thanks Chris!I posted a comment if it is possible on the original post. Thank you once again Chris!!!
18 May 18, 01:28
Ariel: Hello Chris, can we share our blogs in the bloglist? I've already added your blog in my list. Thank you in advance and love this blog! [link]
22 May 18, 02:34
BFK: ROSE TATTOO - Download Festival 2008 (Aus-2008) [link] art & txt included TFFT
23 May 18, 01:43
BFK: ROSE TATTOO - Family Album : Rare Blooms Volume 2 (1979-2008) Australia [link] Great 17 track compilation album of rarities from the Tatts & related bands. 320 kbps & art & txt No PW Rock 'n Roll IS King! TFFT ;)
24 May 18, 09:35
24 May 18, 09:35
JIM: [link]
8 Jun 18, 20:56
tom78: Does anyone know what happened to the new album releases site? It seems it's not available anymore.
9 Jun 18, 06:13
BFK: AMAZIAH - Straight Talker (1979) UK [link] 256 kbps,full art & txt no PW Late 70s UK Christian Hard Rock/NWoBHM private press. Enjoy. ;)
13 Jun 18, 06:57
ChrisGoesRock: tom78 - Wich site do you mean? Can you give me the URL //CGR
13 Jun 18, 20:21
tom78: Chris - it's back up- was down for 4 days but now active again (newalbumsreleases.net)
22 Jun 18, 01:26
joaquim: Hello, I would like to blog at [link] and would like to participate in your blog list, if you agree, let me know that I add [link] in my blog list. Thank you
30 Jun 18, 08:40
ChrisGoesRock: "joaquim". Your link don't working. Make a new one. //ChrisGoesRock
2 Jul 18, 01:45
joaquim: Hello, the correct link is [link]
2 Jul 18, 01:51
joaquim: ChrisGoesRock is already on my blog list. [link]
2 Jul 18, 12:12
Canadian MP: Chris, just wished to say thank you for the posts. I always treat such sites, and bit torrent, like a pair of shoes. If the music fits I head out to Sunrise Records or a 'mom and pop' shop to purchase.
12 Jul 18, 23:58
MLP: Hey everybody, I'm desperately looking for the Hal's Death By Jefferson Airpplane 5 CD boot/live comp - anybody know anything? Cheers :-)
17 Jul 18, 23:21
BFK: VARIOUS - BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS Vol. 2 : Crushers (1968-1977) USA (14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters From The USA) [link] 320kbps art & txt included no PW Great 14 song Heavy Rock/Proto-Metal compilation. If you are a fan of the 'Brown Acid' or 'Warfaring Strangers' series of comps you'll love this. ;)