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17 Sep 20, 22:05
Marieke Inhof: "Say prayers for my boyfriend Hans De Vente. He is VERY sick."
18 Sep 20, 16:36
Tinnitus Faker: Oooh, Hanzie Hitler comes to the Chris blog with his crap about TINNITUS and how he's SO nice and NEVER deletes files and will SUE anyone who threatens his worthless life. Ha ha. Google his name. Look at the blogs listing his foul deeds, like THIS: [link]
18 Sep 20, 16:39
Moriarty: The "master criminal" is named JOHANNES (not HANS) De Vente. Send the fat douche bag a postcard -- Dellaertlaan 82, 1171HH, Badhoevedorp
18 Sep 20, 18:17
CLIVE: Hans never liked you Chris. EVER. Always jealous of you. So he always loved your blogs? A LIE. He worked for SONY NEDERLANDS and still has a SONY email which he uses to delete. He has other ways too. He can not do anything to you without exposing his 15 years of crimes and blogs that threatened death to people. Google has all that on file and it can all be subpoened. Hans is lucky to be alive. He causes trouble for everyone. He is nuts.
18 Sep 20, 18:38
Inhof: Chris, I don't think you'll ever get rid of Zinhof's garbage, this is now HIS crapbox :biggrin:
18 Sep 20, 20:15
Mungo: Hey Chris, many thanks for the Zippy links, but unfortunately in the UK at least Zippy is not usable! :/
18 Sep 20, 23:09
Mungo: Hey Chris, maybe I should join Zinhof's shoutbox and ask Hans for the links. I know he likes country music most of all and hates progrock, jews, blacks, swedes, but maybe if i send him a picture of my junk he will get excited and help. anyone can join the shoutbox and say hello to the hansmeister - [link]
19 Sep 20, 01:06
DAVID045: later
19 Sep 20, 16:43
Sladest: Hey "ZINHOF" if you REALLY don't know HANS then why is REALHANS in your shoutbox? Why is it everybody in there hates that lunatic and YOU keep him around and let him get dozens of aliases? Because YOU are HANS? Don't say PLEASE remove MY NAME. Remove REALHANS or shut up your lying stupid face.
20 Sep 20, 12:10
John H. Watson: Use a proxy site to download Zippyshare links. Simples!
20 Sep 20, 16:53
DAVID045: later
20 Sep 20, 20:02
Mungo: @ the imbecilic individual who opted to copy my moniker, you're a teat\
20 Sep 20, 20:10
Mungo: oh you imbecilic individual! You twit! I will hit you with my purse! you tart! you baddie! bloody minded wanker! oooh i am so upset i have wet my knickers.
20 Sep 20, 20:20
KNELL: ZINHOF and HANS. 20 years of games. Ever hear of VPN? Hans can claim he's in Holland, Zinhof can claim he's in Croatia. It's all GAMES. Give away some music and screw the competition and watch everybody go crazy. Tons of aliases because when you are a bored old man who can no get it up what else do you do? PATHETIC. If Poor Zinhof is SO UPSET he can kick REALHANS out of the shoutbox and show a photo of himself to prove he isn't an ugly bastard with a beard. ZINHOF? Your turn. MAN UP or not?
21 Sep 20, 20:26
Mungo: @ Mungo - off you ****!
21 Sep 20, 20:28
Builder: Hey, does anyone have a single by an
21 Sep 20, 20:28
Builder: Irish band called Time Machine? (sorry pressed the wrong key DOH!!)
21 Sep 20, 20:39
Pity Party: Hans will be holding a pity party for himself. He's never done bad things to anyone, like death wishes, posting private info, deleting links. Oh nooooo. He protests! He's a sweetie. Never used dozens of names or made hate blogs. Noooo. If you want to be invited to his Pity Party, just drop him a line: S. Johannes DeVente Dellaertlaan 82, 1171HH, Badhoevedorp. Don't tell the cops to check his computer for illegal material.
21 Sep 20, 20:40
Mungo: Mungo Mungo is my name. Panty-waisted threats is my game. I use curse words which turn to stars. I'm spaced out like a man from Mars.
22 Sep 20, 17:03
Moordenaar: That crackerbox Zinhof/Hans uses is so easily hacked and all the emails harvested. A free shoutbox is pathetic. No more messing with Chris, no REALHANS in that shoutbox or any other alias.. That is the way to prevent big problems.