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16 Nov 16, 15:05
Yukiko Shimazaki: Hi ChrisGoesFLAC! Those Japan SHM-CD Remasters you posted are best at Bit Rate: 160. Please repost!
16 Nov 16, 20:15
ChrisGoesRock: "Rockprog70" Thanks for ypur links. "KingSnake" Good to see you again. A Bit Rate at 256 is enough. If you use dbPowerAMP as i do, you can choose alot of settings for a superb quality at 256 Bit Rate and the size of a track with dbPowerAMP is much bigger than a "regular" ripping of the same track. So i will continue with my 256 Bit Rate. If you not is satisfied with my quality: Buy the album. :glad:
16 Nov 16, 22:41
Yukiko Shimazaki: Yes Chris, 256 with "dbPowerAMP" is much bigger than a "regular" 320. And 160 is even BIGGER! Please repost!
16 Nov 16, 22:59
rockprog69: Chris, is your dbPowerAMP Music Converter version 15.3? Can I use it to "recalibrate" 160 to be bigger than 320? :quizzical:
16 Nov 16, 23:42
Valvulado: Hi. We are back on work. Please, add us on your Blog List. ( [link] ). My best Regards...
17 Nov 16, 23:41
CHRIS A.: Only for lovers of good music.......many thanks Darious for the support........http://bluesradio.gr/blues-radio-live/
19 Nov 16, 08:19
ChrisGoesRock: "rockprog69" Hi. No, you can not convert a 160 Bit Rate to a bigger Bit Rate. You must find the files in FLAC or Wave files. Wave files is the biggest music file of all. All CD albums in record stores are in wave files. If you convert a 160 Bit Rate file to for example a 320 Bit Rate, it will sounds horrible. //ChrisGoesRock :glad:
20 Nov 16, 00:04
rockprog69: Chris Rocks! :cool:
24 Dec 16, 09:39
ChrisGoesRock: Merry Christms to all, Especially if you are alone this day.
24 Dec 16, 16:03
HarkAngel: Believe & you're Never Alone! Merry Christmas & to ChrisGoesRock
25 Dec 16, 10:42
kimon: Merry X'mass and happy new year Chris,happy hollidays.Thanks alot for your effort,for our 'music education'
26 Dec 16, 11:42
ubc: Merry Christmas Chris! Best wishes from Russia! Keep on rockin'!!!
27 Dec 16, 17:38
maxou: hello if you're Elvis fan , come to say hello : [link]
28 Dec 16, 21:01
BFK: Seasons greetings to you all, and many thanks to you Chris for all you do. It's very much appreciated. ;)
29 Dec 16, 20:38
dodidi: Thanks for all i am looking for all peter daltrey ex kaleidoscope uk best wishes and a happy new year
30 Dec 16, 15:25
duane: Thank you for so much music for so long. Please check out duanespoetree.blogspot.com -- add it to your list if you like.
10 Jan 17, 20:37
tim: The Kim Fowley 'Outrageous' post; is this the complete LP?
10 Jan 17, 22:21
tim: Also, much digital distortion on the last track of 'Outrageous'; don't think this is correct...
19 Jan 17, 17:37
rensaboy: Hi! Anybody know the password?
20 Jan 17, 21:00
tim: Sleepy Hollow last track is full of noise; a bad transfer...