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17 Feb 21, 19:49
bobby: can't remeber the name of a (japaneese or something ) soft porn actress who was the singer in an album about '70
17 Mar 21, 18:08
Hans De Vente: i am every bodys friend. remember lives too short. i give away my own links to pinkfloyd hi qualty the wall. pw is 33&third here the goodies [link]
17 Mar 21, 18:13
Hans De Vente: here is my ydray link fr pink floyd. i love music even if i can not hear it well because of tinnitus. seven day only on this so hurry i wont post it again [link]
22 Mar 21, 10:53
ChrisGoesRock: It's now enough writing about Hans De Vente and Zinhof. This is a: Music Chat & Upload Room" only. Upload your rarities and only talking about Music. You can ask for a specific album album or track. Here is only the place if you have a very rare Album, Rare Bootleg. You can also write links to other good Musicblogs. No more talking about different persons, or i will shut down this "MUSIC AND CHATROOM"
23 Mar 21, 18:59
Hans De Vente: christer is so naughty with his bad manners and threats. dont close the shoutbox i am your savior. Lookie, i give you McCoy Tyner in WAVE;. WAVE beats flac for my poor tinnitus ears. LOL I am WAVING to you. Here is McCoy Turner. I saw him when I lived in Palm Springs. LOL my tan was better than his. [link]
23 Mar 21, 19:02
Hans De Vente: its me the COOL BLACK DADDY. call my niney because i am big on reggae. but also sny blacks, i got the music you dont have to buy itunes. Here is Miles -- he was a close friend of me. NIGHTS is the album in WAVE. WAVE your gravy. Who needs flac. time is passing i dont to flac unless kind people donate with Paypal, capeesh? Link is here [link]
24 Mar 21, 17:27
Hans De Vente: darius dont you get the feelin that christer has slowd down? why cant he be like me and post everyday? you know where to find me yes? ZINHOF
31 Mar 21, 12:23
Ajay: anybody know where Avaxhome went???
1 Apr 21, 14:24
Akay: Into oblivion, hopefully!
4 Apr 21, 01:22
brtjn: @Hans De Vente anybody know where Hans De ZINHOF went???
4 Apr 21, 01:24
artjn: To hell, hopefully!
4 Apr 21, 12:09
Hans De Vente: I'm back on Zinhof! obk...
5 Apr 21, 15:59
Ajay: Avaxhome came back an hour or so later...heaven!!! The best !!
10 Apr 21, 11:48
zeusbierchen: I´m looking for: Chris Youlden - Don`t know which way to go from the British Blues Legends Series. Thank you!
11 Apr 21, 04:27
ansina: @zeusbierchen This is the Youlden you're looking for, by other name - Diplomat Hotel Rehearsals 1979: [link]
14 Apr 21, 14:28
Hans De Vente: A bunch of posers for today - I am the BIGGEST!!
16 Apr 21, 07:57
Titus: Sorry for low bitrate mp3 but Magic 1971 is here if you want it
16 Apr 21, 07:58
Titus: [link]
16 Apr 21, 15:19
zeusbierchen: Looking desparately for NRBQ - Toads and other creatures aka NRBQ Sapos E Outras Criaturas or WPLR FM Toads place live Broadcast 10.4.82
16 Apr 21, 15:21
zeusbierchen: @ansina,: Thank you very much!!