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1 Oct 17, 10:24
recheffe: hi from andy r does anyone have the long haul by pete sears please thank you
13 Oct 17, 13:20
Tommy C: @bd - Was the Band Woodstock set that you found complete? I didn't see the one from The Edge. The one I saw was missing 4 tracks - the ones officially released. I would really like to have the whole set. Thanks
18 Oct 17, 05:17
oldschool chris fan: Not too keen on the direction the blog is taking chris to be honest. a lot of mediocre heavy rock by third division bands
21 Oct 17, 14:01
RP70: Steve Roach And Robert Fripp [link]
27 Oct 17, 20:11
abaddon: Greetings from Mexico congratulations to the blog there is very good content I hope you can visit us at [link] updates every day death, black, power, thrash downloads from mega, depositefiles upload ocean Mp3 [320 kbps]
28 Oct 17, 15:48
RP70: The Angels FLAC [link]
3 Nov 17, 05:34
BFK: DJ SCHMOLLI - Slayed, Chopped And Recycled : A Bastard Pop Tribute To Slayer EP (2009) Austria [link] 320 kbps & full art. No PW required
3 Nov 17, 05:36
BFK: VARIOUS - For Those About To Mash...We Salute You (2009) [link] 320 kbps & full art. No PW required. Classic Rock & Metal Mash Ups
3 Nov 17, 05:36
BFK: :nuts:
3 Nov 17, 05:38
BFK: VARIOUS - The Number Of Da Boots : A Mash-Up Bootleg Tribute To IRON MAIDEN (2007) [link] 320 kbps & full art. No PW required.
3 Nov 17, 05:40
BFK: VARIOUS - Doomed Planet : A Tribute To CIRITH UNGOL [link] 320 kbps & full art. No PW required.
3 Nov 17, 05:42
BFK: BUCK DHARMA : Archive Volume II (1975-1984) USA [link] 320 kbps & full art. No PW required.
3 Nov 17, 05:43
BFK: THE RED AND THE BLACK - The Red And The Black (1992-1995) USA [B.O.C. side band!] [link] 320 kbps & full art. No PW required.
3 Nov 17, 05:45
BFK: SWEET HOSTAGE ‎– Midnight Rider (1980) Canada [Rare female fronted Hard/Classic Rock LP] [link] 320 kbps & full art. No PW required.
3 Nov 17, 20:28
ChrisGoesRock: Hi. IMPORTANT, Remember: The download link must be for free. No Payment links or "pop-up hell". I'm glad for all uploads in this chat box and added links for albums must be easy to see for download. I will remove "premium links only".
3 Nov 17, 20:28
ChrisGoesRock: I think download users agree.
4 Nov 17, 02:11
BFK: Hi Chris, Every link i posted is free to d/l. I think the hosting site has one pop up ad during the d/l process. I just wanted to give a little something back to the blog after all i've gotten from here. ;)
4 Nov 17, 22:28
ChrisGoesRock: Thank you "BFK"
5 Nov 17, 01:13
BFK: Nope. Thank YOU. ;)
13 Nov 17, 07:26
BFK: LUIGI ANADA BOYS - Feeling The Ceiling (1978) UK [link] 320kbps Great rare UK Hard Prog/NWoBHM private press sounds like early Wishbone Ash/Epitaph/Automatic Fine Tuning ;)