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17 Feb 19, 19:46
Anne Frank: Neil Young 'Old Gringo' is here [link]
13 Mar 19, 22:07
mungo: Zippyshare is down in the UK and has been for several days now!! :cry:
17 Mar 19, 21:22
mungo: For all those unable to access Zippyshare in the UK read this: [link]
17 Mar 19, 21:22
mungo: It looks like Zippshare will no longer be avaiable in the UK!! :cry:
20 Mar 19, 16:58
Zabadek: If you use the Opera browser, it has a VPN option which will allow Zippy to work.
25 Mar 19, 00:03
BFK: DIRTY RIG - Live : Death To All Things Emo!!! (2006) USA [link] 320kbps Audio Rip of the bonus DVD which came with the Limited Edition version of the 'Rock Did It' CD No PW needed Kick ass high energy Rock 'n' Roll from Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul 'fame'. Enjoy. ;)
27 Mar 19, 05:09
BFK: Here are a couple of great sounding shows by THE HELLACOPTERS : Live At The Starlight (1999) [SBD] [link] & Live At La Hora Musa (2018) [link] 320 kbps with art & txt included No PW required. Great High Enegy Action Rock from the Swedish masters. Enjoy. ;)
10 Apr 19, 11:19
Anne Frank: The Residents Big Bubble Vocal Improvisations [link]
10 Apr 19, 11:22
Anne Frank: The Residents 1980 "Mole" Premix/Outtakes, I don't know much about these other that they're great. No vocals [link]
28 Apr 19, 23:56
Anne Frank: The Residents Eskimo Outtakes [link]
29 Apr 19, 00:06
Anne Frank: The Residents - Freak Show instrumental tracks and outtakes [link]
29 Apr 19, 00:22
Anne Frank: The Residents Early Demos [link]
29 Apr 19, 00:43
Anne Frank: [link]
29 Apr 19, 00:44
Anne Frank: WB_ RMX [2004 Bonus EP] [link]
29 May 19, 18:15
ChrisGoesRock: Chatrom is working again :biggrin:
3 Jun 19, 13:42
stonedhenge: I use zippyshare thru this site - [link]
9 Jun 19, 20:49
metrikel: I have no idea how to re-upload request but all the links for the zephyr debut album are down and id like a link for it if thats alright, i love the blog your running :)
16 Jun 19, 17:17
Slavich: Demonoid is working again
18 Jun 19, 09:01
ChrisGoesRock: Slavich, Add the adress to Demonoid
18 Jun 19, 10:36
Slavich: ChrisGoesRock, [link]