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10 Feb 17, 20:54
Vangelis / Delectus: new 13-disc box set
10 Feb 17, 21:06
Vangelis: ..sorry i didnt understand....!!i dont have it
11 Feb 17, 20:45
Rediffusion: Here’s ’Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present: English Weather’ in 256 AAC format (sorry, it’s all I have) Info: [link] ZS: [link]
12 Feb 17, 05:07
tim: Need the Howlin' Wolf early LP's....
12 Feb 17, 16:47
Renê: Hey brother, let's make a link partnership on our blogs?
13 Feb 17, 01:43
Brutha: Yo Renê wass'up! Be a pardna and send links! Later!
16 Feb 17, 12:18
Renê: I did not quite understand your answer, but I suppose it's for me to send you my address. I visit your page daily in search of news and always meeting. I have your address on my blogroll. If I understand correctly, I'm sending you my address. Strong hug. Renê - Brazil [link]
16 Feb 17, 20:08
Brutha: Yo Renê wass'up! Dat address cool, but where the links?? Thanks for the hug!
17 Feb 17, 00:16
rockprog69: Renê, can you please post Vangelis / Delectus: new 13-disc box set, thank you! Please post d/l LINKS, not your address!!
17 Feb 17, 03:03
Prodigallop: It's obscure Psychedelic Heavy Rock power trio 45 time. SCAREM - Feeling Grave 7" (1981) USA [link] No PW needed. Enjoy. ;)
17 Feb 17, 12:10
Renê: Friend, download links are requested via email from the blog as a prevention to legal copyright lawsuits. I'm sorry I'm misunderstanding you! I am sending you my url to your blogroll if you wish to make the partnership. God be with you! Hug. [link]
17 Feb 17, 17:10
Brutha: Yo Renê wass'up! You give your address AGAIN, dat double cool, but NO LINKS, you "did not quite understand", You want no "link partnership on our blogs", you want swap me/you address. Dat cool too, but that different, wink, wink. With warm embrace! ;)
17 Feb 17, 17:27
rockprog69: Renê, Friend, "if I understand correctly" :roll: you need my address as "a prevention". I don't believe you. Stay out of legal copyright lawsuits!
17 Feb 17, 18:08
Renê: Friends, I'm making one last attempt because we're in a language conflict. I can not make myself understood. Forget everything that has been said so far. What I'm trying to say is that I want you to put the link of my blog there in the "My Blog List" item of your blog. A simple exchange of links for redirecting our readers. It would be possible?
20 Feb 17, 12:39
Renê: Friends, we finally understand each other !!! Strong hug.
20 Feb 17, 21:40
Rediffusion: Does anybody have the new Chris Wood (Traffic) boxset Evening Blue?: [link]
21 Feb 17, 05:35
Beega: Larry Coryell R.I.P. Sad news..
5 Mar 17, 18:26
MrMutant: Hey Guys! Download our album for FREE… Mutants of the Holocaust…LoFi GAraGe pUNk [link]
6 Mar 17, 07:07
ChrisGoesRock: Nice MrMutant. Do you have a little bit more "clean" files to add in here?
20 Mar 17, 16:34
erik vajtho: Dear Sir! Please again Dave Allen: Color Blind (1969), Jerry Corbitt: Jerry Corbitt (1971) and Bob Downes : Episode at 4 Am (1974) lossless. Thank you! Erik