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25 Dec 18, 16:13
Grinch: HAR-HAR, your old blog and your new blog, same rubbish, "goodmusicfromearth", LOL! :D
25 Dec 18, 16:14
Grinch: Merry whatever! :roll:
25 Dec 18, 16:29
Malaspina: Merry Christmas!
25 Dec 18, 18:00
dan: Amazing blog... but sadly everything from 2015-2013 is dead download. Any chance to re-post fresh links?
26 Dec 18, 17:19
maxou: just would like you to meet my new blog
26 Dec 18, 17:19
maxou: [link]
27 Dec 18, 08:23
HAAR: Hey Grinch !
27 Dec 18, 08:25
HAAR: My new blog is: "goodmusicsfromearth" not "goodmusicfromearth" OK ? Have a nice day..
27 Dec 18, 09:09
HAAR: Hi Chris,
27 Dec 18, 09:10
HAAR: Thank you for adding my new blog to your blog list..
27 Dec 18, 09:10
HAAR: Have a nice day..
27 Dec 18, 09:53
Grinch: Har, Har-Har, Your My new blog is "goodmusicsfromearth" not "goodmusicfromearth" OK ? And it's rubbish, just like your old blog, OK! :quizzical:
27 Dec 18, 09:58
Grinch: Har-Har, but your new concept is amazing, now don't totally close your new blog :lol:
27 Dec 18, 17:04
maxou: [link]
29 Dec 18, 03:45
BFK: THE ORCHIDS - Teenage Babylon EP (& Bonus Tracks) (USA-1979) [link] 320kbps (art & txt inc) No PW All-girl group ex-RUNAWAYS, assembled by Kim Fowley. Snotty Hard Rock with a New Wave edge. Enjoy. ;)
31 Dec 18, 12:36
Gimme: Happy New Year & thanks for all the great MUSIC
13 Jan 19, 11:00
ChrisGoesRock: Hi all. Thanks for visiting my blog. Some of you have have followed me since my first blog who i started 2005. Also i BIG THANKS for your uploads in this "Music Chat & Upload Room". I have a serious question for all of you who upload. I would be very glad for good sites (with no popup hell) who i can use for my own uploads. I use: "Zippyshare", "Upload Mirror" and "Load to" for my uploads. Are they good or bad?. Is any of them good for you downloads? would be glad for you answer.
13 Jan 19, 11:06
ChrisGoesRock: So all uploaders, would be very glad for sites without "redirected" and "popup-hell". At last: I wish all my visitors a good and happy year in 2019, and i mean it. //ChrisGoesRock :heart:
20 Jan 19, 10:40
mellow: zippyshare used to be good but has gotten real bad pop up hell and redirect
20 Jan 19, 22:08
mungo: Zippy is fine for me, no problems!