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17 Feb 17, 00:16
rockprog69: Renê, can you please post Vangelis / Delectus: new 13-disc box set, thank you! Please post d/l LINKS, not your address!!
17 Feb 17, 03:03
Prodigallop: It's obscure Psychedelic Heavy Rock power trio 45 time. SCAREM - Feeling Grave 7" (1981) USA [link] No PW needed. Enjoy. ;)
17 Feb 17, 12:10
Renê: Friend, download links are requested via email from the blog as a prevention to legal copyright lawsuits. I'm sorry I'm misunderstanding you! I am sending you my url to your blogroll if you wish to make the partnership. God be with you! Hug. [link]
17 Feb 17, 17:10
Brutha: Yo Renê wass'up! You give your address AGAIN, dat double cool, but NO LINKS, you "did not quite understand", You want no "link partnership on our blogs", you want swap me/you address. Dat cool too, but that different, wink, wink. With warm embrace! ;)
17 Feb 17, 17:27
rockprog69: Renê, Friend, "if I understand correctly" :roll: you need my address as "a prevention". I don't believe you. Stay out of legal copyright lawsuits!
17 Feb 17, 18:08
Renê: Friends, I'm making one last attempt because we're in a language conflict. I can not make myself understood. Forget everything that has been said so far. What I'm trying to say is that I want you to put the link of my blog there in the "My Blog List" item of your blog. A simple exchange of links for redirecting our readers. It would be possible?
20 Feb 17, 12:39
Renê: Friends, we finally understand each other !!! Strong hug.
20 Feb 17, 21:40
Rediffusion: Does anybody have the new Chris Wood (Traffic) boxset Evening Blue?: [link]
21 Feb 17, 05:35
Beega: Larry Coryell R.I.P. Sad news..
5 Mar 17, 18:26
MrMutant: Hey Guys! Download our album for FREE… Mutants of the Holocaust…LoFi GAraGe pUNk [link]
6 Mar 17, 07:07
ChrisGoesRock: Nice MrMutant. Do you have a little bit more "clean" files to add in here?
20 Mar 17, 16:34
erik vajtho: Dear Sir! Please again Dave Allen: Color Blind (1969), Jerry Corbitt: Jerry Corbitt (1971) and Bob Downes : Episode at 4 Am (1974) lossless. Thank you! Erik
21 Apr 17, 16:18
Mark: The end of Willard's Wormholes? Not been able to get onto his site in a while.
23 Apr 17, 12:29
rockprog69: Thank God, Chris is still with us and rocking!
24 Apr 17, 21:36
BlueBoy: I was surprised Willard's Wormholes disappeared until I realised he gave us a clue....his last posting was 'Goodbye' by Cream!!
25 Apr 17, 15:04
rockprog69: Hi ChrisGoesRock, just wonder if all is ok with you? Please give us a clue! :nervous:
25 Apr 17, 15:23
Lars Ulrich: Chris, your project will be revered by generations to come. I often tell folks of the work you do. Please know that your open archive is a model and inspiration to many. With sincere gratitude I pass along my many thanks. Live long and prosper my friend. :cool:
25 Apr 17, 15:34
plasticperson: When will you quit again because you don't get enough "thanks", you uptight self-important ****wit.
25 Apr 17, 15:35
Stoyko 54: A lot of people don't realize the effort let alone time it takes to offer all the obscurities that CGR has offered through the eon's here in cyber world. As one poster above made mention of, if you don't like what's on the table, please excuse yourself and leave. Have a little respect for the author here, and if you can't do that, then I suppose you have never ever spun a piece of vinyl :x
25 Apr 17, 15:36
Stump: Chris is a real ripping genius! :heart: