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17 Jan 18, 17:21
WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS: Check out our latest FREE release... SPACE BOX. Nearly 4 hours of spacey improvisation and free-form noise. Listen to it ALL on our blog and D/L it ALL for free. Thanks, as always, Chris. [link]
19 Jan 18, 03:35
Agustin Haro: Hello! I want to invite you to listen my new album "Old Tuna Can" [link]
21 Jan 18, 00:58
BFK: GREY STAR - Grey Star (1981) USA [link] Rare Hard Rock/AOR featuring the late great RUBY STARR of B.O.A. 160 kbps with art & txt No PW needed. ;)
23 Jan 18, 22:12
BFK: RUBY STARR - Scene Stealer (1976) USA [link] Classic Rock from Miss Ruby of B.O.A. Only 128 kbps, but sounds fine. NO PW needed ;)
23 Jan 18, 22:14
BFK: FIFTH DEAD - Fifth Dead (1973-1976) Ger [link] Rare Comp of German Heavy Rock/Proto-Metal/Krautrock band. 256 kbps with art & txt included. No PW needed. ;)
29 Jan 18, 11:49
Gabriol: Hi!! I can´t find this album: "Psychedelic Minds Vol. 1 - Heavy Underground 1967-71". Somebody has it?? Thanks!!
3 Feb 18, 09:04
ChrisGoesRock: "Gabriol" I uploaded "Psychedelic Minds Vol. 1 - Heavy Underground 1967-71" for you. I added some bonustracks. Enjoy //ChrisGoesRock
5 Feb 18, 11:10
Gabriol: Thanks you!! :heart:
7 Feb 18, 01:37
BFK: HIGH MAINTENANCE - Plays Montrose EP (2002) USA (VAN HALEN/METALLICA Supergroup) [link] 320 kbps & art No PW (Hagar, Hammet, Anthony & Ulrich cover Montrose classics live @ The Fillmore 2002) ;)
7 Feb 18, 11:45
Gabriol: Hi again!!, has somebody "Bump - Bump (1970)? I can't find. Thanks x 1000!!!
8 Feb 18, 04:00
Bear Bearden: hi... i'm trying to download one of your torrents from demonoid.... but i can't figure out how to comment on it... please don't cut me off at 95%.... thanks in advance
10 Feb 18, 22:35
BFK: VARIOUS ‎– Crazy, Baby, Crazy!! (1971) [link] 320 kbps & art & txt No PW needed (Great rare Vertigo Records Compilation LP : Sabbath, Heep, Sir Lord Baltimore, Buddy Miles, Beggars Opera, Blue Cheer, Hotlegs, Lucifer's Friend, Colosseum, Juicy Lucy, May Blitz & more)
14 Feb 18, 23:15
BFK: St. ELMO'S FIRE ‎– Live At The Cleveland Agora Mini LP (1980) USA [link] 320 kbps & art & txt. Rare Live Hard Prog. Like King Crimson meets Max Webster.
17 Feb 18, 16:37
Odocon: Glad to have found you again, after many many years Excellet Stuff Thanks
21 Feb 18, 01:13
Jedward: Anyone know what became of the Hear Rock City forum? I was just there last night, but today it's gone. :( Hopefully it's only temporary, but does anyone know what's happening?
27 Feb 18, 08:17
ChrisGoesRock: Thank you "Odocon". I start my first Blog 2005-02-28. It will be 13 years. Remember: Bookmark my Guestbook "View my Guestbook". I always add my new Blog in there.
27 Feb 18, 08:20
ChrisGoesRock: Thanks again "BFK" for your uploads in here. You doing a great work for all visitors in here.
2 Mar 18, 21:26
BFK: You're very welcome Chris, after all the great music i've gotten from you it's nice to be able to give a little something back. ;)
11 Mar 18, 16:53
WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS: WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS: We've got a brand new, just released slab of spacey, subversive, unconventional and unclassifiable noise for your smoking jacketed pleasure - "EXPERIMENTS... IN TERROR!" Hear it on our blog and download ANY or ALL of our 78 posts for FREE. Thanks, as always, Chris. [link]
17 Mar 18, 07:27
OldrockerBR: Hello Christher. Sorry for taking your space in this chat. But I want to give my support to an excellent rock web radio that is in my country (Brazil). In fact, it is a house of shows that is over 47 years old and has always played ROCK despite all the local difficulties of my country. The radio's programming is focused on hard rock 70 and similar, but is always supporting the current bands that do an honest job and have it with vintage sound. The url for access is [link].