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9 Jan 20, 09:22
Mickey G: A place to start with your Zappa experience - Cheap Thrill - 1998 Zappa Compilation [link] - interesting Zappa article - [link]
11 Jan 20, 04:06
Edgar: Hey Darius, can you add my blog to your blog list? Thanks in advance. Link: [link]
11 Jan 20, 04:10
Edgar: Correct Link: [link]
12 Jan 20, 17:12
montycat: Acid Archives Book [link]
12 Jan 20, 17:14
montycat: What is the PW please
20 Jan 20, 10:23
Cavallopazzo: Che fine ha fatto il blog la scighera? Esiste ancora e dove ? Ev. Link apprezzato.
28 Jan 20, 18:26
ChrisGoesRock: Whiterook. You have user & pass in your email.
29 Jan 20, 03:33
Whiterook: I can not thank you enough brother....
30 Jan 20, 17:04
Mickey G: Brilliant Budgie Anthology - An Ecstasy of Fumbling - 1996 [link] Info [link]
11 Feb 20, 10:36
Marieke De Vente: Hans Zinhof, go back to your cage :roll: . badhoevedorp, what a peasant ****hole of the world :nuts:
11 Feb 20, 14:23
WLFC: THE MANIPULATIONATORS The New Psychedelia @320 link: [https://www.mediafire.com/file/38u49tbcsl96s4h/WLFC83-The_Manipulationators_-_The_New_Psychedelia.zip/file] info: [https://werelateforclass.blogspot.com]
14 Feb 20, 03:29
Andy: Hello mate. Could you please re-up the link to the Stones Some Girls and More boot? Thank you very much.
29 Feb 20, 11:57
Mickey G: Nick Lowe - Jesus of Cool - 1978 [link] Recent Live Review - [link]
11 Mar 20, 22:36
Marieke De Vente: Hans Zinhof De Vente, kewl - NO, cheap and boring - YES, Zin Zin - badhoevedorp village idiot, LOL :D
17 Mar 20, 06:53
Schnuffi: Good morning, everybody, have someone an idea were i can find these 2 compilations [link] [link], with good grass in flac?! Or perhaps someone have these compilations and would share it!? Thank you very much in advance, for your effort and time! LG, Schnuffi
17 Mar 20, 08:39
ChrisGoesRock: "Schnuff" I have some good soul & funk in my share: -=Japan 24-Bit & SHM-CD Remaster R&B, Soul & Funk Papersleeve Editions=- Take a look.
17 Mar 20, 18:08
Schnuffi: Hi, Chris, thank you for the tip! Where can i find your side?LG, Schnuffi
19 Mar 20, 23:36
Philblues1959: Hi, my pc crashed and i lost all info of my dc++ accounts, can someone help me to get the right address of thecoffeeshoppe hub or themaltshoppe hub please
20 Mar 20, 23:09
WLFC: New from WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS - #85 Hold On A Second, I Gotta Take A Piss: Drum Auditions, Guerrilla Recording Techniques & The Ghost Of Frank Zappa [link] (info & DL). Bandcamp players are loading slow, be patient. Thanks, as always, Chris.
25 Mar 20, 11:18
fargo: Elton John With Ray Cooper - Live From Moscow 1979 (2020)https://filecrypt.cc/Container/371C63CB9F.html