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4 Feb 19, 21:19
Rocker50: HAAR's new blog is gone already? Too bad.
6 Feb 19, 00:42
BFK: Hi Chris, a happy belated New Year to you. I was using 1fichier for my uploads until very recently when folks started to complain that it had become 'pop-up hell' too, although i personally never had any issues with it as i use ad-block plus. I've been looking at alternatives & mediafire & zippy both seem to still be good. Next on my 'to-try' list is filefactory & Yandex. Best wishes.
7 Feb 19, 10:21
El Faffo: Zippyshare is king!
7 Feb 19, 10:22
El Faffo: Thanks for all your work Chris.
11 Feb 19, 00:52
Danièle Pettigrew: Hello! What can I do for having Frank Zappa: The 1969 tapes, Rockpile, Toronto, Canada?
11 Feb 19, 00:53
Danièle Pettigrew: Thank you!
11 Feb 19, 01:52
Anne Frank: @Danièle Pettigrew: Hello Danièle! You need to go to [link], and click the link in BLUE, enjoly!
11 Feb 19, 02:01
Anne Frank: @Danièle Pettigrew : Rockpile is also available at guitars101, you can google it :D
11 Feb 19, 07:04
Danièle Pettigrew: @Anne Frank, thank you!
14 Feb 19, 05:08
BFK: IC ROCK - Anyway Ya Want It (1982) Finland [link] No PW. Art & txt included. Excellent obscure Hard Rock LP from a Finnish sextet with 3 guitarists. Sounds like a mix of THIN LIZZY & HANOI ROCKS, which is an unlikely combo on paper but it works perfectly. Enjoy. ;)
15 Feb 19, 20:58
mungo: @BFK - thanks for IC Rock.
17 Feb 19, 07:34
BFK: My pleasure mungo.
17 Feb 19, 13:54
bd: Hi Chris, great blog, yes sir.
17 Feb 19, 13:56
bd: I could not find procedure for requesting a re-up on links for dl. I am really interested in the Neil Young 'Old Gringo' that was posted a few years back, live with Crazy Horse, '86 and '89, a great time for them.
17 Feb 19, 13:58
bd: If possible at some point, could you look into that? At your convenient time, I can wait. That would be great, thank you.
17 Feb 19, 19:46
Anne Frank: Neil Young 'Old Gringo' is here [link]
13 Mar 19, 22:07
mungo: Zippyshare is down in the UK and has been for several days now!! :cry:
17 Mar 19, 21:22
mungo: For all those unable to access Zippyshare in the UK read this: [link]
17 Mar 19, 21:22
mungo: It looks like Zippshare will no longer be avaiable in the UK!! :cry:
20 Mar 19, 16:58
Zabadek: If you use the Opera browser, it has a VPN option which will allow Zippy to work.