13/07/19 05:47
travelagentmedan: Nice photo, and thanks for information.
27/10/15 17:30
relaxed: relaxed mindstate http://bit.ly/1LAoeYY
28/06/13 16:17
The Golden Eagle: I'm so looking forward to July. Things should straighten out then--and I'll be able to start blogging for real again!
02/06/13 11:04
Sofie: Yeah... I'd like to get back to blogging this summer. I only have a few weeks of school left, and it's always fun to see what people are saying about their summer projects and things.
08/05/13 18:06
The Golden Eagle: Exactly. I mean, there are lots of blogs I haven't visited--but they're not really new territory, you know?
08/05/13 00:32
Sofie: Yeah, it's too bad. I'd like to get back into the "blogspot" world of blogging... there's got to be a new generation of bloggers out there somewhere!
21/03/13 12:09
The Golden Eagle: A lot of the bloggers I knew when I first started blogging have stopped--a lot of their URLs have even been transferred to newer blogs or removed. It's sad.
21/03/13 12:08
The Golden Eagle: I've never really used Pinterest or Tumblr; I know if I start exploring them, I'll just spend more hours on the internet. LOL.
16/03/13 13:50
Sofie: Oh jeez, apparently I've been spending too much time on Tumblr... I put Tumblr in my URL instead of blogspot!
15/03/13 13:27
Sofie: *ones
15/03/13 13:27
Sofie: Maybe it has something to do with the fact that so many of my old favorite bloggers have stopped blogging, and I have yet to find new oens.
15/03/13 13:27
Sofie: Exactly! I've been leaning more towards Tumblr/Pinterest kinds of sites, since they're much more lightweight, but I really miss plain old blogging.
26/02/13 13:35
The Golden Eagle: Sofie: Same here. I've been posting and replying to comments, but my blog visiting has tanked of late and I'd like to start to really blog again one of these days.
26/02/13 13:34
The Golden Eagle: Jo: Nice to meet another fellow Minion! Looking forward to seeing you around during the A-Z Challenge. And my TBR pile is enormous, too . . .
25/02/13 23:46
Sofie: I've been blogging less than I used to, but I've been wanting to get back into it.
25/02/13 23:46
Sofie: I'm doing pretty well, thanks!
25/02/13 23:25
Jo Wake: Guess the hyperlinkk doesn't work here
25/02/13 23:24
Jo Wake: <a href="http://henderson-jo.blogspot.com/">JO ON FOOD, MY TRAVELS AND A SCENT OF CHOCOLATE</a>
25/02/13 23:24
Jo Wake: Visiting you as a fellow minion for Diane. I have Weighted, not read it yet. On my vast TBR
21/02/13 08:11
The Golden Eagle: Hi, Sofie! I've missed our chats, too. Things are okay here; how are you? :)
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