02/25/21 03:34
Narutofan: Hope none of you are in those terrible images we see from texas
02/22/21 04:51
red17: And I'm not using vpn. Thank you.
02/22/21 04:50
red17: For the next releases, if possible, can you please batch them in not more than 10 GB. If it's only possible. I'm using a remote downloader for torrents because my ISP trottled down torrent traffics.
02/22/21 02:13
ul7: When are 890-935 up?
02/20/21 08:58
wbasal: Hearing that you'll sync this with BD release brings a smile to my life. Hope you get better soon.
02/19/21 17:12
Dani: [link] is there a way to download these?
02/16/21 17:58
Jay: Hi, are 867-889 coming to XDCC? Thank you
02/15/21 15:39
Kakashi Copy Ninja: @Custos When it's done. :-)
02/14/21 15:14
Soul_me: Kakashi-san, sorry to hear how covid affected your life (like unfortunately to all of us). Hope better days are coming!! Thank you for your amazing work in Hatsuyuki! Can't wait for the next release!
02/14/21 14:45
Custos: When are the BDs gonna be released?
02/14/21 14:17
KakashiCopyNinja: @kaizoku Will try ...
02/14/21 13:31
Joseph: Anyways, take as much time as you need. We'll patiently wait for the release :)
02/14/21 13:30
Joseph: @KakashiCopyNinja Oh I see. I though it meant something else.
02/14/21 11:12
kaizoku: please do something about the mp4s of the previous batch too!
02/14/21 09:48
KakashiCopyNinja: @Joseph [link]
02/14/21 09:48
KakashiCopyNinja: @Cabasho no, no,... i hadn't this illness and nobody on my family too. I'm glad about that. But it affected my private and job life.
02/14/21 09:22
Cabasho: Also happy valentines to everyone
02/14/21 09:22
Cabasho: Everyone stay healthy
02/14/21 09:22
Cabasho: wait... kakashi, hope ya not implying you have covid, if you do be sure to rest and get better... health comes first....
02/14/21 08:21
Joseph: what does BD means?
02/14/21 07:42
KakashiCopyNinja: So, it takes a bit longer for release. I'm working on the rest episodes ... i will do my best. **** #COVID
02/14/21 07:41
KakashiCopyNinja: Amberdrake and me we decided to take the BDs from 890-930 ...
02/11/21 19:10
flank: can't wait for the next drop! It's gonna be sweeet!
02/11/21 13:39
Dani: [link] is there a way to download these?
02/10/21 17:47
Soul_me: Sleepsub, don't leave us hanging on like a yo-yo.
02/07/21 16:27
[GM]SleepSub: WAKE ME UP, BEFORE YOU RELEASE~ *sings along*
02/07/21 12:29
Soul_me: Boooommmm!!!!
02/07/21 00:28
Fox: WOW!...Great update on the "Status Progress"...here's hoping for a release soon...^ ^
02/06/21 19:59
aidschbe: boom?
02/06/21 17:57
[GM]SleepSub: [link]
02/06/21 17:57
[GM]SleepSub: *peeks*
01/30/21 21:48
Soul_me: Sooooo... Not today? I was so hopeful :)
01/28/21 23:21
Brogers: batch not patch
01/28/21 20:29
BRogers: like to see a patch with all 720p mp4
01/28/21 20:28
BRogers: my guess the next release going to be a while
01/28/21 04:58
Fox: Nothing is changing in "Status Progress"...hopefully everything is alright...^ ^"
01/25/21 01:35
shiusaku: What Web for Torrent Bot?
01/23/21 17:25
Cabasho: Lol, it wasnt a theory, I was just saying random **** because there was a person annoying me :v
01/22/21 22:34
Soul_me: 8 days to go! Hope Cabasho theory in right :)
01/22/21 04:58
red17: Reminder animetosho has them compressed to gz file, you have to extract the actual nzb then upload them offcloud to save remotely to your linked cloud drive.
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