01/17/20 03:50
Cabasho: rest lots and get better =)
01/14/20 07:37
[GM]SleepSub: Surgery went well! Just taking lots of painkillers now :( Many thanks for all the support <3
01/12/20 17:39
Soul_me: Best of luck SleepSub, hope everything turns out A-OK!
01/12/20 06:47
KakashiCopyNinja: I have only two arms. :-D
01/12/20 06:46
KakashiCopyNinja: I do my best!!! :-)
01/11/20 06:01
Cabasho: Best of lucks on your surgery=)
01/09/20 06:33
ShiChiBuKai: @[GM]SleepSub thank you for your work and i hope your surgery go well, much love :heart:
01/09/20 06:31
ShiChiBuKai: NOW, GET ON IT, KAKASHI! OP WHERE!? loooool
01/09/20 04:32
flank: Thanks for keeping us up to date sleepsub with the website and what not. Good luck with your surgery!
01/08/20 20:35
[GM]SleepSub: I guess it works now. lol.
01/06/20 05:48
ShiChiBuKai: hi :)
01/05/20 23:23
Prid: oh God, almost thought you guys were updating the site for a surprise batch release soon 8D just like how Nintendo's dropping a big update for Switch, hinting at new stuff in a Directs soon :)
01/05/20 20:45
[GM]SleepSub: Changed the server... will upload all the data back to the server tomorrow... :<
01/01/20 23:09
Prid: it's NEW YEAR!! 8D patiently waiting for that huge batch 😍
12/29/19 17:29
Quincy: where can i download ol tsuki onepiece episodes on irc ?
12/27/19 17:56
Cabasho: Merry Xmas everyone.... is the site having issues again? =/
12/27/19 12:02
Soul_me: Merry Christmas!!! Now where is our present (OP batch)? :)
12/26/19 00:33
Flank: Merry Christmas Everyone!
12/24/19 09:09
[GM]SleepSub: Guess I'll just watch some Amagami SS... It's a good anime to watch for Christmas and not having a gf!
12/24/19 09:08
[GM]SleepSub: Oof...
12/23/19 16:17
EliteK: Hello is there any new links for Ah my goddess OAD's since they are links from old nyaa servers
12/21/19 14:19
ShiChiBuKai: @Azathoth Happy new year for you too my friend, love you too ^_^
12/20/19 22:24
Azathoth: Not sure if Im here in the next days so i want to wish Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to Everyone in Hatsu and Friends here. Love youi All =)
12/18/19 08:09
anon2: just use let's encrypt
12/18/19 05:49
ShiChiBuKai: @[GM]SleepSub explain it to me like im 8 yeard kid
12/16/19 20:03
[GM]SleepSub: Seems the SSL Certificate will be invalid by tomorrow... I'll try to transfer this domain and website ASAP after that to my other server... my apology in advance :<
12/15/19 17:22
SleepyPirate: If it is possible a batch of 867-915 would be great. I think 915 will be the last episode of wano act 1. Act 2 might start on episode 917 or 918
12/15/19 14:43
ShiChiBuKai: make it 50 -_-"
12/15/19 00:19
Soul_me: 40 eps batch? That would be crazy :)
12/14/19 16:42
Ferlorin: so a year passed and no news on One Piece or anything
12/13/19 23:26
br: Wonder how big the next batch will be? 10 or 20 per batch be good
12/13/19 08:05
BR: got to wonder hot big the next batch will be? 10 or 20 per batch be good
12/06/19 15:39
ShiChiBuKai: @Prid don't get high hopes dude, u'll be ....... you know
12/06/19 01:46
Prid: waiting patiently for that next big batch :) :)
12/05/19 17:42
Cabasho: fingers crossed X3
12/05/19 15:19
ShiChiBuKai: It looks like Wano's arc will be longer than Dressrosa's, right?
12/05/19 06:29
ShiChiBuKai: @[GM]SleepSub wow, glad to hear that
12/04/19 15:30
[GM]SleepSub: Sorry to say, But I'm not really involved in OP atm... So hope! (But I know he's working on it)
12/04/19 05:37
Cabasho: also my bday is december 19, that is a good day to upload a batch 8D
12/04/19 05:31
Cabasho: Also i "provide" anime for some friends to watch together and they are really pressing me on OP... i dont wanna download Crunchyroll subs tho... hope a few episodes come out soon to apeace them ;_;
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