09/26/20 20:01
Prid: instructions on how to download: [link]
09/26/20 20:01
Prid: @Lukas: download from here: [link]
09/25/20 17:17
Lukas: what can i do if i want to download some old episodes? the speed is too slow
09/24/20 17:29
Prid: agreed +1
09/24/20 06:40
ShiChiBuKai: Dear Kakashi, how about you release the episodes one by one, I mean you don't have to make them a batch and release them, that will make it better to follow. what do you think?
09/20/20 05:51
ShiChiBuKai: @seinen I think yeah, cuz' the MP4 format usually comes in 8bit
09/20/20 01:05
Cabasho: @flank: also include me in your we
09/20/20 01:04
Cabasho: According to the credits, that depends on FinalDevil
09/19/20 10:47
seinen: hate to ask the obvious, but the recent batch will come out in mp4 8bit too, right?
09/19/20 06:49
ShiChiBuKai: @Prid LOL nice one XD
09/18/20 19:21
Prid: @flank: include me in your "we" :)
09/18/20 06:39
ShiChiBuKai: @flank "we will understand" we?? lol speak about yourself and dont use "WE" in your personal opinions please
09/16/20 17:23
flank: @KakashiCopyNinja Even if the release takes longer then the rest of this year we will understand kakashi! We appreciate your hard work!
09/16/20 16:33
Prid: @Kakashi: any way we can help to speed up the process for future episodes :)? If the users here help out, we can work together to alleviate your stress and release faster :)
09/15/20 04:57
KakashiCopyNinja: @dodie It's already encoded. Must be prepare.
09/14/20 19:43
dodie: I just wanted to say it seems the latest update to VLC seems to play the episode just fine the video doesn't go to black at 11:20
09/14/20 19:38
dodie: any news on the v2 for episode 870 x265
09/14/20 08:59
KakashiCopyNinja: Don't worry about that ... I keep my words! ;-)
09/14/20 08:41
ShiChiBuKai: @KakashiCopyNinja we just want you to keep your word .. nothing more nothing less
09/14/20 06:49
KakashiCopyNinja: i wish i was an magican ... :biggrin:
09/13/20 16:17
Fox: Number of episodes is changing...at least there is some kind of progress...^ ^
09/11/20 06:56
ShiChiBuKai: @KakashiCopyNinja we're waiting .. and the Progress bar isn't moving at all!
09/07/20 00:09
Soul_me: We will ser another release this year?! WOW!!! Thumbs up!!!!
09/05/20 21:59
Really: Sending virtual support and appreciation your way again!
09/01/20 20:53
Azathoth: @KakashiCopyNinja thanks so much for this ray of hope. You have my moral support (sorry if it's only that)
09/01/20 16:33
ShiChiBuKai: @KakashiCopyNinja ok, don't let us down, god bless you
09/01/20 14:50
KakashiCopyNinja: I think earlier ... :-D :-D :-D
09/01/20 14:47
KakashiCopyNinja: @ShiChiBuKai We will see ... :-P
09/01/20 14:46
KakashiCopyNinja: @Cabasho Hi, yes, i feel me better ... thanks for asking ... :-) I do my best!
08/31/20 20:38
Prid: clickable link: [link]
08/31/20 20:37
Prid: *doesn't seem to cost much either. $1 per episode converted to x265 (MP4). I'll gladly cover part of the cost :)
08/31/20 20:37
Prid: doesn
08/31/20 20:37
Prid: @Kakashi: considered using cloud encoding? :) cloud.qencode.com/
08/31/20 06:41
ShiChiBuKai: @Cabasho you have to wait to 2021 bro.
08/31/20 03:38
Cabasho: Kakashi, I hope you get better soon, as much as I am anxiously waiting for the next batch, health comes first so be sure to take care of yourself =)
08/22/20 16:56
Mangalicker94: @ShiChiBuKai: At least kimcartoon still exist, which is good I suppose.
08/20/20 06:07
ShiChiBuKai: Waiting for One Piece ep 890-onward.
08/19/20 00:26
captain jack: GWS KakashiCopyNinja
08/17/20 08:03
KakashiCopyNinja: @Prid x264 takes around 1-2,5 hours and x265 6-7 hours
08/17/20 01:34
Really: Just wanted to say get well soon Kakashi. Again thank you and to the whole team for the work you guys provide!
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