11/27/20 06:06
ShiChiBuKai5.0: I suggest that Kakashi change his name to KakashiSlowNinja XD
11/24/20 12:30
Silent: @[GM]SleepSub thank you
11/24/20 12:20
narutofan: thats weird. the other night my browser showed them as available links
11/22/20 13:18
[GM]SleepSub: @Silent Let me check what I can do for ya
11/22/20 13:17
[GM]SleepSub: @Cabasho Thanks Cabasho, really appreciated. Will check with Kakashi if he needs some help with it :)
11/22/20 11:54
Silent: @[GM]SleepSub how can I get in touch with kakashi, I just want to teach me or just giving me some advice of how can I learn AFX- logo
11/22/20 01:38
Cabasho: Thank you sleep, btw, my offer to help with timming still stands if needed
11/21/20 19:13
[GM]SleepSub: @doodie Forgive me sincerely. I performed magic.
11/21/20 19:10
[GM]SleepSub: Ahwww, seems it wasn't strong enough?
11/21/20 18:53
kaizoku: @narutofan what do u mean the mp4 versions are out now? I've been patiently waiting for them, but I still don't see them (for the latest batch, I mean) :P
11/21/20 17:53
doodie: @[GM]SleepSub when are you going to take action to stop this toxic behaviour?
11/21/20 12:45
narutofan: has anyone pointed out to dumbokai that there was in fact a new release? the mp4 versions are out now
11/21/20 09:48
Cabasho: it patiently and politely
11/21/20 09:48
Cabasho: @DarkRen that was one of the suggestions I made, and it is tempting, but being honest, i wrote that in a moment of frustration... i dont think it is fair for the rest of people who are waiting for ...
11/21/20 04:02
DarkRen: Well, we do need someone like shichibukai to remind us there are stupid people out there in the world. Let's just delay the release to annoy him more
11/19/20 19:47
[GM]SleepSub: @ShiChiBuKai Congrats, here is a temp. timeout. Me and my mailbox are tired of it now.
11/19/20 08:39
ShiChiBuKai: And oh, I almost forgot .. 42 days left XD
11/19/20 08:38
ShiChiBuKai: And the FQC bar didn't move a bit, since July! I mean WTH !!!!!!!!!!
11/19/20 08:33
ShiChiBuKaai: q
11/18/20 17:57
Fox: best of luck to all...*Thumbs up*
11/18/20 17:56
Fox: Also, I think HF team won't be that annoyed...maybe they will look at it positively and get encouraged to finish it in time...^ ^
11/18/20 17:56
Fox: Guys don't take it to seriously...if anything I find it funny...xD
11/18/20 06:35
ShiChiBuKai: Reminder/ there are 43 days left in 2020, and yet Kakashi didn't release the batch as he promised
11/18/20 00:23
Cabasho: At this point I would even preffer if the chatbox was temporarily disabled.
11/18/20 00:22
Cabasho: @doodie I agree with you, but it is still annoying. At the very least it is for me and I assume (altho I could be wrong) that it is also annoying for the team, which is why i proposed those options
11/17/20 16:46
doodie: which says we should let the team know that we appreciate thier work, and this child only represents himself with this behaviour
11/17/20 16:44
doodie: I vote for proposal C
11/17/20 08:38
ShiChiBuKai: Reminder/ there are 44 days left in 2020, and yet Kakashi didn't release the batch as he promised
11/16/20 06:58
Cabasho: or b) just ignore his messages from now on as to not reward negative behavior
11/16/20 06:57
Cabasho: a) make a petition to kakashi that if he were to have the next batch ready before new year, to please delay it until a number of days equal to shichibukai's "reminders" (5 atm) after new year's
11/16/20 06:56
Cabasho: Btw, unrelated, this is a 2 part proposal for whoever wants to pay it attention, I propose that we either:
11/16/20 06:51
Cabasho: @Ferlorin I believe they had an email address when they were recruiting, ya may be able to find it if ya dig a bit into the older posts o.o
11/15/20 23:47
Prid: @Ferlorin: Thanks for volunteering, hope they get in touch indeed :)!
11/15/20 17:39
Fox: @Ferlorin Hopefully they get in touch with you...*Thumbs up*
11/15/20 06:37
ShiChiBuKai: Reminder/ there are 46 days left in 2020, and yet Kakashi didn't release the batch as he promised
11/14/20 13:55
Silent: Hello, how can I get in touch with kakashicopyninja, he's doing a great job at typesetting, karaoke and afx logo and I want to learn how to afx logo especially, thank you. Stay safe guys
11/13/20 18:38
ul7: Nevermind I think I found it.
11/13/20 18:36
ul7: Glad to see you guys back on the grind.
11/13/20 18:35
ul7: Do you guys accept donations?
11/13/20 18:35
ul7: Yo
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