07/11/20 10:36
07/10/20 01:59
Darkwingsamurai: @Prid: Hey thanks, with that link I found all of the one piece episodes. Now if only I can find someone to seed them
07/10/20 01:35
Prid: sorry, my bad ^^;
07/09/20 19:08
[GM]SleepSub: None really... when I talk with other staff about the group, we use 'hatsu' but that's as far as we go regarding abbr.
07/09/20 01:06
Prid: @nu1x: omg, I'm such a fool! Incorrectly abbreviated Hatsuyuki as H S, and got confused bc it came out as CR... what IS the official abbr. for Hatsuyuki :)? HY? none?
07/09/20 01:04
Prid: @Lelouch Jaeger: You can download the subs from here (click on episode, download All Attachments): [link]
07/08/20 13:54
ShiChiBuKai: @Lelouch Jaeger here [link]
07/08/20 07:59
Lelouch Jaeger: How can I download fairy tail subtitles
07/08/20 07:00
Darkwingsamurai: I was wondering if you guys could repost the Caesar retrieval arc and what you did of Dressrosa in the meantime
07/08/20 03:03
nu1x: hint: H S also stands for HorribleSubs
07/08/20 00:58
Cabasho: probably because one just rips the subs of the other, so they end up being basically the same thing, so you only get the actual source :v
07/08/20 00:05
Prid: I meant since Hatsuyuki's last release. Why is H S converted to CR in this chat??
07/08/20 00:01
Prid: awesome to see that there are so many here that also haven't watched OP since CR's last release :)
07/08/20 00:01
Prid: Holy God, I can't believe I'm actually witnessing a release in my monthly random website visit :D!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all of your hard work, and thanks on passing your exams ^^
07/07/20 17:16
Rodzeo: THank you very much!
07/07/20 07:47
sendo: OMG!!!! Thank you guys so much :D
07/07/20 04:20
KakashiCopyNinja: Thanks to all for your feedback! Can't wait that we release some episodes for the Wano Kuni Arc. :-D
07/06/20 21:36
Shuffleblade: That credits its just insane, thank you Kakashi! We might come across as ungrateful ingrates but many of us are very thankful!
07/06/20 17:54
kami: This is amazing, thanks to all staff :)
07/06/20 17:24
Fusirion: Super happy thankyuuuuU!
07/06/20 11:12
Soul_me: Gomu gomu THANK YOU!! You guys are amazing!! Special thanks to Kakashi-san for his effort and dedication!! Wishing the best to the team!!
07/06/20 06:40
Darkwingsamurai: @[GM]SleepSub Thanks for the great release can't wait for the next one.
07/06/20 05:45
Track: Thank you, I'm crying now
07/06/20 02:22
bakabaka: finally.. thanks Sabo and KakashiCopyNinja
07/05/20 22:52
Azathoth: A very wonderful day. Thank you so much!!!
07/05/20 21:45
anon101: Thank you so much! Can't even put into words how much we probably all appreciate it. Is 10-bit 1080p coming soon?
07/05/20 21:24
Cabasho: Thank you so much hatsuyuki! =D
07/05/20 21:23
wororo: what so good about half-life franchise ?
07/05/20 21:22
Fox: always looking forward to your releases HF...Thank you...
07/05/20 21:22
Fox: We really appreciate your hard work...
07/05/20 21:21
nu1x: THANK YOU, and remember, there are many people who care about quality subs.
07/05/20 21:05
Really: Thank you so much for the subs. i like others haven't watched OP since your last realease. AMAZING WORK! Massive thanks to all at Hatsuyuki
07/05/20 20:58
Flank: It's real!! The promised time has arrived. Thank you kakashi for all your hard work and for keeping the spirit of how many of us got into op (or anime for that matter) alive.
07/05/20 17:13
nu1x: Well, the bar clearly shows 890-931, 931-890=41 4-1=3, Half-Life 3 confirmed !
07/05/20 11:04
Soul_me: Today?! Holy Moses, can't stop refreshing HF website every 5min!
07/05/20 10:26
minhngoc25a: Do this group have discord?
07/05/20 01:52
Cabasho: dont play with my heart like that, do you mean it? O_O!
07/04/20 23:19
[GM]SleepSub: No worries... I won my item yesterday but got late... just woke up, it's 8am. There will be a release today.
07/04/20 17:26
flank: Hey man they are doing the best they can. It's not like this is their full time job. And if we really wanted to we could always go to CR instead of waiting
07/04/20 08:08
ShiChiBuKai: @[GM]SleepSub and when that wiill be? 2022? or 2023?
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