04/05/20 12:25
Judas: If you want the complete fansubs of One Piece, you can get them here [link]
04/05/20 10:12
nu1x: in any case, if you will have only horriblesubs left as an alternative, I can provide yibis [link] because it's really hard to find some of those episodes
04/04/20 18:28
LRIII: Np man, I got some more anyway, so now I only need 764 - 771 anyway, thank you though!
04/04/20 05:39
nu1x: apparently i have yibis up to 777, so never dl'd the hatsu ones - only from 778 onward
04/01/20 12:20
LRIII: I'm seeding every other episode from 751 to 866 atm if anyone needs them, I just need those last few
04/01/20 12:19
LRIII: Hi, would anyone be able to seed OP episodes 764 to 774 please? :)
03/31/20 03:14
DKILLER123: I'm working on One Piece Stampede. Done with the ED KFX but working on attack kfx which is hard to deal with.
03/29/20 22:56
captain jack: Hi guys, is there any link for One Piece Film Gold Episode 0 - 711 Ver mp4? Thanks
03/29/20 08:33
ShiChiBuKai: You can pick sub file from here [link]
03/29/20 08:31
ShiChiBuKai: One Piece: Stampede [link] BD 1080
03/29/20 08:30
ShiChiBuKai: One Piece: Stampede [link] BD 720
03/24/20 17:12
Fox: Congratulations on passing Kakashi... ^ ^
03/23/20 22:03
Prid: Congrats on passing, Kakashi 8D!! Can't wait for the batch <3 as an introverted NEET, the "quarantine" lifestyle is just my normal lifestyle haha, so bring it on :)
03/22/20 08:00
Flank: Considering they haven't released the batch yet and stampede only just came out, I'm guessing they ain't gonna work on it any time soooon
03/20/20 06:49
kikymint: any idea on stampede ? just asking 👉🏻👈🏻
03/20/20 00:32
flank: and wouldn't that be great, quaruntined with a new batch of op
03/20/20 00:32
flank: congrats on passing!
03/19/20 16:45
Soul_me: Well, thanks to this Covid-19 i Guess I Will watch the batch in One day straight!
03/18/20 05:19
Cabasho: Congrats to kakashi, anxiously waiting for release =3
03/15/20 20:39
Nabil: @[GM]SleepSub waiting eagerly for your release ^_^
03/14/20 22:55
narutofan: Gratz Kakashi!
03/12/20 15:12
[GM]SleepSub: Please mind that the ACTIVE staff is just 2 or 3 people...
03/12/20 15:12
[GM]SleepSub: Kakashi passed his exams just a week ago, so that's that. Now he will have more time to work on OP.
03/12/20 02:02
Prid: Hope the exams went well :) Can't wait for the next batch release, you guys are deffo getting an A+ in my book ;)
03/08/20 18:50
Flank: Lol
03/08/20 14:13
ShiChiBuKai: @Flank what kind of exams last for 2 years? GOD!!
03/08/20 00:59
Flank: Kakashi sensei had exams recently apparently and now we assume they are plugging away
03/06/20 22:10
Soul_me: Is it possible to get an update? Getting my hopes up we will see a release soon :)
03/06/20 12:47
ShiChiBuKai: @oliver let them finish WCC arc first :lol:
03/05/20 05:50
oliver: wano deserves a good fansub lol
02/29/20 18:08
Nabil: don't make us wait another year for the batch, please :(
02/23/20 12:55
02/22/20 17:50
Ferlorin: I mean its been a year +
02/22/20 17:50
Ferlorin: @SleepSub any news on OP?
02/14/20 07:14
oliver: nvm, i managed to get them thru irc.. sorry, kinda new at downloading instead of using crunchyroll....love the fansub.... you guys are awesome!!!
02/14/20 04:19
oliver: sorry if dumb question, trying to dowload other episodes because crunchyroll subs suck, but not connecting to peers, any place these versions are online? thx!
02/11/20 06:15
Cabasho: I know, I was already planning to :v
02/10/20 22:14
flank: even if you do watch it first from other providers, when the batch is released you can always watch again with the better version! more one piece = always good
02/10/20 16:20
Cabasho: I was waiting but i dont watch it alone and the other people I watch with were pressing me so ended up watching from other lower quality subs
02/10/20 02:08
nu1x: Big Mom arc is amazing, it will be worth the wait.
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