31 Oct 19, 08:44 PM
Annabel: This week: The “man,” the “myth,” the jerk.
29 Oct 19, 07:57 PM
arby: @Annabel :biggrin:
27 Oct 19, 06:25 PM
26 Oct 19, 02:58 PM
arby: fern's emotional support animal is back, thank god
13 Oct 19, 07:50 PM
Annabel: This week!... I actually don't know, guys. That's a first.
27 Sep 19, 03:27 PM
Annabel: This week, a little gray wisp of.... <3
24 Sep 19, 10:32 AM
arby: He's here :heart:
19 Sep 19, 07:06 PM
arby: @Annabel omg, I'm so happy you like it!
18 Sep 19, 05:34 PM
Annabel: I will have to post a picture somewhere--I got my shirt, a Bad Week has prevented me from stopping by to say I love it ouo
18 Sep 19, 05:33 PM
Annabel: Today, Fern mutes the color scheme to fit his deepening malaise. Low red flame, dark room.
14 Sep 19, 04:30 PM
arby: I added a bunch of stuff to Redbubble! https://arborwin.redbubble.com
10 Sep 19, 04:50 PM
arby: Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is sooooooo good. DC is such a huge influence for me. Everyone should go watch it XU
6 Sep 19, 01:32 PM
arby: @Annabel He's got his elemental teen angst :P
5 Sep 19, 09:54 AM
Annabel: Today, Moranariel doesn’t have the context to discern between guidance and domination.
31 Aug 19, 08:28 PM
Annabel: Oh... I am ready.
30 Aug 19, 07:52 PM
arby: @Annabel I made a design & put it up in the store! http://arborwin.storenvy.com/ These printed items will be made by Printly.
29 Aug 19, 09:21 AM
Annabel: Today: Moranerial at the crossroads between Grayling reboot and Grayling AU.
28 Aug 19, 11:35 AM
arby: @Annabel I can make that happen. I have been planning on putting a print on demand tshirt thing up again :lol:
28 Aug 19, 09:33 AM
Annabel: @arby and for a given value of 'chose,' of course. Unrelated what would you think of making 'moranerial did nothing wrong' shirts
27 Aug 19, 10:20 AM
arby: @Annabel LMAO Right?
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