13 Mar 20, 06:32 PM
arby: Since we're looking at a lot of people going into seclusion for a time...Please be sure to recommend the comic to help pass the time. Webcomics are certainly good for a distraction @ times like these.
13 Mar 20, 06:31 PM
arby: I hope everyone reading this is OK right now. I'm recovering from a cold, and couldn't get TP or paper towels today, but my family & I are OK for now.
25 Feb 20, 10:23 AM
arby: you can ask questions about the comic on curiouscat! https://curiouscat.me/callanerial
22 Feb 20, 10:37 AM
arby: lem pressuring rae to do drugs...no dignity
13 Feb 20, 05:33 PM
arby: computer issues seem to be resolved for now... I am cautiously relieved
12 Feb 20, 05:24 PM
arby: I am very sad haha
12 Feb 20, 05:24 PM
arby: there's plenty of buffer at least, and I did back up what work I had done on Grayling already. But..yeah
12 Feb 20, 05:24 PM
arby: Aaaaa my computer is now on the fritz after trying to upgrade it today. It has struggling to function in basic ways! So I have to get a new computer, but I don't have a lot of money...etc
6 Feb 20, 08:54 AM
arby: @Annabel :biggrin: glad you're enjoying the new Rae!
6 Feb 20, 06:25 AM
Annabel: This Grayling New, reworked and updated, totally fresh Raenerial... succulent. Delightfully aged
31 Jan 20, 03:23 PM
arby: And the PDF of Grayling 7 is available on Gumroad! https://gum.co/BdfeM
31 Jan 20, 02:02 PM
arby: Grayling 7 print issues are now available SIGNED in my online shop! https://arborwin.storenvy.com/products/29652466-signed-grayling-7-full-color-comic they will also be up on indyplanet soon <3
29 Jan 20, 07:58 PM
arby: how is everyone enjoying the increased update schedule? i think it improves the pace a lot!
28 Jan 20, 05:10 AM
arby: finally here are the higher resolution pages! Also I have embroidery for sale in my shop rn! https://arborwin.storenvy.com/
18 Jan 20, 10:36 PM
arby: cal "extra spicy crunchy cheeto" lanerial
16 Jan 20, 04:17 AM
Annabel: alt text: if you’re not going to stop being so gay & weird I’m going to have to leave
16 Jan 20, 04:10 AM
Annabel: How easy would this be if either of us were decent??? U considered that,Cal??
14 Jan 20, 08:47 AM
arby: This blowup of Cal's is so awful, but I promise there will be something more soothing happening in the comic next month <3
11 Jan 20, 03:06 PM
arby: today's our first SATURDAY update! and it's a doozy. Remember, Grayling is updating on Tues, Thurs, & SATURDAY now!
11 Jan 20, 09:24 AM
arby: @Gaius yay, glad you're enjoying it! :D
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