24 Jun 17, 12:04 AM
strunzo: anyone have baz francis' new live alum?
24 Jun 17, 12:02 AM
Jerry: Hi, looking for British Steel - England's Latest Heavy Metal Invasion (Compilation) Thanks
23 Jun 17, 06:59 PM
Stephane: @Cody: 10th track of Great White album will released in the near future. The band will give it away for free. They thought it didn not fit in well with the other songs on Full Circle
23 Jun 17, 01:48 PM
plotn08: fix
23 Jun 17, 12:31 PM
sixxguns: please upload Brunette – Rough Demos (2015)
23 Jun 17, 11:39 AM
plotn08: @glamrockerarchie fix
23 Jun 17, 11:21 AM
plotn08: dear friends plz support
23 Jun 17, 10:40 AM
plotn08: @robert thank u! its great support us work
23 Jun 17, 08:33 AM
robert: also please if you put concerts up here please re up them in turbo ok i would be very greatfull ok thanks bob
23 Jun 17, 08:32 AM
robert: thanks for re uping primal fear for me ok thanks again
23 Jun 17, 08:32 AM
robert: i know it does not cost you to go on the srver but i personally dont care what you do with the money from us thats your business ok if you help me i can try like hell to help you out more ok my frien
23 Jun 17, 08:30 AM
robert: hey pl,otn08 i just sent you some money its not much but see if you help me out i can help you out again its not much but its all i can afford so when i ask you to please re up something please do
23 Jun 17, 08:01 AM
camms: Can you please re-upload Valentine – No Sugar Added (1998)? Thanks in advance. :)
23 Jun 17, 06:50 AM
dolem: Much appreciated, Magnus! Thanks so much!
23 Jun 17, 05:49 AM
magnus: KMD - Kenny McGee's Disease (2001): http://turbobit.net/j3pryn0bzkae.html This should be the file dolem is lokking for.
22 Jun 17, 11:34 PM
glamrockerarchie: please reup Various Artists – Metal On Ice (2013)
22 Jun 17, 10:58 PM
cody: anyone know if great white song 10 on new cd called ive got your back really exits??
22 Jun 17, 10:57 PM
cody: is there a new cd by band called tnt?
22 Jun 17, 09:28 PM
Marie: Thank you at last!
22 Jun 17, 08:13 PM
plotn08: @robert done
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