Denise: uuu catch ya all tomorrow xoxo
EllyBl: Thank you Denise. Wish you all a beautiful weekend I'm pooped. will bbl.
Jules: new tag offer up
Denise: other sites i can get into have probs with aimoo grrrr
Denise: New tags from Basima
Denise: My internet not playing nice & could only get on via my phone..which was rubish ohh hope she ok xx
Jude: Where have you been Denise? no Cindy either.
Denise: gm
Denise: Good news Elly praying for good results
Denise: It goes without saying Alan we all behind you xxxx
EllyBl: Thank You guys, The operation went well. Results in 2 weeks.. Fingers crossed.
Jules: I have tag pick ups on my board
Jules: Sending you prayers Alan, I hope you beat it
alan: Good luck Elly hope things go well thanks all for your support
John: Alan I hope things have not spread and they can get it all out without the need of therapy --good luck
John: Hello all Good luck Elly hope things go well
Alan: Hi John hows it going
EllyBl: Tomorrow i will have my surgery and that's why i'm mia. I hope to be back soon.**waving**
EllyBl: I got a Error503 service unavailable at Imgur. pity....
EllyBl: Alan, I wish you a lot of strength and strength and sincerely hope it is treatable! Keep believing. Wishing you a lot of strength.
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