Please use your name or league id when posting here!
15 Jun 21, 07:38 PM
Lyn: Join us Wednesday night at 6 PM for STAFF BOUNTY TOURNAMENT.
15 Jun 21, 09:22 AM
skayw2002: Thoughts and Prayers , Linda
13 Jun 21, 07:38 PM
sultry: So sorry for your loss, prayers
13 Jun 21, 07:30 AM
rhargr63857: so sad for your loss linda prayers
12 Jun 21, 11:51 PM
12 Jun 21, 10:46 AM
Skillzed: So sorry to hear about your dad Lin. Prayers for your whole family
11 Jun 21, 01:17 PM
Char: :b9 prayers, hugs, much love to lin_ben1959 and muffginter during the loss of Linda's Dad. The Heavens above gained a great man, as those left behind we send comfort n support to Linda, Brian, family
9 Jun 21, 12:37 PM
Char: :5n Memorial Day Keepsake Mug winners are txshelly2017, ru4gigi, madmadamem, and Elaine1818 :g1 Keepsake Coasters go to Elaine1818, madmadamem, Yogi, and summer_dreams. Oswald won Gold Membership.
8 Jun 21, 11:00 AM
TxShelly2017: CALLING ALL SUEY LOVERS! Beginning tomorrow, 06/09/21, we will have 6 hands of suey at 10AM. CALLING ALL SUEY LOVERS!
31 May 21, 01:12 AM
Char: :5m Memorial Day Mission- Early Bird Squadron,Extra Fun Time Platoon, and Odd Quickie Brigade Fun from 7am-11pm see tour pages for more info :5n
27 May 21, 10:48 PM
Char: :5l We will miss our dear friend Marsha (MJ) aka mjsimpson41004 RIP dear friend
22 May 21, 07:33 PM
Char: :b9 Hugs and prayers Veenie831 during the loss of your son, Raleigh gone much to soon. RIP Raleigh. Condolences Vee to you and family and DC Firefighters Family. :r8 much love to you gf :m5
22 May 21, 10:53 AM
Lyn: Join us tonight at 6 PM for Staff vs Members. Hope to see everyone there.
21 May 21, 08:05 PM
Char: Thank you Liz and :s1 to our Vets who have served and fallen and given our freedom of today. :m5
19 May 21, 07:28 AM
Skillzed: I love the page Char!!! Not to busy and flows nicely! Thanks for the aweomse home page
17 May 21, 10:01 PM
Lyn: :f3 to Mohisi3 and Skillzed for winning reflections interleague
17 May 21, 02:23 AM
Char: :1o
16 May 21, 03:31 AM
GiGi: :f3 Preakness Tour payouts to ~ oswald 1st place win, ru4gigi 2nd place win, sunkist1 3rd place win, and txshelly 4th place honorable mention wtgo all Thank you for playing!! :s5
8 May 21, 11:10 PM
Lyn: Join us Sunday night at 6 For Battle of the Sexes. At 8, we have Mothers' Day Special
2 May 21, 04:05 AM
GiGi: :g1 catastrophic on picking the 2nd place winner of the Kentucky Derby and winning the tour. WTGO :f7
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