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BanginBeatz: Both playlists have been updated , had a few reports of issues with music so we have reuploaded all
BanginBeatz: there is now 2 playlists , Party : playing bounce, hard house and hardcore plays between 10am & 2am
BanginBeatz: and Chill : which plays Trance, House, Bassline, And Other Chillout Mixes Between 2am - 10 am
Can't hear: Yo
Carla: Can't hear
Zippi: Ant hearc
BanginBeatz: Whats Up Guys ?
BanginBeatz: If your using chrome or google to try listen you might have issues atm due to the SSL on the server
BanginBeatz: Toot Toot Toot Toot
Pirahna: Hi
strike: hi
strike: k3rMz
dave: hi
Bbeatz: Hey
BanginBeatz: Website update will be posted shortly all details can be found on Facebook Page
BanginBeatz: Website now fully updated, Player now working on all browsers
BanginBeatz: - more info can be found on our Facebook page. linked --->>>>
steve: Glad the player is fixed and now working with tunein properly, loving the dance playlist.
steve: Tuneage
powruc: an;yone from texas