30/05/20 09:28 PM
husam: :) nice to hear that sweety
30/05/20 09:27 PM
Brittany: i'm good love
30/05/20 09:10 PM
husam: Hi sweet Brittany how are you i hope that you are doing well take care of yourself
30/05/20 07:26 PM
Brittany: yw
30/05/20 07:25 PM
Soulboy78987: Hey Brittany, thx for your efforts
30/05/20 05:41 PM
Brittany: iit should be working
30/05/20 04:54 PM
Kim2rlly: oop nvm I found it
30/05/20 04:45 PM
Kim2rlly: Hey does anyone know where I can find a working zip file of SWV's Release Some Tension?
30/05/20 02:29 PM
Brittany: .
29/05/20 07:59 PM
bainey: Hi Brittany Hope you are safe and doing well. Thank you for the Kem Discography
28/05/20 12:41 PM
husam: Hi Sweet Brittany thank you again for your efforts
28/05/20 12:39 PM
bigone: hello B
28/05/20 11:18 AM
Brittany: husam they are done.
27/05/20 07:48 PM
husam: hi Brittany how are u i hope that you are good please re up this album [link] thank you so much
27/05/20 11:30 AM
Brittany: see u
27/05/20 11:29 AM
mike: gotta go now, the litttle ones are up, hopefully i will catch you later
27/05/20 11:24 AM
mike: i now have almost 6,000 indie artists dating back to the 1990,s independently produced or on small labels
27/05/20 11:21 AM
mike: even some of theestablished artists are tired of the mainstream music companies and joined indie labels such as shanachie, concord, expansion, dome
27/05/20 11:19 AM
mike: no, indie artists are independents that produce their own
27/05/20 11:19 AM
Brittany: yeah retail for music is becoming obsolete
27/05/20 11:18 AM
Brittany: i thought indie meant "hard to find"
27/05/20 11:18 AM
Brittany: do people really like indie artists
27/05/20 11:17 AM
mike: CDBaby closed it's online store and i am now seeing these indie artists are now using Bandcamp for their downloads
27/05/20 11:13 AM
Brittany: i dont deal with to many sites
27/05/20 11:12 AM
Brittany: OH REALLY?
27/05/20 11:11 AM
mike: whay i have noticed is a lot of the sites i deal with are outside of the U.S.A.
27/05/20 11:09 AM
Brittany: ALOT
27/05/20 11:08 AM
mike: and you received a lot of aggrivation
27/05/20 11:08 AM
mike: i know you have
27/05/20 11:07 AM
Brittany: i've put a lot of blodd sweat and tears in it
27/05/20 11:07 AM
Brittany: but i love my blog
27/05/20 11:03 AM
mike: mostly all the good sites are doing it now
27/05/20 11:02 AM
Brittany: do u know how rich i 'd be if i charge
27/05/20 11:02 AM
mike: i have collected over 20,000 albus and ep's
27/05/20 11:02 AM
Brittany: pandemic dont stop people from coming on line
27/05/20 11:01 AM
Brittany: i dont like it
27/05/20 11:01 AM
Brittany: then blogger has changed its format
27/05/20 11:01 AM
Brittany: and there are over 7,700 post i mean how much music does one want
27/05/20 11:01 AM
mike: i think it is due to the pandemic, i think they will be back
27/05/20 10:59 AM
Brittany: then these music blogs becoming really scarce
27/05/20 10:57 AM
Brittany: then people just use u
27/05/20 10:56 AM
Brittany: people dont think our time is just as valuable as there
27/05/20 10:56 AM
Brittany: its time consuming
27/05/20 10:56 AM
mike: i try to post when i can
27/05/20 10:55 AM
Brittany: i'm about really doe with this uploading thing
27/05/20 10:55 AM
Brittany: and cant jump when u feel a whim or want something
27/05/20 10:55 AM
Brittany: and dont upload music like that
27/05/20 10:54 AM
Brittany: yeah dont understand why people dont understand wehave lives
27/05/20 10:54 AM
Brittany: maybe he on vacation
27/05/20 10:50 AM
mike: just taking a hiatus from posting, Doc Dre hasn't posted anything recently and his chat has expired
27/05/20 10:49 AM
Brittany: i'm just done
27/05/20 10:48 AM
Brittany: no not really
27/05/20 10:48 AM
mike: you mean you are giving it up
27/05/20 10:46 AM
Brittany: i'm about done
27/05/20 10:46 AM
Brittany: i dont post much now
27/05/20 10:45 AM
Brittany: no
27/05/20 10:44 AM
mike: did you pick up the Kandace Springs EP
27/05/20 10:43 AM
mike: just the free one
27/05/20 10:41 AM
mike: i still have one
27/05/20 10:41 AM
Brittany: u dont have a chatbox anymore?
27/05/20 10:37 AM
mike: good morning B, thanks for checking
27/05/20 10:19 AM
Brittany: no mike i dont have that
26/05/20 08:59 PM
DelaVilla: You can repair the links of the Discography L.V.
26/05/20 06:03 PM
mike: good evening B, hope you are well and staying safe, this may be a longshot but do you have Lacee - The Songstress (2006)
26/05/20 02:52 PM
husam: i wish you all good time how are u Brittany i hope that you are do─▒ing wellm i please re up this album please [link] and 100000 thanks
25/05/20 09:00 PM
husam: :biggrin:
25/05/20 08:59 PM
husam: :zonked:
25/05/20 08:59 PM
husam: thank youn so much really thats kind of you sweetheart god bless u
25/05/20 08:57 PM
Brittany: no worries sweetie just let me know what u need
25/05/20 08:57 PM
husam: and sorry for my greediness
25/05/20 08:54 PM
husam: thanx again Brittany
25/05/20 08:53 PM
Brittany: marc nelson is done
25/05/20 08:53 PM
Brittany: husam
25/05/20 08:53 PM
Brittany: hey mike
25/05/20 08:46 PM
mike: B, be back soon remmber stay safe
25/05/20 08:45 PM
mike: B, if you need Kandace Springs - Black Orchid EP (2018) it is up on my site
25/05/20 08:23 PM
mike: checking to see if I have missed anything, it has been over a week since I came thru
25/05/20 08:21 PM
mike: evening
25/05/20 08:20 PM
mike: good rveing B, just stopping by to say hi, hope you are well and staying safe
25/05/20 07:32 PM
husam: Brittany
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