For VIP User you can contact us
13 Nov 17, 10:57 PM
[ADMIN]: mako oda updated
12 Nov 17, 10:37 AM
yud: 360p plz
1 Nov 17, 10:50 AM
[VIP1]faaak: aimi yoshikawa please
22 Oct 17, 07:29 PM
henric: What happened to this site?! Why can't we watch the videos in 1080p like in the past? very sad to see what this site has become :(
22 Oct 17, 03:21 AM
[VIP1]faaak: wheres the update [ADMIN]
16 Oct 17, 11:43 PM
[ADMIN]: @Jesus we will try if possible, sorry about that
16 Oct 17, 11:42 PM
[ADMIN]: aimi yoshikawa and julia wait for reupload
16 Oct 17, 11:41 PM
[ADMIN]: 90% reupload suzuki hoharu [only vip link]
16 Oct 17, 10:31 AM
Jesus: Yes i can see that other sites use the same player as yours. But some don’t. I just hope you can make some more room for us the none-Vip. Best wishes for you and the site.
14 Oct 17, 08:59 PM
[VIP1]faaak: JULIA too
14 Oct 17, 08:53 PM
[VIP1]faaak: aimi yoshikawa please and thank you
13 Oct 17, 09:46 PM
[ADMIN]: we will do our best to help you
13 Oct 17, 09:43 PM
[ADMIN]: if you are vip and still can't watch you should contact us first
13 Oct 17, 09:40 PM
[ADMIN]: Other sites can not play old videos like us becos they use our source. that why it will show limit but VIP Link u can watch with HD and no limit
13 Oct 17, 12:38 PM
Jesus: This site has gone down hill. New videos are not decent and the old ones are unplayable. Didn’t need Vip to access Hd back in the day. I just use this site for searching purpose at this point. Shame!!
9 Oct 17, 09:35 PM
[ADMIN]: สำหรับคนที่หนังดูไม่ได้ตอนนี้ facebook เราเสียชั่วคราวนะครับ ให้ติดต่อลิงค์นี้แทน
8 Oct 17, 01:11 PM
[ADMIN]: u should check first
7 Oct 17, 08:22 PM
[VIP1]faaak: wheres the update [[ADMIN]]
5 Oct 17, 11:01 AM
noe: Getting"Unable to play this video at this time. The number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded. Please try again later" with "Love-257" for the past 2 weeks. Please fix it.
3 Oct 17, 07:06 PM
noe: Hi [ADMIN], can you please reupload "LOVE-257" to another video source thanks.
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