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15 Apr 18, 12:16 PM
sxyangel0108: hi im trying to get a league set
15 Apr 18, 12:18 PM
sxyangel0108: im trying to get dream beach by phoebe
15 Apr 18, 12:19 PM
sxyangel0108: BANNER SAYS SEXY ANGELS MYU EMAIL IS sxyangel0108@gmail.com
15 Apr 18, 12:19 PM
sxyangel0108: your vari at end of request doesnt work
19 Apr 18, 12:08 AM
okladotty: welcome back hun :hi miss u
26 Apr 18, 06:59 AM
missmarleen66: I love your designs, my new favorite place for my tourney pages, thank you.
1 May 18, 09:37 AM
AbleAngie: Am looking for smilies. will there be a place to find them?
2 May 18, 04:10 AM
drewncass4ever45: this site is awesome just requested my first league page
2 May 18, 08:09 AM
Phoebe: Good Morning Able, we are not sure at this time if we will be doing smillies.
4 May 18, 10:03 AM
drewncass4ever45: i didnt not get my codes yet its been 2 days
4 May 18, 10:29 AM
Phoebe: I Have sent you your codes on May 2nd. Please check your spam folder.
4 May 18, 11:50 AM
drewncass4ever45: i keep checking can you please send again
4 May 18, 11:52 AM
drewncass4ever45: did you send to drewncass4ever123@yahoo.com?
4 May 18, 02:30 PM
Phoebe: I have just resented it .
19 May 18, 12:18 PM
sxyangel0108: hi i just requested a page also will you be adding fortune bingo free league pages
20 May 18, 09:00 AM
sxyangel0108: good morning
21 May 18, 08:44 PM
sxyangel0108: hi i put in 2 request did you get them?
22 May 18, 07:43 AM
sxyangel0108: good morning i was wondering on page if you got it and when it will be ready
27 Jun 18, 05:31 PM
sherry: I am looking for a designer for my league page
16 Jul 18, 08:12 AM