This Cbox has expired. Renew it here.
29 Apr 17, 02:22 PM
Dragon Ball Summit: hello, any staff around?
2 Mar 17, 05:03 PM
Morrigan: lmao.
1 Mar 17, 03:25 PM
Nemmet: Oh hey there's an actual Cbox here :O Not sure why this interests me so...
22 Feb 17, 08:01 PM
Morrigan: Or the "Our Community" if you are on our Topsites.
22 Feb 17, 08:01 PM
Morrigan: Grey link at the top of the page if you are on DF.
22 Feb 17, 07:49 PM
Shan: I shall look for it now :)
22 Feb 17, 07:37 PM
Morrigan: It's called RPG Initiative.
22 Feb 17, 07:37 PM
Morrigan: DF is awesome! I recommend our sister site if you want a community to be a part of.
22 Feb 17, 07:35 PM
Shan: heya, I'm back :) Just checking this site out
22 Feb 17, 07:23 PM
Morrigan: Hello.
22 Feb 17, 02:44 PM
Shan: hello? :)
14 Feb 17, 03:58 PM
Morrigan: Probably accurate.
14 Feb 17, 02:50 PM
kara: I think an an actual orange pickle would be so odd.
14 Feb 17, 06:59 AM
CovertSphinx: I saw "orange pickle" and thought food for a moment until I read the actual statement
11 Feb 17, 11:35 PM
SparkyMuse: Although I can't remember why I called this one the Orange Pickle Park
11 Feb 17, 11:34 PM
SparkyMuse: 0.0 Rebuilding my site on a new url in prep for getting it organized to potentially open: I forgot how many "bad" jokes I used as a sort of serious/parody roleplay setting
11 Feb 17, 09:21 AM
Morrigan: Can you report it so I know which one specifically?
10 Feb 17, 11:53 PM
Salty Rune: Your link in the awards thread to the awards themselves is broken, Morrigan!
8 Feb 17, 09:10 AM
Morrigan: Woot! Go Sparky!
8 Feb 17, 07:18 AM
SparkyMuse: Also, finnnallly got around to finishing the second part of the revisions on my story. 0.0 yay.
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