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19 Feb 19, 09:22 PM
Des: \o/
19 Feb 19, 09:47 PM
Kinney: I'm not sure how I lucked out and got two super nice patients tonight but I will take it!!
20 Feb 19, 03:52 PM
PhoneWidget: Yaaay!
20 Feb 19, 04:12 PM
Des: Omgggg. This dog came in today with a wounded paw cause she chased a skunk....they failed to tell she got sprayedd
20 Feb 19, 04:13 PM
Des: Its all over my hands! And wont go away!!
20 Feb 19, 11:33 PM
Widget: oh god! it'll be there for a few days
21 Feb 19, 10:39 AM
Des: Thankfully a fellow tech has like the perfect elixir for getting rid of the stink!
21 Feb 19, 04:39 PM
Android Spotty: They must be a witch lmao
21 Feb 19, 09:48 PM
Des: *crawls in* ugg i am soo tired
22 Feb 19, 11:47 PM
Widget: -.- when crying baby on tv makes you think the baby is up... gah
23 Feb 19, 12:56 AM
Hel: *sprawls out* squishy murders of love nice to be writing again...stupid bluh and grossness
23 Feb 19, 01:16 AM
Kinney: I swear I've been laying around ever since I got up today and all I wanna do is go right back to bed lol. Soo so sleeepy
23 Feb 19, 01:17 AM
Hel: xD I mean it's Friday, if you don't have anywhere to be I'd say that's acceptable...
23 Feb 19, 01:19 AM
Kinney: I did work the last three nights, so that makes me feel less bad about being a lazy bum tonight lol
23 Feb 19, 01:21 AM
Hel: Good! It's well deserved :P
23 Feb 19, 01:24 AM
Hel: ah, seems we're at a service stop...I feel like I should be more tired
23 Feb 19, 01:58 AM
Kinney: So tired I can't even remember if I took my sleeeping pill. The struggle is real.
23 Feb 19, 08:27 AM
Kinney: Update: clearly did not take it because I've been staring at the ceiling for 5 hours now x.x
23 Feb 19, 09:06 AM
Hel-mobile: Oh nooo D: sorry I crashed on ya <_<
23 Feb 19, 09:10 AM
Hel-mobile: 20 minutes to the station...and then I can chill the rest of the day /o/
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